TOP 5 Places To Visit in Hungary

When people decide to travel to Hungary, most of them go to its capital, the city of Budapest. We agree that Budapest is absolutely stunning and gorgeous city, but Hungary has so many wonderful places to visit, that you will be stupid not to visit them, coming here! Moreover, it will make your trip much more creative, comparing to the other travelers' experience! Are you interested now and can't wait to start planning you trip? We are extremely happy to hear that! But before - read our list of TOP 5 Places to visit in Hungary!

1. Budapest

Budapest is magnificent, even if we don’t talk about the biggest tourist attractions – Danube, its bridges and city architecture, because they’re wonderful by default. The city has some very special atmosphere, it is relaxed, it is free and beautiful in its freedom. And the most important, it offers so many things to do, that you will never get bored, doesn't matter if it is your first visit or even if you live here for years! In fact, "Budapest" is the combination of the names of Buda and Pest, which were united in 1873. Buda, on the West side of the river is hilly and semi-suburban, and has winding, narrow streets wending their way up into the hills. You fall in love with Budapest at the first sight, and this love is eternal.

2. Mecsek

Mecsec is a name of a mountain range in the south of Hungary. They may be not very high, but they look stunning! The highest peak in the mountain range is Zengő, which has an elevation of 682 metres. Moreover, the mountains have a long history, since many tribes have lived here since the beginning of the 9th century. Nowadays there is a lot of picturesque villages around and on their hills. Mecsec may be a perfect choice and destination, if you love hiking. Believe us, the landscapes around and especially from its peaks, are just breathtaking!

3. Castle of Eger

Hungary is famous for its old and wonderful castles. One of them is the Castle of Eger, that is located in the town of Eger in the North East of the country. Historically, it is known for defending the city from against the Turkish invasion in 1552. Nowadays the castle is open for public and hosts several permanent exhibitions, dedicated t the history of the castle, as welle as a painting exhibition, a system of cellars under the castle, a wax museum, an ancient vase exhibition, and several periodic exhibitions. A "must see" place in Hungary!

4. Lake Balaton

Hungary doesn't have access to a sea, but actually, it there is no such a need, because the country has a place of unbelievable beauty - Lake Balaton, which is also the largest lake in Central Europe and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region. The mountainous region of the northern shore is known both for its historic character and as a major wine region, while the flat southern shore is known for its resort towns. This is a perfect place for spending hot summer days, so planning a trip to Hungary, don't forget to include it in your plans as well!

5. Tokaj wine region

Even if you are not a passionate wine lover, don't exclude this place from your travel plan! First of all, because after tasting local wines and visiting local wineries, you will for sure become a wine lover! Secondly, even without wines, Tokaj region is absolutely magnificent! Nobody knows exacly when, but it is assumed that the first vineyards had been established in Tokaj as early as the 12th century. In 2002, Tokaj has been declared a World Heritage Site as Tokaj Wine Region Historic Cultural Landscape. Its endless vineyards, green hills and picturesque nature will not leave you indifferent


Hungary is indeed a positively surprising country! Travel around it and discover its hidden gems! Unforgettable memories and emotions are guaranteed!


Kate Makogon
Traveler and adventure seeker. Expert in travelling in Europe. Foodie and art lover. Can't stop wondering the beauty of this world.