5 Best Tourist Attractions in Perth

The city of Perth is located along the wonderful Swan River nearly 20 kilometers inland from the port town of Fremantle and the Indian Ocean. This will be the initial adventure point for your most anticipated Perth visit and the great and superb Western Australian state.
When Perth is compared to various urban areas in the world, you will discover it that it is considerably little in size; however you will also realize that it is the most outstanding amongst the rest. You will experience an exceptionally lovely Mediterranean style of climate here in Perth, making this an extraordinary vacation destination throughout the year. Summers are for the most part hot and dry and last from late December until late March, with February by and large being the hottest month. The winter daytime temperatures are typically around 16° and this implies that even during winter, you can get all over the place to explore the attractions that Perth brings to the table. However, if you really wish to visit Perth and its absolute best, then be ready to tour in spring time when the parks and gardens all through the city are bursting colorfully.
Perth is one spot where there is everything from beaches to amazing sceneries. Perth is the capital of Western Australia, and one of the main reasons why this city has numerous visitors all through the year is due to great climatic conditions favorable for every tourist throughout the year. Here is a pinpoint of 5 best tourist attractions in Perth.

1. Pinnacles

This unique scenery will without a doubt amaze you from the word go. This desert is loaded with a huge number of limestone structures of different shapes and sizes; some even are of several meters tall. This landscape is found in the famous Namburg National Park, which extends over 26kms over a shining coastline. You can organize a short tour to this place with loved ones and be flabbergasted by its magnificence. In order, to really experience beauty of the scenery, you should visit them at sunrise or sunset when long shadows are cast over unfathomable extends of sand dunes

2. Mandurah’s Christmas lights

If you happen to visit Perth during Christmas period, don't miss an opportunity to visit Mandurah. Enjoy a boat ride along the waterway and witness a few mansions lit up with numerous lights that reflect the water, making a splendid view. It's a standout amongst the most entertaining rides listening to Christmas carols alongside artificial Santa and reindeers. This journey can turn into a holiday that is forever memorable.

3. Wave Rock

This antique stone cliff is really an interesting sight that is a standout amongst the most appreciated sceneries in Australia. Remaining at a height of 15m and spreading over 100m, it looks like a gigantic tidal wave. It's perfectly colored for the most part because of water streaming down during the rainstorm and water erosion over a great many years. It is usually a photographer's pleasure to witness this scenery change color during the day.

4. Wellington Dam and Gnomesville

Wellington Dam and Gnomesville is quickly turning into a to a great tourist attraction that is without a doubt a visit not to be missed. Loaded with rolling hills, you will locate a few thousand gnomes living all over the place. Additionally, you will have the capacity to put your gnomes anyplace you like.

5. Swan Valley

The Swan Valley popularly known as The Valley of Taste is just an hour drive from Perth; this valley will most without a doubt cater for individuals who love chocolate and wine. From seeing the entire process of chocolate production to tremendous vineyards, your day will be nicely spent here. You could taste the best wines and extraordinary cuisines at the Swan.


Perth is wonderful in many ways. The kindness of the citizens, the variety of wildlife and marine life so closely linked, and the beauty of the state make this a destination that will always amaze you. In whichever places you visit, you will discover Perth to be an interesting destination and most likely you will wish to return once more.


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