5 Reasons to Visit the Philippines


Most travelers have been around Asia and they have been talking about Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries. I must tell you why you should not miss out going to the Philippines. While this country has its controversial political issues that had been born ever since, the people stay within their most applauded behaviour to the tourists. They can’t miss out and surely you can have your own taste of hospitality.

If you ask yourself why you should visit the Philippines and demand on a worthwhile budget travel, here are the 5 reasons why and believe me, you’ll never doubt to pass here in this beautiful country.




The number 1 reason why foreign people come back and even stay for long in this country is the people. Whether you’re in for a tight budget or for expensive leisure, Filipinos will treat you equally. A welcoming smile will give you the first impression that this should be a great adventure and a great lifetime experience.

Some travelers stay here for good especially when they are at the age of 40 above. They tend to bring the idea to live here and spend most of their lives. Wherever you are, at a resort, at a restaurant, or just in for a long walk, people smile if you’re just friendly too them too of course! You don’t want to be rude and scare them of who you really are. You’ll love them!


Philippines is divided into 3 mainly which is Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao but amazingly, Filipinos who live in these 3 areas speak the universal language which is English. Filipinos are well-known to be literate to read, understand, and speak English.

If you don’t want language barrier here, this is also a nice reason to think. From schools to governments, to work related stuff especially BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies speak English. You won’t spend the entire trip trying to think of words both sides will understand.


Now who would forget talking about this? Famous all over the world, Philippines is best known for its natural beauty and blessed with beautiful white sand beaches that will make you want to stay forever. For informative state, Philippines has 7,107 islands. I should add heavenly, paradise 7,107 islands and because of this main reason, tourists come over to celebrate, travel, see the majestic islands, and claim the natural resources Philippines has.

Mostly surrounded by palm and coconut trees with crystal blue waters and the sun that shines and covers the whole island with brightness. Well-known Boracay white sand beach, Palawan Island, Cebu coral reefs and white sands, and other amazingly places to see. Don’t miss out!


Much of the thing that you should consider when visiting other countries is their FOOD. I mean, you can’t starve going on a trip to some place you are visiting if you don’t like the taste of foods that are sold in the market, in restaurants, and stalls. Well, you don’t have to worry about it since Philippine cuisine is mixed with Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Western taste.

I’m not saying they all copied foods from other countries but being creative and mixing all these for dining is worth enough for people outside of the country to eat. It’s best to try Halo-Halo, Sinigang, Adobo, and Lechon if you want a taste of pure Filipino cuisine. Don’t leave the Philippines without trying these foods.


Duty Free Philippines, Foursquare.com

Now let’s focus on urban activities and what is more to that is SHOPPING! Filipinos not only shop for pleasure or to just spend the hard-earned money but it is also a family recreation. In big cities like Manila or Cebu, big malls are everywhere. It might not be the best malls in the world but when you get into these malls, it is usually crowded with people especially teens, families, and couples. I forgot to mention that Filipinos are fund of shopping or window shopping. When there is a tight budget, Filipinos can do window shopping and when they got one item to love, they will really save for it and buy it once cash is available.

Now you can do that too, I advise visitors to buy handcraft items that are made by the locals. They are available in malls, some are cheap and some are expensive depending on the item. Handcrafted bags, figurines, and t-shirts.


If this list is enough for you to finally travel the Philippines then don’t doubt about it. Plan your trip now and appreciate what I wrote where you can really see the beauty and worthwhile budget friendly experience. You’ll get a great value for your money plus you can have friends while you are at your trip. Friends whom you can even have a real companionship.


Shenna is a registered nurse in the Philippines. She's on her early 20's and have been travelling. She writes articles about travel to share her opinions, experiences, and likes and dislikes about the places that she has been to. She has been working as a freelancer writing articles from USA employers and in other countries. She has been to different places in the Philippines. Her Goal is to travel outside especially in Europe and in USA.