5 Foods You Have To Taste In Paris

France is a true heaven for all the lovers of gourmet food and culinary delicacies. The art of preparing and eating food here is on such a high level, that it has become the highest possible form of hedonism. By the way, did you know that the first restaurant in the world had also been opened in France? Even though it is not a 100% proven fact, most of researches believe that it was done exactly here, in Paris, in 1765? So as you see,the country has long culinary traditions, and French people definitely know how to enjoy food and we all have a lot of things to learn from them. But first - check out our unique list of 5 foods you have to taste in Paris! Bon Appétit

1. Escargot

Many people, especially not from Europe, call this dish bizzarre. However, for France it is very common. Escargot is a dish of cooked land snails. Usually served as an appetizer. The technique of how this dish is prepared is also very interesting! Firstly, the snails are removed from the shells, then cooked, usually with garlic butter, chicken stock, wine or other ingredients, and then - placed into the shell again. This is an important part of the French culture as well, since a number of archaeological sites prove that snails were eaten in this region even in prehistoric times.

2. Cuisses de grenouille (Frog legs)

Frog legs, or cuisses de grenouille, is another dish that is commonly associated with with Parisian cuisine. Even though it is quite typical for some other European and Asian countries as well, France is proud of this dish, as well as most of people will consider it originally French. Frog legs can be fried, deep fried, sometimes breaded and sometimes unbreaded. Also ,only the upper joint of the hind leg is served, which has a bone similar to the chicken's one. Would you dare to taste it?

3. Baguette

Especially, combined with local cheese and some sorts of meet. Baguettes is an essential part of any French breakfast or any other meal, moreover, this is a part of the culture! And we are glad it is, because baguette is the most delicious kind of bread you will ever taste. Start your day with visit to one of the bakeries, which are usually just around the corner, and do as Parisians are doing - buy a fresh baguette for breakfast. Isn't it a great beginning of the day? By the way, cheese plates are also very traditional in France, since this is "must have" for any kind of party or celebration.

4. Black Truffles

The winter season in Paris starts when local restaurants start serving black truffles, which are the most expensive and prized gourmet item on their menus. Black truffles grow with oak and hazelnut trees and, harvested in late autumn and winter and are called "the diamond of the kitchen". Indeed, this is a priceless ingredient of a haute cuisine, so French chefs must be really lucky to be able to use it in their culinary masterpieces! So if you travel to France in a right season, don't miss your chance to taste it as well!

5. Macaron

And in the end... something sweet, of course! Never ever leave Paris without tasting this tiny and delicious dessert! Macarons are made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food colouring, commonly filled with ganache, buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two biscuits. These sweets not only look nice, but also taste super delicious! So as soon as you see them sold in the city, take a few of them and enjoy their tender taste!


While we were writing this article, we've got really hungry! Did you? Then have a snack and start searching for you tickets to Paris! Because even if food would be the only reason to go to this city, it would be still worth visiting!


Kate Makogon
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