5 Foods You Should Taste In Croatia

Croatian food is a unique combination of classic Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. Moreover, due to its history and geographical position, it had been influenced be the culinary traditions of Hungary, Turkey, Austria, Greece. combine these specialties with a new-world twist and you will get the experience of tasting one of the most delicious foods in your life! Moreover, Croatia is also famous for its excellent climate for growing grapes. However, the food depends on a region you are visiting, and is not prepared everywhere in the same way. But anyway, coming here, don't miss your chance to taste some local delicacies, which are as great as everything else in this country!

1. Pršut

Pršut is an air-cured ham and is actually similar to Italian prosciutto. It is usually eaten as an appetizer or used a part of other main dishes. It is mainly produced in inland Istria and Dalmatia, and many families are making it at their homes by traditional family recipes. There are many ways and secrets of producing it - indoors, outdoors, smoked one, etc., depending on a region where it is made. But there is one common thing for all of them - it is always delicious, has a rich taste and... you always want more!

2. Scampi Buzara

Of course, with such a long coast, Croatia has many dishes made of seafood. One of the most popular is Skampi Buzara, which is loved bu both, tourists and local people. It's a big mess to eat, but Skampi Buzara is probably the best way to experience delicious Adriatic gifts of the sea. Being still in their shells, the shrimps are tossed in a light tomato sauce that includes garlic, wine, and some other simple ingredients. And don't worry about dirty hands, the taste is worth doing that!

3. Fritule

Fritule are festive Croatian pastries, traditionally made on Christmas, but nowadays it can be prepared in any season of the year, since that sweet little doughnuts are loved by everyone, children and adults! They are usually flavored with rum and citrus zest, containing raisins, and are topped with powdered sugar. To make fritule of a proper shape is not that easy and demands a lot of practice! However, if you are visiting Croatia, you don't necessary need to learn how to prepare, but you do have to taste it!

4. Crni Rizot

Crni rizot is a version of a dish popular in other parts of the world as well - black risotto. It gets its black colour because of the squid ink which is a necessary ingredient for this dish. It is cooked with a lot of olive oil, lemon and parsley for garnish. Being very much influenced by Italian cuisine, Crni rizot is still one of the most famous and most delicious dishes of Croatia!

5. Palačinke

This is a thin crêpe-like variety of pancakes. In fact, it is popular not only in Croatia, but also in other European countries, such as Austria, Albania, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary and others. Palačinke are made of dough from eggs, wheat flour, milk, salt, fried it in a pan with butter or oil. Can be served with different fillings, both, sweet and sour. The simple version of palačinke is the one sprinkled only with sugar. In Croatia it may be even eaten as a main dishes, for example, for lunch or dinner.


We are very sorry that reading this article, most probably, we've made your mouth water. Yes? Then this is just one more sign that you have to choose Croatia as your next travel destination! And exploring its beauty, don't forget to explore its flavors as well!


Kate Makogon
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