5 Reason to Eat in Kappa Sushi, Tokyo

かっぱ寿司 一号店, Foursquare.com

Sushi is the food icon for Japan in international level. It is a cooked vinegar rice with other ingredients as toppings, mostly seafood. Most foreigners will correlate sushi with raw fish, which half true because sushi can also served with cooked-fish. In Japan there are countless places to enjoy sushi, from the cheap standing sushi bar to fine dining sushi restaurant. The differences are located in fish quality and how do they serve them. In sushi bar where they will put pre-made sushi in the conveyor belt, you can get cheaper price as it won't be as fresh as more expensive restaurant which make the sushi upon order. But in Kappa Sushi, you can get both price and quality to make the most of your sushi experience. Here are 5 reasons why I said so...

1. Sushi is freshly made upon order

かっぱ寿司 一号店, Foursquare.com

When you enter the restaurant, you will see at least 6 sushi chefs standing behind the counter. 1 chef will be assigned to serve 3-4 guests, and they will make your sushi after you order them. So you will get freshly made sushi which taste much better than pre-made one. The chefs are all highly skilled and very fast, not to mention very friendly to foreigners.

2. Fish is fresher, thicker and fattier

かっぱ寿司 一号店, Foursquare.com

As the main part of sushi, fish quality holds crucial aspect to determine if the sushi place is worth the visit or not. Kappa Sushi's fish is beyond belief. Very fresh, very thick, and and they are very generous with the topping size. As a salmon lovers, I just love their salmon. I couldn't find better salmon anywhere else.

3. Price is surprisingly cheap

かっぱ寿司 一号店, Foursquare.com

They have different price system for day and night time. During day time, their price is for 2 pcs of sushi per portion. And during night time (starts from 8pm) you will only get 1 pcs for the same price. Maybe their price is not that cheap during dinner time, but it's certainly cheap for lunch or late lunch option. Especially considering the generous size and great taste.

4. The service soup and tea are excellent

かっぱ寿司 一号店, Foursquare.com

They provide miso soup with prawn head or seaweed and free-refill hot tea as their service, and it taste awesome (especially when it comes free!).

5. Located in shopping district

かっぱ寿司 一号店, Foursquare.com

Who doesn't know Ameyoko street? The famous shopping street between Ueno and Okachimachi. Kappa Sushi is located in one of alley here. Although the location is pretty discreet, you will have to expect long line of guests who are waiting for their turn. Once your belly is happy, take a leisure walk and have window shopping as you wish...

かっぱ寿司 一号店
上野4-1-4, Taitō, Tōkyō, Japan
+81 3-3831-0872


If you are in Tokyo, I really recommend you to try this restaurant at least once in your lifetime. Kappa Sushi is not a franchise and it doesn't have other stores other than the one in Ueno, which makes it really special and also guaranty its quality.


I'm an Indonesian whom married a Japanese and have been living in Tokyo ever since. I love traveling so much, and I love all aspects of traveling, from choosing travel destination, hunting cheap tickets, planning itineraries, and even the packing routine itself.