5 Things You Never Knew You Can Do In Vienna

Vienna is beautiful at any season of thee year, wherever you go. However, most of us associate the city with numerous museums, classic music and imperial palaces. And most of the tourist guides will offer you to visit exactly these places. However, it is always fun to visit places and do things that majority of visitors will never do. Probably, you will ask how to find those hidden gems? No worries! We've created for you a unique list of TOP 5 things you never knew you can do in Vienna! Read this article, share with your friends and save it for your next trip!

1. Vienna City Segway Tour

Even though a lot of Vienna's attractions are located close to each other in the old historic city center, it is still too big do explore it on foot, especially if you want to go a bit far from the most popular locations. Bicycles have also become too mainstream, so why not to find something really creative? More and more Vienna's visitors choose a segway as an alternative way to move around the city. For sure, except scenic views and opportunity to reach quickly and easy its attractions, you will get new exciting experience and unforgettable emotions!

2. Waltz Dance Lesson

Waltz have always been and forever will be not just a dance, but a symbol of love and harmony. Why not to learn how to dance it here, in Vienna? There are several reasons for it. Firstly, Vienna is famous for its huge and impressive dancing balls, so the atmosphere of the classic dance is literally everywhere. Secondly, one of the most famous waltzes in the history of music "The Blue Danube Waltz", was written by Johann Strauss II, who was born and lived in Vienna. So... why not to learn some new skills?

3. Austrian Wine Tasting

Austria is well-known in Europe for its fresh and fruity wines. Many of the vineyards are located not far from Vienna, so you can actually visit them. Also a lot of wineries have their stores or representations in the capital city as well, and they will be very welcomed to share with you the history and spirit of wines they produce. For this kind of wine tasting, you don't have to be a professional sommelier, for sure. The only thing you need is a wish to learn and enjoy local wines with hospitable owners or professional wine guides.

4. Danube River Cruise

Everybody have seen Vienna from the land, but not so many saw it from the water! Or you still think that Paris and Venice are the only cities for a boat cruise? Of course, no! If you are in Vienna, don't miss you chance to have a Danube river cruise! There are many options and many kinds of tours - from private to group, shorter and longer, with parties and romantic atmosphere, with bars and dinners, even night cruises that are absolutely magnificent! We promise, it will be Vienna that you will remember till the end of your life!

5. Visit Vienna Christmas Markets

Christmas in Vienna is something absolutely magnificent and breathtaking. Probably, this is one of the most popular destinations in Europe in December, but at the same time, many people don't even know about its activities during a holiday season. Can you just imagine the city glowing with millions of lights, wonderfully decorated, with the smell of cinnamon and mulled wine in the air and with the atmosphere that makes you believe in miracles? Welcome to Christmas Vienna!


Whenever you will start thinking where to go or to which city to travel, choose Vienna! Every time when you visit it, you will discover more and more of its charm, beauty and at the same time - unusual and creative things to do. Even if you stop thinking about places and sites, and will just decide to get lost on its streets, you will be amazed. Have a pleasant trip!


Kate Makogon
Traveler and adventure seeker. Expert in travelling in Europe. Foodie and art lover. Can't stop wondering the beauty of this world.