Top 5 Places to Visit in Stockholm

Stockholm is a really special city. It is ranking top 10 in the world when it comes to GDP per capita, quality of education, ecological awareness and culture. Quite impressive if you bear in mind that we are talking about a relatively small city, comparing to the big metropole’s like Tokyo, London or New York. Don’t forget it is located almost at the North Pole. Stockholm syndrome should really get another meaning. I will point out five places that shouldn’t be missed.

1. Djurgarden

Djurgarden is an Island located in central Stockholm. It is not large in size, but the number of sights at the display is really impressive. You can easy approach the location by foot, but we also suggest an old fashion trams that are beautifully restored. There are many great museums, historical sights, bars, and restaurants. Djurgarden is the home of the National park of Sweden, an oasis beloved by both locals and tourist.
Djurgarden football club, one of the biggest in Sweden, is founded on this very place. Also, the ABBA Museum opened here recently. This little Island can put to shame many cities when it comes to cultural offer.

2. City Hall

This building is a masterpiece. It is one of the finest examples of romanticism in architecture. It is built from nearly 8 million bricks. The 106 feet high monumental tower is rising from the structure and it is ornamented with Three Crows, a national symbol of Sweden. During the summer, you can climb up the 365 stars and be rewarded with the magnificent view of the city. Over 200 hundred offices and conferences rooms are existing in here. The Nobel Prize banquet is also held in this very building.

3. Vasa Museum

This unusual maritime museum is also situated on Djurgarden Island, but it deserves its own place in this article. It was opened in 1990 and today it is the most visited maritime museum in whole Scandinavia. The central feature of the museum is the Vasa battleship, the only ship from the 17th century that was preserved. 95 percent of the vessel contains original parts, beautifully carved. It sank to the bottom of the sea on its first voyage in 1628 and after 333 years it was completely repaired.
During the year, you can visit 10 different exhibitions that tell the story about the ship. If you are a boat lover, don’t miss out on this.

4. Royal palace

It is one of the largest palaces in Europe and the residence of the Royal Sweden family. It was built on the spot where “Tre Kronor” castle was standing until it was burned down in 1697. Construction of the Palace started in 1700, but almost fifty years had to pass before the first royal residents were able to move in. The Great Northern War was financially exhausting and it prolonged the time needed to finish the palace.
It is open for public and you can visit no more than five museums, among other interesting stuff. History lovers will enjoy the Tre Konor museum where they can learn about the medieval history of the castle. Besides that, you can check out the Treasury where you can see the King’s crown and the scepter.

5. Ericsson Globe

Originally known as Stockholm Globe Arena, Ericsson Globe is the largest spherical structure in the world. Large white building in a shape of a ball dominates the landscape. It is an arena where concerts and ice hockey games are hosted. Many big names in music industry performed at this place. The whole micro-city, named the Globe city, evolved around the Globe. For the fantastic view of the landscape, you can take a ride on the gondola that lifts you up on the top of the 130 meters high Globe.


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