Top 10 Places to Visit in Berlin

By: onnolaCC BY-SA 2.0

Berlin is surely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and there are a lot of interesting things to see in this town. Today, we have made a list of 10 places that are a must see for every tourist who is staying in Berlin. For some of these places you probably heard about, but we also included a few unexplored locations that are worth visiting.

1. The Berlin Wall

After the Second World War a big wall was made between the east and the west of Berlin. In order to go to the other side, people needed special permits that were not that easy to get at the time. Then in 1989 the wall fell down and a new chapter in the Berlin history was made. Today this wall is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Berlin. Located right next to the bridge, visitors can take a long walk right next to the wall and enjoy the view. The Berlin wall has a lot of interesting graffiti that symbolize hundreds of stories that this wall has to tell.

2. Brandenburg Gate

This is the only gate in Berlin that survived the war. Although it was severely damaged, now the Brandenburg gate is renovated now, and is a must see place for every visitor who is staying in Berlin. It is an interesting fact, that right here people were celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Also the protest that took place in the late 80s against the existence of The Berlin Wall, were held on this spot.

3. Ramones Museum

One of the best rock and roll bands in the history of music has its place in Berlin. Ramones were a punk rock band from NY and although they have no attachment to the city, like for instance The Beatles have to Hamburg, they have a place that celebrates their existence in the heart of Berlin. Here you can see a lot of posters and also some personal belongings from members of the band. The Ramones museum also works as a bar and a place where there are acoustic performances from artists all around the world.

4. Markthalle Neun

This is a very popular place among locals in the alternative part of Berlin, Kreuzberg. This market was built in late 19th century. Here you can eat the best local food there is, and the pork ribs are a must we were told. Just be careful, everything gets sold out fast and you should probably get here early, if you want to enjoy a lovely meal. One more thing that you can find here usually on Thursdays evenings, are organic food events that have become very popular over the last few years.

5. Holocaust Memorial

Very close to the Brandenburg gate is the holocaust museum. It is a reminder of all of the Jews that were killed by the Nazi regime during the war. On the outside it looks like a maze with more than 2000 stabs in different sizes. There is also an underground center, where visitors can listen and read about the testimonials of the victims in the Second World War.

6. Olympic Stadium

This is the place where an American black athlete Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals during the Olympics in 1936. The Olympic Stadium somehow managed to survive the war, and now it is a football stadium where Hertha from Berlin gets to play their games. In front of the stadium on game day, you get to see thousands of people enjoying themselves. There are stands with famous German currywurst, Vietnamese people are selling hot dogs, and the beer is served cold at one of the stands. The stadium has a capacity of 74 000 people and most of the cheering terraces are sold out in advance for each and every game.

7. DDR Museum

Sure the most popular museum in Berlin. The DDR Museum takes you back in time when the German Democratic Republic was in charge. The museum is split into rooms and you can have a glance at how the German people lived at that time. In one of the rooms you have a typical German flat from that period, with original chairs, television, kitchen and everything that one apartment has. In one of the other rooms you can take a look at the things that the regime in DDR wanted to hide from the ordinary citizen. Luxury lifestyle with private holiday resorts, fancy cars and private hospitals that only selected members of the regime could use, are just a couple of things that you can learn here.

8. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

This is the probably one of the best philharmonic orchestras in the world and their home is something worth visiting. Based near Potsdamer Plaz this amazing building with yellow color is a place of culture where classical music fans from all over the world get to meet. Seating terraces are just one of the things that make the home of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra unique and enjoyable to visit. It was open in 1963 and is famous for the exterior that has a tent design.

9. Grunewald Forest

This forest area is really huge and it is perfect for day tours that are usually held on Sundays. The Grunewald forest is also well known for the Teufelsberg, a man-made hill. It was built after the Second World War by the allies. If the weather is fine, Schlachtensee and Wannsee lakes are a perfect place to take a dip. The forest is easy to reach via S bahn, so that makes it the perfect place for a picnic on the weekends with your family and friends. Grunewald Forest is just 8.9 km away( courtesy: distancemonk) from berllin olympic stadium and 15 mins ride by car

10. Kreuzberg

This is the alternative part of the city. Many artists, young people and musicians are coming to Kreuzberg to experience this vibe that can be felt only here in the heart of Berlin. If you are a fan of music stores, clubs with rock and roll music and love fresh kebabs, then this is the perfect place for you. There are a lot of residential buildings in the district and the famous Gorlizer Park where people are hanging out on the weekends. Also, it is worth mentioning that food lovers will enjoy their stay here for sure, since there are restaurants with national dishes from all around the world. Mix that with quality German beer and you have a perfect vacation.