5 Best Hiking Spots in Australia

Hiking is one of the greatest ways to catch sight of the numerous magnificent things Australia has to offer. Hiking is something that almost everybody can do. Hiking gives you a chance to visit places you may have on no occasion walked in the past. Observing hidden pockets of rainforest, intact beaches and isolated sceneries is sure to offer unforgettable experiences. Australia's diversity of environment and unique climate makes it a perfect destination for bush hikes. Without doubt, taking a holiday with your loved ones and hiking or camping in Australia is an unforgettable experience. To assist you choose places in Australia to go for hiking, here are some of the five best places.

1. Six Foot Track, Blue Mountains

For hikers, who are planning to get on an escapade that will extend for several days, the Six Foot Track will be the ideal place. This Blue Mountains Track is among Australia's memorable walks, and will guide hikers from Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves found in the spectacular Blue Mountains.
The pathway guides hikers through hugely contrasted sceneries of eucalypt forests, rainforest and open grazing countryside. Bowtell's is a suspended Bridge above the River Cox and is certainly a high spot of the trail.

2. Cape Byron Walking Track

Best for those in search of an "uplifting" hike, the Cape Byron Track leads hikers down the North Coast of New South Wales. This trail will direct you high above the coast, starting from Byron Bay and going round the peninsula where the lighthouse is situated. Along the track, enjoy a swim in the cool tranquil waters of the harbored bay, ensuring you maintain a watch for humpback whales.

3. Great Ocean Walk (VIC)

The Great Ocean Walk is situated on the outstanding west coast of Victoria and extends for a notable 104 kilometers. This walk weaves via some incredible national parks and will indeed open up hikers to the wildly attractive landscape of this spectacular area of coast.
The best bit of this hike is undeniably the 12 Apostles, which emerge majestically from the Southern Ocean and will impress everyone who witnesses them.

4. Great Dividing Trail (VIC)

This track is found in central Victoria and surpasses through an area that was one time the wealthiest gold mining region in the globe. Altogether, there is 280 kilometers size of trail; thus many visitors only endeavor a few parts of the track.
The track goes past the southern end of the Great Dividing Range and presents various really mind-blowing sights of the stunning landscape that these areas are recognized for.

5. Kangaroo Island

Found 3 hours South-west of Adelaide where you can hike, trek across caves and do lots of wildlife viewing. Kangaroo Island has numerous exceptional fauna and flora that the main land of South Australia lacks. You can view penguins or spot the magnificence of sea lions while on the Island coast. There is 150km of hiking you cover in this area, and there is no scarcity of attractions here. You can moreover walk around the Kelly Hill caves and observe the mysteries reserved here. Kangaroo Island is among the must visit spots, since you will never encounter such a place elsewhere in the world. If you wish to experience and see being up-close to Australia's nature, thus Kangaroo Island is a spot to visit. In addition to the renowned Australian kangaroo, the island moreover contains penguins, wallabies, koalas, echidnas, fur seals, sea lions, and lots more. This is a tremendous place to go hiking and have the touch of being in an actual Aussie wilderness.


Every hiking place is vehicle reachable rendering it easy to choose where you desire to hike. If you wish to experience how it feels being in the Australian wilderness, camping and hiking are the things to undertake here. Make a point of paying a visit to these Australian places.


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