Top 5 Things To See In Marseille, France

Marseille is a heart of the South France and the second biggest city of the country after Paris. It has old history, rich culture, dynamic modern life and all other necessary components for creating the unforgettable memories of your perfect trip. years ago, it was the main trade port of the French Empire. And as all other port cities in different parts of the world, it was built gorgeous and attractive, so all the visitors could see its beauty at the same moment when they just arrive to the city. But even being a big and important city, Marseille has a great Mediterranean coast, with endless sandy beaches and turquoise water. Want to have it all? Then start planning your trip and read out list of TOP 5 things to do in Marseille!

1. Calanques

Sometimes even in big cities you can find hidden natural wonders. Luckily, Marseille is one of them, and just a little bit south of the city you will find this oasis of peace and beauty - the Calanques, which are actually a series of miniature fjords. Here you will the breathtaking landscape of crystal clear blue water and high lime stone cliffs. And it will be even hard to believe that only a few kilometers from here you will find yourself in a big city with its dynamic life! Walk along the coast and enjoy every single moment here, because this place is unforgettable.

2. Le Vieux Port (The Old Port of Marseille)

The Old Port is, probably, the most popular place in Marseille and one of the symbols of the city. Since ancient times, it has been the natural harbour of Marseille and till nowadays, it impresses by its beauty visitors from all over the world. Come here to have an unforgettable walk on its promenade, watch street performers or playing kids and for sure, see fishermen selling their stock by auction, this is an absolutely thing! This port is a real, true Marseille, the place where everything started and where everything is happening...

3. Notre Dame de la Garde

Notre Dame de la Garde is another famous landmark of Marseille. This big church on the hill indeed looks like a guardian or protector of the city, and this is how local people very often name it.. Many years ago fishermen used to have their boats blessed in this church. Even nowadays you still can see a lot models of boats hanging around inside of it. Moreover, it is located at the highest natural point of Marseille, which is 149 m high, so from here you will see one of the most amazing possible views on the city.

4. Fort Saint-Jean

Fort Saint-Jean is a fortification in Marseille, built in the 17th century by the entrance to the Old Port. This is an old and important historic site of the city. If you reach its top, you will see a magical view on the port and the city, and only this one scene would be already worth coming here The Fort is connected with the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations. This is a right place to go, if you want to touch the history and explore the dark corridors and big open spaces of this old and grand building.

5. Palais Longchamp

The construction of Palais Longchamp started in 1839 and lasted for the long 30 years. Nowadays houses the city's musée des beaux-arts and natural history museum. It is also surrounded by a beautiful the Parc Longchamp, which is listed by the French Ministry of Culture as one of the Notable Gardens of France. This is a great and absolutely "must" place to visit in Marseille. It becomes specially beautiful in the evening, when hundreds of lights illuminate the building. A perfect place for a romantic date!


Marseille is a mix. A mix of cultures, of architecture, of people. A mix of present and past, of history and future. This city captures you, makes you fall in love with it and doesn't let you go. If you are ready to leave a piece of your heart here, then this is definitely a city you should visit! But before that, read our guide again and see the best of it!


Kate Makogon
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