5 Museums You Must Visit In Berlin

Berlin is a very creative and artistic city. Of course, from such inspiring environment nobody is expecting old and boring museums, as many of us usually imagine them. Museums of Berlin are indeed exciting, interactive, and very make you wanna stay there. It even has an entire Museum Island! In fact, it is a name of the northern half of an island in the central district of Berlin. It consists of five internationally significant museums that occupy a part of it. So if you are planning a trip to the city, don't miss your chance to go to at least few of them, it will be an unforgettable experience! But before, read our list of 5 TOP museums you have to visit in Berlin and get ready for your great travel adventures!

1. Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum is located on the Museum Island and is a part of the Berlin State Museums. This is the most visited art museum in Germany that attracts more than one million of visitors every year. Museum houses original-sized, reconstructed monumental buildings such as the Pergamon Altar and the Market Gate of Miletus, all consisting of parts transported from Turkey. It consists of three departments: Antiquity Collection, Islamic Art Museum, and The Middle East Museum.

2. Neues Museum

Neues is one more museum located on the Museum Island in Berlin. It was built between 1843 and 1855, but had to be closed during the World War II and bombing of Berlin, and reopened only in October, 2009. Exhibits include the Egyptian and Prehistory and Early History collections, as it did before the war. The artifacts it houses include the iconic bust of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. Moreover, the Museum itself and its building is an important historic site of Berlin as an example of the neoclassical architecture.

3. Jewish Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum in Berlin is one of the biggest Jewish Museums in Europe. It was opened in 2001 and nowadays is one of the top museums of Berlin with more than half a million of visitors per year. The Museum represents a permanent exhibition under the name "Two Millennia of German-Jewish History", as well as a lot of special exhibitions and installations, many of which have become well known and significant in the art world.

4. Topography of Terror

Topography of Terror is an indoor and outdoor museum in Berlin. It is housed in the buildings that during the Nazi regime from 1933 to 1945 were the headquarters of the Gestapo and the SS. The museums hosts three permanent exhibitions: Topography of Terror. Gestapo, SS, and Reich Security Main Office on Wilhelm- and Prinz-Albrecht-Straße; Berlin 1933–1945. Between Propaganda and Terror; Topography of Terror Site Tour. The History of the Site. Special projects and temporary exhibitions are regularly presented as well.

5. DDR Museum

The DDR Museum is located in the former governmental district of East Germany, and id the 11th most visited museum of the city. The exhibitions of this museum show to the public the daily life and living environment of the East Germany in a direct "hands-on" way. East Germany, in German language, is translated as Deutsche Demokratische Republik, and this is where the museum's name - DDR comes from. It was opened in 2006 as a private museum and quickly became popular all over the world.


Definitely, there is a lot of things in Berlin to explore. Don't forget to include in your list the city's museums, and you will never regret about visiting them!


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