TOP 5 Wine Destinations in France

When we say "France", probably, "wine" is one of the first associations that comes to our minds. France is one of the biggest producers of wines in the world (also, in the list of the best ones). Its soils and climate are excellent for growing different varieties of grapes, and this is something that can guarantee the best quality of wines. Moreover, wine regions of the country are also famous for its stunning landscapes of vineyards, that are specially magical in summer and autumn. For this, you don't have to be a professional sommelier. You only need to be passionate about wine and enjoy every glass of it. We are about to tell you the TOP 5 wine destinations in France!

1. Burgundy

Years ago, the first wines in this region were produced by monks, and this is how a long tradition of wine making in Burgundy has started. Even nowadays most of the wineries here are small, family-owned, domestic ones. This region is famous for the excellent quality wines. Burgundy reds are produced with pinot noir grapes; the best vintages need 10 to 20 years to age. White wine is made from the chardonnay grape. If you are a wine lover, absolutely consider visiting this destination during your next trip to France!

2. Bordeaux

Wines from Bordeaux are well known in the world, especially in England, and this is not a coincidence, but a story with a very interesting background. In the 12th century, the English King Henry II (who was in a successful marriage at that time and was able to control the territory) was trying to gain the favor of the locals by granting them tax-free trade status with England. Since then, full-bodied wines of Bordeaux became famous far from the continental Europe. Even if this agreement didn't happen, sooner or later these wines would become famous anyway, and first of all, because of its rich and excellent taste.

3. Champagne

Champagne is probably, one of the most well known wine regions in the world. First of all, because of the origin of a drink that is carrying the same name and is beloved by millions. Here, in the 17th century a monk Dom Pierre Pérignon perfected a famous technique for making sparkling wine. Champagne is made from the red pinot noir, the black pinot meunier or the white chardonnay grape. If you want to learn the secrets and taste the original sparkling wine in the region where it was born, this is a perfect destination for you!

4. Loire Valley

Loire Valley is the third largest wine region in France. Although sunny, the climate here is humid, so not all of the varieties of grapes can grow or survive here. Loire Valley is specially famous for producing a high quality rosé wines, which are considered to be in the list of the best in the country. Also there is a lot of old historic buildings, and the story of the region is interesting as well, so it will be a nice bonus to your wine trip! Moreover, here you will see a lot of beautiful landscapes and stunning views. Just imagine sunset over the vineyard with a glass of a great wine... What else can you wish?

5. Languedoc

Languedoc is the biggest and the most productive wine region of France. About 40% of French wines are produced here - mostly cheap and table wines. And about 1,550 miles of the region is "under vine", which represents just over a third of France’s total. And we think that this is a huge reason to visit this destination, if you are planning a trip to France. Especially, a wine trip :)


As you see, France can be a perfect country for wine trips. Wherever you go, remember that the first rule of the art of discovering wine is to enjoy it. Wine goes with moments. Create your own.


Kate Makogon
Traveler and adventure seeker. Expert in travelling in Europe. Foodie and art lover. Can't stop wondering the beauty of this world.