5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Italy

Italy is a pearl of Europe. This is a place to which you will want to come back again, again and again, because every time it will open for you more and more of its beauty and wonders. Its language, food, nature, architecture - everything will make you wondering how great the country can be! If you have never been to Italy before, make it #1 on your list of travel destinations! Why? Read our list of 5 reasons to fall in love with Italy and find the answers!

1. The Language

Italian language is considered to be one of the most beautiful and melodic in the world. Believe it or not, but when you come to this country, you will see it with your own eyes and hear with your own ears. No wonder, Italian music sounds so great and the greatest love poetry is coming from here! You will be ready to listen to it endlessly! However, there is one more language in Italy - the body language. Italians are always talking with their hands as well, they communicate with gestures and emotions, and they are doing it with so much passion that you can stare for it for hours! Learn some of them as well, and feel like a local!

2. The Food

Italy is a heaven for your stomach. Its culinary traditions have been created through the history with the roots as far back as the 4th century BC. Italian cuisine is an important part of the country's culture and yes, it is definitely in the top of the most delicious cuisines in the world (or even the best one). Maybe that's why even Italians are often using a proverb, saying "Chi mangia bene, mangia Italiano" (Those who eat well, eat Italian). How not to mention the varieties of pizzas and pastas? These are, probably, the most famous dishes that literally everybody in the world knows and that are coming from Italy. And this list could be much much longer!

3. The Architecture

From small and cozy villages on the coast to the fascinating constructions of the cathedrals of Milan, Italian architecture will amaze you on every single step. In different parts of the country you will see different styles and buildings, but all of them will be so unique, that you will travel the world and will not see anything like this! It gives you the opportunity to discover more and more of Italian beauty, and this is definitely one more reason to love this incredible country!

4. The Nature

Probably, there is no any single person in the world who would be indifferent to the beauty if Italian nature. Stunning coastline, endless fields, high mountains, deep forests, rocky hills, beautiful vineyards, sandy beaches, wonderful islands, crystal clear seas and lakes, - this country literally has it all! So if you would like to feel the touch of nature while travelling, choose Italy, and it will always be a right decision, because life may be not enough to see all of its breathtaking natural wonders!

5. The Fashion

And something else for the fashion lovers! Italy is one of the most biggest centres of fashion industry. Twice a year, during the Milan Fashion Week, Italian capital is becoming a fashion capital of the world as well. historically and traditionally, it had always been an important part of the culture and the life of society. Italy is famous for its high standards, quality, glamour, handicrafts and family traditions. Seems that Italians are born with a feeling of a good style, they all know how to dress well and classy, making their everyday life a personal runway.


Italy is so wonderful that we could continue this list and talk about the reasons to fall in love with this country for the next few more hours. However, it will be better if you visit it and discover all of them on your own! Are you ready for the adventure?


Kate Makogon
Traveler and adventure seeker. Expert in travelling in Europe. Foodie and art lover. Can't stop wondering the beauty of this world.