5 Must do things in Dakak Park and Beach Resort

Dakak Aqua Sports Center, Foursquare.com

Have you heard about Dakak Beach Resort in Dapitan City? There’s a difference between traveling and taking a vacation. For me, Dakak Beach Resort is sort of a vacation-like experience for an individual. If you’re the kind of person who just wants so spend one or two weeks in the long white sand beach in Dakak, then all you need are a few novels while reading under the heat of the sun and oh! Don’t forget about the bikinis and cover ups. The entire location might get so hot especially during summer so better bring a handy sun block.

If you only think of getting your skin tanned and appreciate the whole view of the Beach Resort, then you only know a tiny part of it. Don’t ever stay in a nice hotel for the whole long boring day, enjoy the sun, and grab whatever activities you can because dear, you’re there already there. Before you can enjoy these, make sure you save up and get ready for sportswear and swim wear. You might not have an idea yet but here are other things you can do in Dakak except for swimming and walking along the beach.

1. Do River-Cruise

Credits to: fantasylandtours.com

Credits to: fantasylandtours.com

Perfect for a team or groups of friends sailing on the river. You are in a small kind of floating boat. The tour will end at Kinilaw ug Inihaw sa Fishpond Resort. Most of the foods they serve are seafood such as crabs, prawns, oysters, fishes, and shrimps. When touring, you will have a relaxing view and you can play music as you do river cruising. The river is surrounded by bushes and trees only.

2. Jet skiing and Banana Boat Ride

Dakak Aqua Sports Center, Foursquare.com

Credits to: www.booking.com

Credits to: www.booking.com

One of the most known activity in the Resort, They offer Jet skiing and Banana Boat Ride. You may know jet skiing because it’s a lot more common than Banana Boat Ride. Well, banana boat ride is riding on the beach with a banana shaped boat, obviously.

The thing is in jet skiing, it can only accommodate with the most of having 2 individuals and you have the direction driving all by yourself while in Banana Boat, it can accommodate the most may be 5 or 6 people and someone is controlling the direction of where you’re heading but these two rides are enjoyable. Real enjoyable for you have the beach all by yourself.

3. Cove Hopping

Dakak Aqua Sports Center, Foursquare.com

This is exciting as you will visit a bat’s cave, and have fun visiting neighboring beaches. Have you visited a fisherman’s village? No idea yet? This time you will have the opportunity in visiting a fisherman’s village and take a look at how they spend their everyday lives.

4. Adventure Zone

Dakak Aqua Sports Center, Foursquare.com

One of the highlights of Dakak Beach Resort is the set of activities: Zip line experience, ATV ride which means All Terrain Vehicle rides, rock and wall climbing, trekking and other more. What is famous in what has mentioned is the ATV ride. A unique ride and very appealing and interesting especially when you are with friends. You have to know how to ride. Don’t worry about balancing anymore since it has 4 wheels.

You just have to be confident in driving and heading where you and your friends are. You can also do mountain climbing and horseback riding. I suggest you do both ATV and horseback riding before going to another one since you can be tired if you do the extreme sports first.

5. Surprise romantic dinner by the beach

Of the above mentioned, my favourite is this. That would be in case if you’re bringing a loved one with you, this is just a wonderful thing you will have to check in your bucket list for the things to do in Dakak Beach Resort. A lot of couples would eat at a restaurant nearby by the Resort and a lot would have their dinner inside the room they are staying but believe me, one can make this effort and be successful in giving a romantic date!

Your loved one will be so much happier if you surprise them with a dinner by the beach. Fresh air, beautiful sunset, and the view of the beach! Everything goes right with the one you love for this special surprise.


All these things you can do at Dakak Beach Resort. Care to go on other places in the Philippines but this resort is also a tourist attraction for most people visiting the Philippines. The above activities are listed at a limit but you can do so much more. Enjoy and have fun!


Shenna is a registered nurse in the Philippines. She's on her early 20's and have been travelling. She writes articles about travel to share her opinions, experiences, and likes and dislikes about the places that she has been to. She has been working as a freelancer writing articles from USA employers and in other countries. She has been to different places in the Philippines. Her Goal is to travel outside especially in Europe and in USA.