5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer

Croatia is a real pearl in the heart of Europe. It has everything you can be dreaming about - from old history and rich culture to endless beaches and crystal clear water. This is the place that makes you fall in love with it at the first sight, and this love stays in your heart forever. If you are reading this article and still thinking where to travel this summer, congratulations - now you have the answer! Travel to Croatia and create the greatest memories of your life! Why? We have the answer!

1. The Sea

Croatia is famous for its outstanding coastline that follows the entire country from its North to the South. The crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea is probably, the best what you can possibly find in Europe. Wherever you go, each place will be even more beautiful than another, and its sandy beaches and turquoise waters will make you wanna stay here forever. With such beauty, it is not surprising at all that the Adriatic Sea and Croatian coast are becoming one of the most popular destinations for travelers from all over the world.

2. The Nature

Most of people associate Croatia with with the famous coastline and Adriatic Sea. However, the country is full of other natural wonders as well! Visit its outstanding mountains, lakes, go off the beaten track, and you will discover such a beauty that you couldn't even imagine! On the territory of Croatia there is a lot of National Natural Parks, protected ares and simply wonderful places that definitely worth your time and attention! Among them - Plitvice Lakes National Park, Krka National Park, National Park Sjeverni Velebit and others.

3. The History

Crotian towns and settlements belong to the list of the oldest ones in Europe. Every street, every corner and every stone here has its long history and remembers the stories happening centuries ago. For example, visit Dubrovnik, which is considered to be, probably, the best and most famous destination in the country. It was built in the 7th century on a rocky island named Laus, and today belongs to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. And it is not the only one in Croatia! Isn't it a reason to consider visiting Croatia as soon as possible?

4. The Food

Croatian food is a unique combination of classic Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. Moreover, due to its history and geographical position, it had been influenced be the culinary traditions of Hungary, Turkey, Austria, Greece. combine these specialties with a new-world twist and you will get the experience of tasting one of the most delicious foods in your life! Moreover, Croatia is also famous for its excellent climate for growing grapes. So coming here, don't miss your chance to taste some local wines, which are as great as everything else in this country!

5. Islands And Islets

And the last, but not least... Did you know the fact that 79 islands and more than 500 islets belong to Croatia? All of them, literally all of them will impress you with its stunning beauty, clear waters, sandy beaches, gentle sun and the outstanding landscapes. Moreover, during summer many of them host a lot of concerts, festivals, music and cultural events, so besides a great vacation, you will also experience the cultural life of the place you are visiting!


There are hundreds of reasons to visit Croatia. How not to mention its culture, people, hospitality, great environment, positive attitude, lots of opportunities for water sports, sailing, diving, and many other things that could make this list endless. But wouldn't it be better to go there by your own and discover all of them? enjoy your trip and welcome to Croatia!


Kate Makogon
Traveler and adventure seeker. Expert in travelling in Europe. Foodie and art lover. Can't stop wondering the beauty of this world.