Hilton Malta

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room (Marina View) 1st Floor
  • Stay Nights : 5 nights 6 days
  • Stay Num : 4 people (2 children)

I was looking for a hotel with a pool and a beach because this trip was mainly for "enjoying the sea and the pool at the resort area". And because it is children with 3 years old and 6 years old, it was necessary to have clean rooms so that they can go back to the room slowly when the children get tired. Hilton was a nice hotel and I thought that it was no doubt so decided here. With breakfast · With Free Wifi and room with terrace. It is very attractive to have a children's pool and playground in addition. 【Official website】 Hilton Malta

Arrived at Hilton Malta Hotel! The hotel's face "Entrance Front"

The hotel's exterior is a light beige and cream building, a beautiful building that blends into the historical cityscape of Malta.

The entrance was a rotating automatic door, but when the wheelchair passed, it was switched to an automatic door.

When entering inside there was a cafe bar in the center which opened wide and there were many seats to sit as lobby.

The reception was able to check in without waiting for 4 or 5 staff members to respond during crowded hours.

There was a concierge desk in the lobby so if you want to hear anything you can listen to anything and explain it carefully. Because I could not communicate in Japanese, I talked in English, but when I do not know how to say I will wait without making a bad face and in some funny English, I managed to understand it somehow. I did not feel inconvenience.

Fortunately, they gave us a welcome gift for children at check-in. The child was delighted that it was Playmobil 's hotel hotel toy. There was also a petit event such as getting something when collecting stamps by going around all the shops in a paper bag as being a stamp rally. When entering the entrance of hotel, the floor with lobby and reception was located on the 5th floor.

Hilton Marta Room What is the deluxe room like?

The moment when I open the door I am excited.

Two rooms with queen size in a room adjusted to cool temperature

There was a TV and a TV stand, and a table on which to put suitcases.

Stand light for desk and chair

There was a coffee table and a couch.

The floor was tiled and the entrance of the terrace was carpeted. The room was beautifully clean and it was beautiful. I felt wider than I thought. Do you feel comfortable in bed?

I put two Queen size beds together so that two children do not fall, and it was very spacious and comfortable to use for sleeping by four people. The mattress was not too soft, too hard to sleep well, because there were a total of 8 pillows, the height adjustment was possible. I think I can sleep soundly. The comforter was a thin thing for the summer, but there was no problem.

Indirect lighting of the pillow was a good feeling.

By the way, the power plug is 230V type G. I need a conversion plug and a transformer, but since there was a USB insertion port in the bedside, I could charge the smartphone.

Hilton Malta Bathroom and Amenities

Integrated bathtub with shower in bathtub

There was a stylish washbasin with a large mirror and a mirror for make-up.

Just a good height toilet is glad for both girls and children.

Since the lever that gives out the water of the shower was a rounded cube type, it was not possible to spin out the hot water easily by sliding it as a hand attached soap, but the shower head is big in Europe and the water pressure is not weak I felt that. Because it was a glass partition, not a shower curtain, I was concerned about scattering water.

There was a power inlet of 115 V, 230 V beside the sink. I wrote Shavers Only, but I used a hair iron. The light was also bright with overall unified feeling color, there was a feeling of cleanliness being cleaned very beautifully. Too much bath towels were prepared too. Amenities

There was a shower cap and a sewing kit with 2 bottles of solid soap with 4 bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body soap and body lotion with a small bottle of about 20 ml.

Conditioner was watery, but otherwise it was usable. Every day when housekeeping entered it filled me up so I used a lot. Toothbrush needs preparation.

Hilton Malta Cafe bar for breaks in your room

One place in the cupboard was a cafe bar.

There was a lot of drinks and sweets and snacks in the small refrigerator. The space to put things that we bought was narrow, and because it was equipped with a sensor, it was impossible to take out or move drinks that were contained. In order to secure space, we only have to consume it.

Instant coffee and tea packs were included in the side door, there was a kettle pot and it was convenient. It replenishes every day as it is lost.

Hilton Malta Closet and Safe Box

There were two closets at the entrance.

There were lots of hangers so that coats and jackets could be put on. There was iron and ironing board and clothes stand.

Safety box is also in it, closed the door, locked by pressing the 4 digit passcode and lock, it was an easy mechanism to unlock by pressing the passcode again. When going out, it worked in packing unnecessary cash, tablet and PC etc. As seen in the picture, there were 2 bathrobes and slippers for adults and children.

Under the TV stand were two drawers so we were able to keep all the clothes there. There was also a dryer in it.

Terrace of Hilton Malta Marina View

Although the terrace is not that wide, we could secure a space to swim swimsuits and floating rings, it was enough for the sunshine in the afternoon to be good and relaxed, with tables and chairs in it.

Although I chose marina view, it was quiet, and I was not get tired of seeing boats and people going and going.

It is not bad to stay here while a child is taking a nap.

It seemed to be designed so that the position of the terrace did not align with the terrace of the next room and I could spend it without worrying about walls and corners.

I was able to see the fireworks that took place on weekends in the direction of Sliema and the capital city of Valletta in the distance. Marina View It is recommended because it will be quite elegant.

Hilton Malta large outdoor pool and kids area

There were four outdoor pools in all and two small pools for babies.

There is a shallow water that can be played even by a small child, and I think that there was about 1.6 m in a deep place. It was not as salty as sea water, but it was salt water.

Parasol and deck chair were placed everywhere on the poolside and there were many, so we could sit somewhere certainly.

Baby pool

The beach towel was borrowed for free, and we could exchange it many times in exchange for the beach towel card received at check-in.

Next to towel rental was placed so that floating rings could be borrowed for free.

There was an area which reminded the sandy beach on the poolside and there was playground equipment for small children.

There was a park inside the hotel also in the side of the pool which was slightly far away, and there was a playground equipment.

Hilton Malta indoor pool and other activities and services are also enhanced

There was a 25 m wide indoor pool on the 4th floor of the hotel.

Other multipurpose facilities were established.

sports gym

Steam Sauna


It is amazing, even to the room.

Some also enjoyed tennis at the outdoor tennis court.

The beach in front of the Hilton Malta hotel

From the poolside to the sea in front of you

There was a doorway on the poolside. There seemed to be not a private beach and some people other than guests.

Since the beach was not a sandy beach and it was a rocky beach, my feet were pretty cluttered. There was a ramp on the slope where I put it in the sea and it was set up. A lot of fish was swimming in a very beautiful ocean with no terrace. There was a person enjoying snorkeling.

Hilton Malta hotel inside restaurant

There were 4 restaurants in the hotel.

The biggest place I had breakfast buffet in Oceana everyday.

The variety is rich, and egg dishes are cooked in front of your favorite style such as fried egg and omelets.

The variety of bread is abundant too and I will get lost. Crepes and waffles can also be baked.

Fruits and yogurt

Hams, sausages, cheeses were also available. I do not have enough stomach.

We have all kinds of drinks and cereals.

There was also a kids buffet.

In the evening I seemed to be able to eat with a different taste from Italian, Spanish, Asian, BBQ etc at every 7th Days buffet every day.

The Thai restaurant BlueElephant was able to eat authentic Thai cuisine.

Fried rice and

Spring roll Yam Kun Sen was really tasty.

There is VISTA in the reception lobby.

You can enjoy coffee, alcohol and sweets.

There was a pool break at the café bar MERKANTI on the poolside and some people eating hamburgers, potatoes and pizza on the poolside during lunch.

There is another MERKANTI in the remote pool as well.

Shops in Hilton Malta hotel

Several shops were lined in the lobby.

It was not a souvenir shop, but a shop related to jewelry shops and apparels that people did not feel comfortable going in and out.

There was also a car counter. Beach sandals, hats, floating rings, etc were on sale at the poolside.

Hilton Maltese night hotel also attractive

The hotel of the night was also attractive light up.

The fountain felt cool in the courtyard on the marina side.

The pool was lit up in blue and the atmosphere was very good. There were a lot of people dinner while watching it on the terrace of the restaurant, and some people were relaxing with a cocktail at the poolside. Pool seems to be over at 18 o'clock when there are no people in it, so we can not swim after that. But since the temperature drops to about 25 degrees, I could spend the night wind very comfortably.

Access to the destination between Hilton Malta airport?

From the airport to the hotel, it took about 40 minutes by bus and I took the TD 2 direct flight and it was possible to go to the bus stop near the hotel with 3 persons for 1 person.

Taxi is always stopped at the roundabout in front of the hotel so you can get on to the destination with a fixed amount. It was a fixed amount of 21 euros in 20 minutes from Hilton to the airport. Although I used the bus to arrive, I used a taxi on the way home because there were large suitcases because I was a child. There is a bus stop 3 minutes walking so I can get to the destination by bus.

Hilton Malta hotel Around

Next to the hotel there was a big casino.

There were a boat rider and a restaurant in the marina and there were Italian and Mediterranean restaurants.

Supermarket within 5 minutes walking distance from hotel

Shopping was convenient because many souvenir shops were lined up. There were lots of tourists walking and there were children, so we did not feel bad. Just a short walk will allow you to take a bus or a taxi, and you can see the cityscape that reminds you of the locality if you walk a little through the back road. There were plenty of people even when walking at night.

Hilton Malta sophisticated staff

Every staff member greeted me very much. There was goods and it corresponded politely.

Anyway I am entertaining children and feel free to talk to. Pirates did balloon art and made me happy.

What is Hilton Marta's guest base?

It was truly a different customer base. Couples, family, girls travel, elderly couple and large family of 3 generations were seen. There were people who used small babies. I felt that a lot of white people are coming from various countries of Europe. A Japanese family also watched several pairs. I felt that this hotel corresponds to various customer base.

Hilton Malta Summary

It was good that we made this hotel as a result of lost various among many resort hotels. Because the main purpose was pool and beach, we were able to play with pool in comfortable every day comfortably. But even in the guest room I could relax on the bed and the terrace and it was good that I slept soundly at night. Thanks to the welcome gift I brought Playmobil's toys to the restaurant and played quietly while waiting. There were restaurants, shops and supermarkets around the hotel, so we were able to make use of it conveniently. Strictly speaking, because the airport is located in the center of the island, it is the same as anything that there is a distance from the resort hotel, but the St. Julian's district where Hilton is located is the capital city of Valletta with tourist attractions and ferries to Comino Island I felt there was a little distance. There is no problem if you can utilize a taxi well if you have a child who can not get on the bus for a long time, but I think whether to understand such a part well. If it is minutes to enjoy resort at hotel, it is hotel of recommendation of great satisfaction hotel.

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