Top 5 Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is, probably, the most popular and the most beautiful destination in Croatia. It located on the very South of the country and is famous for its old history, rich culture, stunning landscapes, crystal clear water, absolutely delicious cuisine and magnificent cost. It was built in the 7th century on a rocky island named Laus, and today belongs to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. No wonder it is attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world every year, and one day you definitely have to become one of them and see this beauty with your own eyes! And now - read TOP 5 things to do in Dubrovnik!

1. Visit The Old Town

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is absolutely magnificent. Seems like every street here can tell you hundreds of stories. It is easy to get lost here, but don't even try to use a map - just walk, go from one place to another, feel the atmosphere of the city and become a part of it. After all, have a drink or dinner on one of its old streets watching the old buildings and enjoying the most wonderful place in the world!

2. See the City Walls

The City Walls is, probably, the main attraction of Dubrovnik and something that makes the city famous all around the world. So you just can not miss or ignore it! The walls are about 2 km long and have 3 entrances: on Stradun by the Pile gate, by Fort Saint John’s and at the Custom’s House gate. Within the city walls you will see Fort Minceta, Fort Saint John’s, Fort Lawrence, Fort Revelin, St. Luke’s Tower, which are also ones of the major and most amazing attractions of the city.

3. Spend A Day On The Beach

Even with the most interesting history, culture and architecture, you can not ignore the fact that Dubrovnik has the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Spend a lazy day on one of the them, enjoying the crystal clear water, pleasant waves, gentle sun, light wind and fresh air. The most famous of them are the Lapad Beach (in the Lapad Peninsula), Banje Beach (Near the Old Town), Lokrum Island (take a ferry in Old Town port) and many others. Whatever you choose, you won't be disappointed!

4. Go For Sailing Or A Boat Trip

Dubrovnik is a perfect place for sailing and boat trips. Also it is considered to be a great starting point for exploring the southern Adriatic coast, including such places as Elaphite islands, Korcula, Pelješac and Mljet. For this, you can join some trip organized by one of travel agencies or rent a private boat or yacht. And this is a lifetime experience that will stay in your memories forever!

5. Have The "Game of Thrones" Experience

The popularity of Dubrovnik has significantly increased in the last few years not only because of its beauty and history, but also because of the city has become a shooting place of the HBO TV hit "Game of Thrones" where the Old Town has stood in for "Kings Landing", "Qarth" and other fictional places since the show's second season in 2012. There are many excursions, walking tours, etc. to these places, so if you are one of the fans, absolutely consider visiting as many of them as you can!


As you see, there are plenty of things to in Dubrovnik, and only one trip there is not enough to discover and experience all of them. But this is good, because Dubrovnik is the place, where you will want to come again and again. So... see you there!


Kate Makogon
Traveler and adventure seeker. Expert in travelling in Europe. Foodie and art lover. Can't stop wondering the beauty of this world.