The 5 Most Outstanding Beaches in Melbourne

Australia tourism has remarkable potential and present grand open door for tourists to visit energizing tourist attractions that never miss to awe the heart of the visitors and the occasion pursuers who traverse the world to Australia. Melbourne being the largest city in Australia has some incredible tourism attractions that are just intriguing, enticing and entrancing. Melbourne beaches are easy to locate as they are on the bank of river Yarra that stretches through the city. Melbourne is, in fact, a bayside city with a number of outstanding beaches. These exotic beaches are visited by every type of visitors from business travelers to holiday makers. They offer wonderful opportunities for sand bathing and swimming throughout the summer period. Since there are numerous beaches to decide on, below is a simplified guide of five of the best beaches in Melbourne.

1. Elwood Beach

Elwood is also a popular bayside beach in summer and an excellent family beach. It is not as close to Melbourne city as St Kilda since it is not exactly on the tram, however it is just 8km’s away if you have a car, or you may also take a cab. The water is usually clean and calm for swimming and children have an excellent time playing on the sand and the rocks. It is another equally active beach and you will greatly enjoy windsurfing, cycling, and playing cricket.

2. Bells Beach

The Bells Beach is a renowned tourist site. You can get tourists from all over the world who love to visit this Beach. Bells Beach has some of the best waves in the world and the longest running surf competition. Whether you are a fanatical surfer or not, Bells Beach is the finest place to consider and a superb destination. The Bell beach is furthermore a popular honeymoon destination. The beach is easily accessible since you can acquire direct transport from Melbourne city. It will only just take a few hours for you to reach this exceptionally magnificent beach. Those visiting the beach should not worry about lodging and dining since there are numerous restaurants and hotels at their service in this splendid place.

3. St Kilda Beach

This sandy and Melbourne's most famous beach is the nearest and easiest beach to get to from the city center since it is 6km away. It is very popular among the tourists for its facelifts for instance; fashionable boutiques, classy cafes and many exceptional restaurants. You can enjoy cool fresh breeze throughout the hot summer months. It is the best place for swimming and having fun playing other water sports. To sum up it is a Mecca for Melbourne tourists and Melbournians similarly with much to enjoy there in the presence of all the features.

4. Brighton Beach

Nearly one-kilometer long pier and marina comprising of a number of small coves Brighton Beach is situated about 7kms south of Melbourne City center. Brighton is a bay beach, secure from southerly winds, and ocean swell. Melbourne visitors from The UK and other overseas countries mush to do here comprising; fishing, Sunbathing, Sightseeing, Swimming and Kitesurfing. The beach is usually patrolled by lifeguards and one can simply enjoy other facilities for a safe and calm brake on bay verge including; restaurants and cafes.

5. Sandridge Beach

It is probably the most serene beach of the city owing to its position close to an industrial site. It contains a playground for kids, a barbeque, a surf club, roadside parking areas, a handy light rail service and a strip of parkland that greatly attract Melbourne flights. It is qiute a residential area with a unique visual setting. It is approximated that around 70 million people drop by this beach annually.


If you wish to spend some extremely adorable and thrilling moments with your loving family then the Melbourne beaches are the dream destination for you. Experience the best from family-friendly waters to boating havens and fishing, there is no scarcity of choices during your next tour to Melbourne when it comes to engaging yourself in Australia’s favorite sun-drenched past period. Visit Melbourne beaches and take back home momentous memories to relish in for a lifetime.


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