5 Places to Hike in the Philippines

It’s so beautiful to explore the world to see its natural beauty. I mean, who wouldn’t want to walk outdoors while giving yourself a chance to know more about thy self, a chance to meditate, and a chance to give yourself a try to see the beauty of the world and be amazed at how wonderful nature it. Hiking! Do you really know the word HIKING? Let me give you the meaning of this word and encourage you to do this in a country where you see nature everywhere. Philippines.

Hiking is a long distant walk to the rural areas, especially uphill and mountainous areas where city’s activities and places are far from your sight. This is done for the following reasons: Pleasure, exercise, meditation, soulful search, and last appreciating the beauty of green grass and fresh air. Whether you want to be alone or with friends, my advice is moving out with people you’re close with especially when the area that you’re about to go is not really that familiar to you.

Here are the 5 places you must go on hiking in the Philippines.

1. Mount Pulag, Benguet

One of the famous adventure destinations in the Philippines where travel is beyond your imagination. It is located in Northern Luzon and stands 2922 meters above sea level. Every backpackers and mountaineers dream is to hike and trek in Mount Pulag in the Philippines. They say it feels so near to reach the clouds above you. It is considered as the highest sightseeing mount in Luzon.

This is best for newbies and those who want to hike and trek for the first time since it is not that dangerous. There are packages in going to Mount Pulag and they will be the one to assist you in your activities. But these are not for all-year trips. It is only available in June, November-January protecting people from the rainy season and danger it can bring.

2. Rice Terraces in Banaue, Ifugao

Known as part of National Cultural Treasures of the Philippines. The terraces stands at 1500 meters above sea level. Although, it has been dubbed as one of Natural Wonder and was carved by hand by locals in the ancient times. People will also have a trip for hiking in this area, not only seeing the nature that it brings but making it useful to Filipinos and foreigners who wish to walk through.

You can see the green rice plantation while also loving the design of the step by step planted rice architectural creations. Others may be honest that it Is tiring to hike to get to the highest point of the terraces but they also claimed that it is worthwhile to see the whole view of it.

3. Mount Mayon Volcano

Let’s take a different path for hiking. Mt Mayon is one of the world’s most symmetric and beautiful volcanoes in the world. It stands 2421 meters above sea level. Not to mention, it is also the most active volcano in the Philippines. In the past 400 years it erupted 47 times and because of the recent activity, it is to be accounted.

It’s not just a plain volcano, there are springs which you can relax while stopping at your hike or trek. Of course, grasslands, forest, and rocks are present. Camp sites are also available. You need to have a guide for these sites for you not to be lost.

4. Mount Talinis

Situated in Valencia, Negros Oriental and known as Cuernos de Negros or Horns of Negros. It stands at 1903 meters above sea level. It is a very complex volcano as there are no clear trails and trees that are overgrown in this place.

This is a must see place for adventurous people out there. Of course, you would expect the place covered with fog when you are at the top. The weather is cold and as you grow higher to the top and your panting gets faster so take a little stop.

5. Osmena Peak, Cebu

Osmena Peak is located in Southern Cebu and it stands roughly 1000 meters above sea level. When you search for it, you can see multiple jagged hills that looked like Chocolate Hills in Bohol. The highest if these hills is called the Osmena Peak. It was believed that the name got itself from the famous clan in Cebu. You will be lucky to see the clear sky uphill when it’s not raining and can visibly see the parts of Cebu and Negros Oriental.


Wherever your determination and curiosity take you, always believe that travel will refresh your soul, give you that nice feeling that the world partakes in you. Thank that one person above for these travels are not possible if nature is at its worst. Learn to give yourself time to chill and relax and a time to discover yourself with the beauty of nature.


Shenna is a registered nurse in the Philippines. She's on her early 20's and have been travelling. She writes articles about travel to share her opinions, experiences, and likes and dislikes about the places that she has been to. She has been working as a freelancer writing articles from USA employers and in other countries. She has been to different places in the Philippines. Her Goal is to travel outside especially in Europe and in USA.