5 Most Beautiful Places Of The French Coast

France has more than 2000 miles of coast. 2000 miles of beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and endless see. It is actually divided in three parts: North coast, Mediterranean coast and Atlantic coast. Each of it has its famous destinations and hidden gems, but there is one common thing for all of them - the stunning beauty. French coast is something that, we believe, everyone has to visit in his lifetime. And this is only one more reason to fall in love with this magnificent country! Where to go and what to choose, if you would like to spend a vacation there? We are here to help you! Read our list of 5 most beautiful places of the French coast!

1. Nice

Nice is located on the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea. It's second name (and unofficial anthem) is Nice la Belle, which means "Nice the Beautiful", and this is absolutely true. Nice is not just beautiful, but gorgeous! Its hot-summer Mediterranean climate makes it a perfect destination for a summer vacation. However, winters here are pretty warm as well, so doesn't matter during which season you get an opportunity to visit Nice, use it! This is a city that makes you fall in love with it at the first sight!

2. Cannes

Located on the French Riviera, Cannes is a city of beauty, glamour, fame and luxury. At each step, you will see here expensive hotels, cars, yachts, Hollywood and European celebrities, impressive buildings, restaurants and villas. However, this is not the main attraction of the city! Every year it also holds a lot of events, shows and festivals, including such famous as The Cannes Film Festival , which is held annually in the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès since 1946; and The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the most prestigious event in the field of advertising.

3. Villefranche-sur-Mer

Villefranche-sur-Mer is another pearl of the French Riviera in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. This is a small town, and in fact, this is its big advantage. If you are searching for a relaxing and quiet vacation, then this place, probably, will be much better than, for example, Nice and Cannes. Besides beautiful beaches with a nice promenade and fantastic colourful buildings, it also has a lot of sites to visit, many bars, restaurants, so as soon as you will be ready to start the party, the city will be ready to meet you!

4. Soorts-Hossegor

Soorts-Hossegor is a commune in the Landes department in Aquitaine in south-western France, 20 km (12 miles) north of Biarritz. It is famous as one of the best places for surfing in the world and in fact, the economy of the city is centered on surfing. This is a great place for everyone who loves water sports, but most probably, not for beginners. The city is located on the Atlantic coast of France, and the waves of the ocean sometimes are very, very unpredictable.

5. Marseille

Marseille is a heart of the South France and the second biggest city of the country after Paris. It has old history, rich culture, dynamic modern life and all other necessary components for creating the unforgettable memories of your perfect trip. years ago, it was the main trade port of the French Empire. And as all other port cities in different parts of the world, it was built gorgeous and attractive, so all the visitors could see its beauty at the same moment when they just arrive to the city. But even being a big and important city, Marseille has a great Mediterranean coast, with endless sandy beaches and turquoise water. Want to have it all? Then start planning your trip to Marseille!


Are you still here or you are already booking a ticket for the next flight to France? Enjoy its beautiful coast, stunning cities, their beauty, luxury and lifestyle. We are wishing you a pleasant vacation, keep exploring and discovering!


Kate Makogon
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