Top 5 Places in Rosario

Rosario is the birth place of Che Guevara and one of the most beautiful cities in Argentina. With its riverside location, this city is also known to have a remarkable art scene. Rosario is also known for the beautiful women that can be seen on the street, as well as for a number of bars and restaurants along the Rio Parana. Today we choose top five places to visit it this magnificent city and make the stay for tourists all over the world a pleasant experience.

1. Parque Nacional a la Bandera

This is probably the best known and the most popular tourist location in Rosario. It is dedicated to the Argentinian flag, and the top of the monument is the best place to have the best view on the city. The celebration of the flag week, or Semala de la Bandera as Argentinians like to call it is held every July. This is the main reason why many tourists choose July to visit Rosario.

2. La Florida Beaches

If you are into summer vacation and want to get some tan, you should probably head out to the northern end of the city. There you will find the beautiful La Florida beaches. Summer activities like kayaking, surging and sunbathing are available here and also there are a lot of bars and restaurants in the area. The water is not always that clean, so make sure to check with the locals if it is okay to swim in it.

3. Parque Independencia

This park is home to a couple of museums. The most famous museums here are Museo de la Cuidad and Dr. Julio Mark. Besides the museum in this park visitors can find sporting areas for football. It is a perfect location for a family walk and one of the most visited tourist places. Thousands of people are visiting Parque Independencia each week and therefore it is considered to be very popular.

4. Lungomare Trieste

Run by a local family this hotel offers quite a lot for an average tourist. The house is designed in a southern Italy style, since the grandmother of the owners was initially for Italy. There are five bedrooms, each with a separate bathroom and a terrace with an amazing view over the city. Oliver runs this place and it has become surely the most popular budget friendly locations when staying in Rosario.

5. Puente Victoria

This bridge connects Rosario and Victoria in Santa Fe. Before it was build the local farmers and companies needed to use water transportation in order to transfer good from one place to another. Puente Victoria is 59, 4 km long and is used every day by residents and tourists. The thing that attracts tourists to this bridge is the breathtaking view that one has when crossing the Puente Victoria.


If you are planning to visit Rosario the best time to do it is from October to March. This is the perfect period for sightseeing and you will get to enjoy some of the beaches in the area. Also make sure to check out the great traditional Argentinian cuisine and bars that are on every corner of the city. Rosario is like a little brother to Buenos Aires some say and if you are looking to get away from the overcrowded capital, then this city is the perfect destination.


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