Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Northern Italy

Some say that the Northern part of Italy is the most romantic place that you can visit in your life. I’ve decided to go on a summer spree last year and see if this is true. There are a lot of beautiful cities and villages in this area and each one has something special to offer. I have encountered here with a lot of nice people and the food was also amazing, but the thing that struck me the most is the beauty of these places. It is no wonder that there are millions of tourists every year coming here for vacation. Here is my selection of 5 five destinations to visit in North Italy with the hope that you will find some useful information.

1. Trieste

This beautiful city is located near the Slovenian border and is a seaport city in the North of Italy. Trieste is a city that is really rich in history and has been influenced by a lot of different cultures. The main sight of Trieste is surely Piazza Unita d’ Italia together with the Trieste city hall. 19th century architecture gives the central square of Trieste a remarkable look and each year there are millions of tourists visiting this place. I’ve spent 2 days here and had a really lovely time. The selection of restaurants, historical monuments and places to relax is just amazing and I would recommend this town to everyone who plans going to Italy.

2. Cinque Terre

The second stop of my journey in Northern Italy was fair to say my best experience in the last few years. Cinque Terre is surely one of the most beautiful places there is in Europe. It consists of five small villages and each has its own charm. Seems it is just made for postcards, since the view is breathtaking and the main reason why many tourists come here for a day or two. This place is built on steep hills that are overlooking the Mediterranean. Make sure to bring some comfortable foot wear, simply because cars aren’t allowed in the old part of the town.

3. Verona

City with Roman ruins was a lovely experience for me. It is best known for Romeo and Juliet and medieval buildings that are spectacular in every way. If you are interested in ancient Italy then Verona has to offer a lot. It has a lot of attractions that are connected to the ancient period and although it is not popular as some other cities in the region, I liked it very much. Of course the Juliet’s House is the number one touristy thing here, so be prepared to wait in line a bit before getting a chance to see it.

4. Pavia

In this lovely town I got to spend only one day, but it was such a nice experience. It is located south of Milan and is easy reachable by car or any other transportation. Pavia has a lot of cultural sights like Certosa di Pavia and the Chartusian monastery that was founded in late 14th century. Remember that the monastery is a little bit outside the city, but the transport here is decent and you can check it out in no time.

5. Milan

The biggest city in the area and the last stop on my summer spree was Milan. Since the city is really large I only got to visit a couple of cool places. One of them was Sforzesco Castle house that includes the work from the famous Michelangelo. Also the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the best place if you are looking for a shopping location. Milan has to offer a lot of cool restaurants and bars also and there are millions of tourists visiting this financial capital of Italy every year.


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