Top 5 Places to Eat in Munich

There are a lot of places in Munich where you can have a nice meal and the city is full of great restaurants. Today we will talk about some of these locations and our recommendations on where to eat in this lovely town. Germany is well known for their rich cuisine from all over the world, and it would be a shame not to try all of the delicious food that Munich has to offer.

1. Hans im Gluck

By: Michael Mayer

If you are looking for a modern place to eat then this is a perfect place for you. This restaurant was named after an old fairytale from the Grimm brothers. Hans in gluck offer a wide range of cocktails, burgers and they usually have guest Dj-s in the venue. It is known to be a very popular place for tourists, but you can also see a lot of local people having fun in this restaurant. Also the location is just perfect, simply because it is located in the Schwabing district that has a lot of indie shops and cafes.

2. Ella

By: Tiertafel

The cool thing about this restaurant is that it is located at the Lenbachhaus Museum. It is a very fashionable restaurant that serves mostly Italian good, although they have some other specialties on the menu as well. Thomas Demand is an artist who is in charge of decoration in this restaurant and to be honest he did a spectacular job here. If you are looking for something cultural and elegant, then Ella is a perfect place to have lunch.

3. Marais Soir

This is a lovely French restaurant in the heart of Munich. The people who are making food here are all great chefs with years of experience. Just by looking at the menu you can tell that this place offers a lot. Wine selection is also one of the things that Marais Soir is known for. Four course menu is a specialty of this restaurant and the main chef Riccardo Asti is one of the people that can make food taste heavenly for sure.

4. Theresa

Located in the Schwabing district this lovely restaurant is famous for all kinds of grilled meat. Theresa is a perfect place to have lunch and is quite affordable. They are famous for their steaks that are the most popular dish here. The place looks like a modern canteen with wooden tables and cool chairs that all have a different design. If you are interested in the origin of the meat and how it is prepared, the waiters here will be happy to give you this information. After lunch you can grab a organic beer from a drink store that is located right next to the Theresa restaurant.

5. Restaurant 181

181 meters about the city with a spectacular view is what makes this restaurant amazing. Otto Koch who is a Michelin starred chef works here and therefore the quality of the food is just breathtaking. The restaurant is divided into two areas and both have a spectacular overview of the city. This is surely one of the most popular places for tourists and people all around the world are visiting this place every day.
Live cooking demonstrations are also one of the features at restaurant 181, and eating fresh and delicious meals is what attracts most of the visitors.


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