Top 5 Beaches in Greece


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Greece is a beautiful country and a perfect holiday vacation. The Adriatic Sea is sparkly and beautiful in every way, so deciding where to go is not always an easy task. There are thousands of beaches and most of them are great in Greece, but we decided to make a short list and present you with the best beaches on the Greek coast.

1. Belegrina (Chrysi Island)

Chrysi Island is uninhabited and therefore not easily reachable for people. It is located in Crete and has amazing beaches. If you are searching for crystal clear water and white sand, then the Belegrina bay is just the spot for you. There is no population here, but during the summer many campers and residents of other islands come here for vacation. With the camping gear and a snorkeling mask all of them together come to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in whole Europe.

2. Lefkada Beaches

The Lefkada Beaches is an amazing jewel of Porto Katsiki. It is ranked pretty high in the competition of the best beached in Europe, so it is no wonder that a lot of people end up coming here. The trick is to reach the bottom of this giant hill and there is the most beautiful seashore that you have ever seen. The view from this beach is simply amazing and water is crystal blue. This beach can be also reached by a boat taxi for people who don’t want to climb down and up the big hill.

3. Balos

The beauty of the Balos beach is simply amazing. The access to the beach is not that easy because of the mountains, but a couple of cruises that leave Kissamos can take you to Balos. They serve food on the boat, so it should be a fun and a relaxing ride. Besides the white sand and crystal clear waters, there is also a castle nearby. You can go with the car to one point, but later there will be only a footpath to follow. This beach is a perfect place for everyone who is looking for a bit of adventure in life.

4. Paradise Beach

Located on the Island of Mykonos paradise beach is truly one of the best places to spend your holiday. The tourists who love to party day and night will have a blast here. Naturists will be also enjoying their time here, and everyone who is up for spending the night dancing and waiting for the sunrise on the beach will be thrilled that this places actually exists. There are a lot of food and drinks all around this beach, although it is more of a party place, then a beach to bring your whole family.

5. Elafonisi Beach

One of the most interesting beaches in Greece is the Elafonisos. Two beaches combined in one prefecture is what makes this place exciting and new for most tourists that come here for the first time. There can be a large crowd, but if you follow trails you can find a couple of other beaches on the Elafonisos Island. Of course there are lifeguards on the beach who are there to make sure that everyone is fine.


Greece is a wonderful place to visit in summer and sometimes picking the right beach is just the thing that a vacation needs. These are the top 5 beaches on the Greek coast and each and every one has something new and different to offer.


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