Things to do in Venice

Venice is surely the most beautiful city in North Italy. Many novelists like Henry James wrote about this amazing city and how does it make them feel. Arthur Symons told us that a realist in Venice would become a romantic. Ange Goudar said that the women of Venice are beautiful, but, more to the point flirtatious. It is a perfect city for honeymoons and weekend getaways. It is also very convenient for couples with children who are looking for a relaxing vacation destination. There are thousands of tourists here every day, and today we will try to focus on some of the cool stuff that you can do while in Venice.

1. Hire a Gondolier

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Venice is the Grand Canal and Gondoliers. Obviously hiring a Gondolier is a cliché and costs a fortune, but not every day you are in Venice and if you are adventurous why not do this. The best time for going on a ride in a gondola is probably at sunrise or sunset. The best thing is that a gondolier can take you along the quiet side of the canal, instead of sometimes crowded Grand Canal. The Gondoliers charge 80 euro during the day and the prices goes up to 100 hour in the evening. The prices are not flexible, since they are fixed by the authority of the city of Venice.

2. Go to the Rialto Market

The most famous market in Venice is surely a must see location. Make sure you get up early for this visit and you will be greeted by local fisherman and local farmers who are unloading their fresh veggies, and crabs amongst many other delicious and fresh foods that you can find here. Usually the Fisherman are serving fresh cuttlefish that was caught the night before, so this is one of reasons why an early visit to the Rialto Market is desirable. The market opens every day from 7 pm.

3. Experience a ride on Vaporetto

Taking ride on a Vaporetto is one of the most popular things to do in Venice. The famous Grand Canal is the first thing everyone notices when they visit Venice and yes it is spectacular in every way. If you are thinking that there is a lot of boat traffic going on here, just remember that in the past there was even more traffic, simply because during the 16th and 17th century Venice was full of merchants who were trading goods. Today you can see all of the Venice beauty by taking a ride in a boat bus, called Vaporetto. The tour starts with going under the Rialto Bridge, then next to the beautiful facades, Ca’d’Oro and Ca’ Rezzonico. After this the boat ride continues pass past the Santa Maria Della Salute and finishes at St. Mark’s square.

4. Take a wine tour

Wine making is a tradition in Italy. It seems that every family here makes their own local wine, so it is no wonder Italians organize wine tours for tourists. Venice is also one of the places where you can go to a organized wine tour. It starts with a classic Italian breakfast. Snacks and pastries are their favorite thing to eat in the morning. Now you are ready to go out and enjoy some amazing wine. On these tours they serve white, red wine and also some in between snacks like chicchetti, it is like an Italian version of Tapas. The thing that you need to remember is to book these wine tours a few days ahead, simply because it is a popular touristy thing here in Venice.

5. Murano Island and glass blowing

There are a couple of small islands near the city of Venice. One of these islands is called Murano and it is known for glass blowing. Local residents have been doing this for hundreds of years and now it has become a tourist attraction, since not a lot of tourists witnessed this process of making glass before. We have a tip for you when it comes to visiting this place. There can be a lot of tourists here at these glass blowing presentations, so just take a walk down the island and surely you will find a small studio where people also do this. It is just that they are not assigned to be a place for an official tourist attraction. This also can add a more personal touch to the whole adventure.


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