5 Reasons To Visit Madrid

Madrid is a capital of Spain, the city of beautiful boulevards, outstanding architecture, exclusive artistic environment and dynamic life. It may be not as popular among travelers as, for example, Barcelona, or as not as much visited as Spanish islands, but it doesn't make it less attractive! On the contrary. It gives you an opportunity to see another side of Spain, modern, lively, busy, cultural and elegant. At the same time, it also has a lot of important historic attractions, amazing parks and museums, and many other things that will make your trip memorable. Read our list of TOP 5 reasons to visit Madrid!

1. Art

Madrid is considered one of the top European destinations concerning art museums. If you are visiting the city, we recommend you, first of all, to go to the Golden Triangle of Art comprising three significant museums of Madrid. Probably, the most famous of them is the Prado Museum, known for exhibiting masterpieces by such world famous artists as Diego Velázquez and Francisco de Goya. The other two are the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, established from a mixed private collection, and the Reina Sofía Museum, where Pablo Picasso's Guernica hangs.

Besides these, visit The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, The National Archaeological Museum, The Royal Palace of Madrid and many other places, which are very different and at the same time - all are awesome!

2. Food

Spanish food is definitely one of the reasons why we love Spain. No one can stay indifferent to its delicious flavors! And Madrid can be easily called a capital of Spanish gastronomy, with an outstanding number of bars, cafes and restaurants for any kind of a client - from homey style places to haute cuisine. For sure, this is something that will make your trip to this incredible country even better! Visit local bars, restaurants, and taste as many of Spanish dishes as possible! Don't be afraid of calories, just simply enjoy your meal with a glass of sangria and may your every minute in Spain be full off joy and happiness!

3. Architecture

Most of the tourist attractions of Madrid are located in the old town. It has a significant number of old buildings, monuments, beautiful churches and other important historic and cultural sites that will impress you by the stunning architecture and make you fall in love with the city! For sure visit the Royal Palace of Madris, the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family, the Plaza Mayor, the central square of the city, and the famous Buen Retiro Park, the biggest park of Madrid. Walk around the city and discover all of its beauty on your own!

4. Football

Do you know what is the major religion in Spain? No, no Catholicism. The major religion in Spain is... football. Especially in Madrid, which is a home for the world famous football club Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, which is also well-supported in the city. In 1982, Spain hosted the football World Cup, and Madrid hosted the final match between Italy and West Germany. Visit its famous stadium Madrid Arena, where all the important games are taking place; or even better - go there during one of them, the atmosphere in the city on such days is simply unique and unforgettable!

5. Nightlife

Nightlife in Madrid is definitely one of the reasons that attracts a lot of visitors every year, those searching for the dynamic rhythm of life, all-night-long parties, dancing till early morning, lively bars and he city that never sleeps. Whatever you choose, to spend a night in a dance club or in one of the bars on a cozy outside terrace, you will definitely have a lot of fun and enjoy your Madrid experience!


We don't know which reason has become crucial in your choice and decision to visit Madrid, but all of them are absolutely true and are proving that Madrid is a great destination for your next travel. Go there and see it with your own eyes!


Kate Makogon
Traveler and adventure seeker. Expert in travelling in Europe. Foodie and art lover. Can't stop wondering the beauty of this world.