5 Must See Places in Negros Oriental

Photo Credit to gatewaybeyond.blogspot.com

Photo Credit to gatewaybeyond.blogspot.com

Negros Island has been separated and the two have been called Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. It’s one island in the Philippines but they are into different regions. Occidental is part of region VI while Oriental is part of Region VII. Recently, the President of the Philippines have signed papers for the island to become one region which is expectantly called “One Negros Island.” It needs years to have this to be implemented because of the main offices. So much about that, let’s journey ourselves into Negros Oriental. It is an average place for commercial and agricultural sites. When you tarry yourselves in Negros Oriental, you must be able to see these 5 tourist destinations.

1. Manjuyod Sand Bar

Photo Credits to www.lakadpilipinas.com

Photo Credits to www.lakadpilipinas.com

Famous with the locals and foreign people. It is a 2-hour travel although it is expensive when you travel alone. But hey! Who wouldn’t want to bring alone their families and friends? Why expensive if alone or by two’s? Because you have to book the small boat going to the main white sand bar. When you step down, your feet will directly touch the sea water. Get there while it is in low tide NOT high tide. You don’t want the sea level to be on your waistline. It is a white sand beach with nipa huts scattered all over the place. Very relaxing and calming. The view alone lets you forget the work you left for vacation. Totally worth it!

2. Tierra Alta Residential Resort

Tierra Alta Residential Resort, Foursquare.com

Who would miss seeing the capital city of Negros Oriental at the top? Tierra Alta is located in Valencia, a municipality in Negros Oriental. It is at the top so when you’re interested to find out how Dumaguete is looking from above at the same time chilling in the beautiful resort, you must consider having a vehicle for your comfort. If you can’t have one, that’s fine as long as it’s fairly well with you to hike going to the top. The resort has its beautiful swimming pool and if you’re hungry, don’t worry about it, they have food to serve. It is especially mesmerizing to go there at summer afternoons or at night. You can view the city lights from there inhaling fresh good air. Tip: Don’t expect the city to be so much industrialized with many lights on since the city is dubbed as a relaxing city. It’s not that crowded.

Tierra Alta Residential Resort
Palinpinon, 6215 Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines
+63 35 536 0096

3. Apo Island Beach Resort

A small, well- favoured island in Negros Oriental situated in Dauin. This is best for people who just love to go diving, fishing, snorkelling, and all sorts of island activities. The island is just blessed to have marine life and corals the deepest of the sea. It is a 30-minute travel from Dumaguete City to Malatapay, Dauin. After malatapay, you have to take a boat to take you to Apo Island where you will be welcomed with the staff from the resort.

4. Balete Tree and Canlaon Volcano sightseeing


Canlaon city is 166 kilometers from Dumaguete city and a 5- hour drive going to the north. It is the only city in Negros Oriental located in the mountain. When you travel by bus, make sure to buy anti-emetic medications if you’re that kind of person who gets dizzy easily of zigzag road. Also called the little “Baguio” in Negros Oriental because the weather is cold since it’s uphill. What you ought to see there is the Balete tree and the Canlaon volcano. The Canlaon volcano had no major eruptions so far. Only minor ones that would not harm the people living there. The Balete tree is a big, big tree that is preserved centuries ago until now so people who go there, take a picture of it and see how small they are compared to the tree that is standing tall behind them. It has a fence around to protect it from anything that would go beyond that tree and thinks of harm. Before going to that tree, you will still ride a motorcycle or walk towards it passing by different sizes of trees until you get that biggest tree.


This is located at Valencia. It is also called Red River Valley since rocks that surround it have all shades of red. When you’re heading there, stop by along the streets and see the volcanic actions or some would believe it is sulphur that is present on the smoke itself. The rocks really does not have the color “RED” but rusty red and when you take a dip into the water, you can taste the water is bitter. Well, you don’t have to purposely taste it! Just when you’re curious about it.


Take a tour in Negros Oriental and you will see the beauty of nature and the hospitality of people right there. You won’t expect Dumaguete to have rude people, they will always have the heart to help you. Believe me, a lot of foreign people want to stay there for long. They believe it is a city of releasing stress at the same time not away from urban facilities and urban activities. Just a city full of relaxation, party, eat outs, and gentle people.


Shenna is a registered nurse in the Philippines. She's on her early 20's and have been travelling. She writes articles about travel to share her opinions, experiences, and likes and dislikes about the places that she has been to. She has been working as a freelancer writing articles from USA employers and in other countries. She has been to different places in the Philippines. Her Goal is to travel outside especially in Europe and in USA.