5 Most Amazing Ruin Pubs In Budapest

Budapest is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and this is absolutely true. But besides that, Budapest can be also called a party capital of Europe! This city is full of outstanding and creative places that fascinate literally everyone who is coming to the city! Budapest is also known for its "ruin pubs" that originated here and have become a symbol of the city. That are the pubs created, as you could already guess, in the ruins of old or abandoned places, but with incredibly creative design! Curious? Read next out guide to 5 most amazing ruin pubs of Budapest!

1. Kuplung

Kuplung is a lively "ruin pub" in former repair shop, with live bands and big outdoor garden with benches and murals. Several years ago, the area was given to local artists where they could create their art and decorate the space. After that, the bar was open at this place. Being located in the central district of Budapest on one of the most lively streets of the city, Kuplung is always full of visitors coming here to enjoy their time in its garden with the colorful lights. Moreover, it often has live performances that are making this place even more attractive and outstanding!

2. Anker Klub

Anker’t, Foursquare.com

Anker Klub is another popular "ruin pub" of Budapest that is located between the old ruined walls of the city. It hosts loud and great parties, always full of people and is the beloved place by everyone, locals, expats and travelers. Sometimes it is called "the hippest spot" of Budapest, so if you want to feel its easy, relaxed and friendly environment, if you want to feel its atmosphere and enjoy the nightlife of the city, come here, and you will definitely love this place!

3. Fogas ház

Fogasház, Foursquare.com

Fogas ház is considered to be one of the best ruin pubs of Budapest, and this place has indeed magical atmosphere! And actually, this is more than just a ruin pub. On its territory, it also hosts art exhibitions, theaters, film clubs, workshops, meet-ups, and other exciting and innovative programs. Famous DJs spin at night to the hip crowd and every day another unforgettable party waits for you! Also it has great garden with the unique atmosphere and huge trees. Come here, if you searching for a creative place for anything, friendly meeting, delicious dinner or having fun all night long!

4. Instant

Instant is an absolutely unbelievable and fantastic place! Even more fantastic that you can imagine! Instant is truly the enchanted forest of Budapest's ruin pubs and bars featuring 26 rooms, 7 bars, 2 gardens and 7 stages! Can you imagine that? This is place where the party never stops. It hosts regular art and cultural events, as well as crazy parties till early mornings! Being the biggest ruin pub of the city, it is always ready to welcome you in the heart of Budapest. Whether you're a veteran of the ruin pub culture or simply travelling through Budapest, get ready for the unforgettable Instant experience!

5. Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert, Foursquare.com

And the last, but for sure, not least is... Szimpla Kert! Believe us, this is the most fantastic bar you will ever see in your life. The opening of Szimpla Garden in 2002 and converting an old factory into a huge open-air cinema and pub, has been literally and also symbolically a milestone in the alternative life of Budapest. It is always full of people, the party here never stops, and it has the most creative and the craziest design you can imagine. It is not enough words to describe its amazing atmosphere, so we just recommend it to make a priority place for you next trip to Budapest!


There is a proverb saying that it is better to see something once than to hear about it hundred of times. So now, we stop talking about ruin pubs of Budapest and wish you to see all of them as soon as possible! It will a unique experience! Enjoy it!


Kate Makogon
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