Top 5 Things to Do In Brussels

You may think that Brussels is a city of offices, diplomats and European institutions only, but this is not true. Yes, this is a heart of Europe - not only officially, but also because of its charming atmosphere, lovely streets, romantic corners, beautiful architecture, green parks, delicious food... if we start now talking about all of its wonders, the list can be endless! But we did our best and created for you the list of TOP 5 things to do in Brussels! To walk, to eat, to party - doesn't matter what you are going to choose, for sure, this experience will be unforgettable!

1. Visit the Grand Place

There is a proverb saying that all roads lead to Rome. In Brussels, all roads lead to the Grand Place (or Grote Markt), the central square of the city, where the Town Hall and the Breadhouse with the Museum of the City of Brussels are located. The square belongs to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Traditionally, once in two years, in August, the square is getting covered with the huge "flower carpet" with the millions of colourful begonias set up in patterns. Of course, during these few days, Brussels is getting overcrowded with visitors, but it is beautiful, indeed.

2. See the Manneken Pis

This is a real symbol of the city. Manneken Pis literally means "Little Man Pee". This small statue (only 61 cm tall) of a naked little boy urinating into a fountain's basin was placed here in 1618 and has a lot of legends around saying who was this boy and why the sculptor was created. The statue is dressed in costume several times each week, according to a published schedule around the fountain, and his wardrobe consists of several hundred of costumes! Not everyone knows, but there is also Jaenneke Pis (Little Girl Pee) which was intended to form a counterpoint to the Manneken Pis, and Zinneke Pis (Dog Pee) that was erected in 1998.

3. Visit the European Parliament

Have you ever thought that visiting the official European institution may be interesting, exciting and actually easy? European Parliament is Brussels is waiting for you! In fact, this tour is not boring at all, as many people can imagine. It is interactive and simple for understanding how Europe works. And it is a lot of fun. And who knows, maybe you will see some familiar faces from TV? Check the official webpage of European Parliament in advance, and learn about the opportunities to visit it!

4. Have a beer!

Brussels is a real heaven for beer lovers! If you are one of them, start packing right now and go to this city! There you will find a lot of excellent local Belgian beers, as well as from neighboring countries and even from, literally all the corners of our planet! For example, in the Delirium Cafe, that has a selection of more than 3000 (!) types of beer from different parts of the world! Many local people say that they never drink the same beer twice at this place, but even in such way, you really have to do your best to taste all of them!

5. Eat, eat, eat!

The essential part of discovering any country is its gastronomic culture. That’s why Brussels can be easily called a heaven for all the foodies! The first thing Brussels is famous for is Belgian waffles. In fact, you will find them everywhere in the city. Many places will offer you waffles with ice-cream, fruits, chocolate, etc. However, the original Belgian waffles should be served without such kind of toppings, which are made up in order to attract tourists. The second thing you can’t miss in Brussels is chocolate, which is considered to be one of the best in the world. A lot of chocolate shops you will find on the streets going down from the central square, and this is a real heaven for those who loves sweets! Another symbol of Brussels and a “must taste” when you are in here, is mussels, which you will find in many local restaurants, especially in the city centre; often served with another famous Belgian food – French fries. Whatever you choose, Brussels is for sure not a place where you gonna stay hungry!


Brussels is a city where you feel comfortable and relaxed wherever you go. There are many places to see, many foods to eat, many streets to walk - choose your favourite!


Kate Makogon
Traveler and adventure seeker. Expert in travelling in Europe. Foodie and art lover. Can't stop wondering the beauty of this world.