5 Things to Do in Campuestohan Highland Resort in Talisay, Negros Occidental Philippines

Campuestohan Highland Resort, Foursquare.com

Looking to travel for a budget place? That one place where you can have all the activities you want and not having to go from one place to another. Don’t you think it is budget friendly? Yes, this is the type of resort in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines where families and friends enjoy a long weekend, holiday, or just special trips to take pleasure in the set rides and pool.

It was opened last 2013 and until now it has become the new destination for groups of friends and families. The reason why? You can have all the rides and foods and the swimming pool with low rates but I think you may have to consider going to another place to stay for an overnight. I must warn you that the place is jam packed nowadays.

So here are the things you can do in Campuestohan Highland Resort

1. Zip line Experience

Campuestohan Highland Resort, Foursquare.com

You will be assisted with their staff to ride on the zip line but first of all, you have to be interested in doing this and not afraid of the heights since you will be riding horizontally above the ground. The cost of the ride is P200/person. It is a 340-meter zip line that is approximately more than 60 feet above the ground.

Aside from the fun and the adrenaline rush while you slope down the cable, you can also view the entire resort with its different rides. The whole zip trip last only under a minute but it is all worth it. You have to bring rubber shoes or sports shoes as it is a requirement.

2. Sky Bicycle

Campuestohan Highland Resort, Foursquare.com

Campuestohan Highland Resort, Foursquare.com

As the name speaks for itself, Sky Bicycle is passing through a long line with a bicycle. Not on the ground of course but the same as zip lines where ropes are above the ground. Amazing right? I don’t know where they got the idea of sky bicycling but it is definitely one of the most thrilling experiences you can have.

Wearing a helmet is a must. Don’t worry about it, they all have their equipment there to ensure safety of the riders. The bicycles are supported with a rope that connect to the horizontal line in which you will be passing by. It’s strong so you don’t have to concern yourself of any accidents. It is P100.00/person 1 ride.

3. Rope Course

Campuestohan Highland Resort, Foursquare.com

Campuestohan Highland Resort, Foursquare.com

Rope course is also one of the most challenging set of activity in Campuestohan. Visually you can say that it is as easy as stepping on a road but the challenge is completing the entire course without falling off 10 feet elevated series of tires, ropes, and others. The ropes have holes on it so it adds up to the difficulty. You have to step carefully as to avoid falling.

Determination and perseverance are the key to this course. Others who have tried it, almost completely want to do it over and over again. If you slip, there are people to catch you. Also same as Zip line, you have to wear rubber shoes if you want to experience this. It is P200.00/person.

4. Hamster Wheel Ride

Credits to: Pinasmuna.com

Credits to: Pinasmuna.com

This ride is P100.00/ person. You will be inside a round or just simply a wheel-like ride that is hanged under a series of lines. You have to walk through with this like a big bubble on a swimming pool. But this time on a line. I suggest you have this by groups and you can have a contest on who finishes first. This is one of those exciting movements that are filled with fun and competition with friends.

5. Hanging Bridge

Campuestohan Highland Resort, Foursquare.com

Just a simple yet fun thing to do. Walking on the new hanging bridge. Panoramic scenery and view of the city and landscape, you can have this non strenuous activity. If you just want to have a leisurely walk, this is for you.

A horizontal view that stretches nearly 100 meters. As you walk through this hanging bridge, you can also view the neighbouring places such as the Western Negros and some of the mountain sceneries. BE careful because the hanging bridge will easily move as you do more motion or pressure like running.


If you desire more to do on this resort, you can dip in the swimming pool, enjoy eating at their restaurant or their coffee shops. There are so much more to do here and take a picture of. Like the life-size replica of King Kong and others. Great for a long weekend adventure.


Shenna is a registered nurse in the Philippines. She's on her early 20's and have been travelling. She writes articles about travel to share her opinions, experiences, and likes and dislikes about the places that she has been to. She has been working as a freelancer writing articles from USA employers and in other countries. She has been to different places in the Philippines. Her Goal is to travel outside especially in Europe and in USA.