Top 5 Must-visit Attractions in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most favorite travel destinations in Asia. It boasts a plethora of mind-blowing attractions and things to do, which make it quite appealing to people from all across the globe. Whether you are traveling alone, in groups, family, or special someone, you want to make the most of your trip. If you haven’t finalized your itinerary yet, here are five attractions that you may want to consider adding to your shortlist.

1. 1. Hong Kong Disneyland

Who wouldn’t love to go to the happiest place on Earth? Whether you are young or just kid at heart, Hong Kong Disneyland is definitely the place to be if you are looking for a one of a kind fun and entertainment. This well-designed wonderland showcases several, different attractions, rides, shows, and everything in between that will leave blow your mind. If you’re into Disney movies, you can surely find your favorite Disney character in this paradise. The place is quite wide and big, so if you want to enjoy all the rides and watch more of their stunning shows, you better arrive early, so you can make the most of your time exploring and enjoying the theme park.

2. 2. Victoria Peak

Another famous attraction not to be missed is the Victoria Peak. This vantage point allows you to see more of Hong Kong, including the beautiful Harbour view and skyline. In a nutshell, it gives you an awe-inspiring, panoramic view of Hong Kong that will leave you speechless. Reaching this spot is quite easy and fun. All you have to do is to ride on the popular Peak Tram and be amazed with the spectacular views as you climb on the very steep rail. The place features different shops where you can buy souvenirs, cafes and restaurants for foodies, as well as venue where you can take a photo of your favorite Chinese celebrities and famous icons, who look like very real in their waxed version. These include Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and the likes.

3. 3. Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars is the Hong Kong’s version of the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame attraction. As the name implies, this well-known tourist spot pays tribute to the film industry of the country while giving you a breathtaking view of the city. It features life-sized statues of action stars, handprints of several popular and influential celebrities, descriptive milestones, and everything in between. It is free, so you can visit this place anytime you want. Most people prefer to visit it in the evening as it looks even more glamorous and lovely with all the illuminating lights around.

4. 4. Ocean Park

Another must-visit place is the Ocean Park, which features a variety of marine creatures as well as an array of exciting rides for those who want to elevate their entertainment. Located in the southern district of Hong Kong, this marine-life theme park continuously attracts millions of people from all over the world because of its uniqueness and wonderful major attractions, which include The Waterfront and The Summit. The Waterfront features the Aqua City, Amazing Asian Animals, and Whiskers Harbour. The Summit, on the other hand is where you can find the Marine World, Thrill Mountain, Adventure Land, Polar Adventure, as well as The Rainforest. It is not just your typical amusement park, it is also a learning center as it hosts observatories and exhibits.

5. 5. Ladies Market

Last but not the least is the Ladies Market, which is a perfect place for those who wants to shop around. It features over hundreds of stalls where you can buy just about anything under the sun. From tees, dresses, accessories, decors to souvenirs, you’ll get to find all of these in this market. What makes it even more appealing to visitors is that the prices are very budget-friendly. You can even use your haggling skills and get the item that you want!


Those attractions listed above are just some of the best places in Hong Kong that you should not miss when exploring the country. There are still more to see! If you’re visiting soon, include any of the attractions above and you’ll definitely get a much memorable and rewarding Hong Kong experience, you’ll treasure forever.


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