Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels

  • Room Type : Apartment (1 double bed + 2 single beds)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people (2 children)

We decided this trip about 10 days before, so there were no hotels with high quality rooms. I was looking for a flooring room with a kitchen, can walk to sightseeing spots and to have several supermarkets and restaurants near the hotel that seems to be good to go by car and I found out that this hotel had a parking lot. I checked the review on the reservation site and it seems that there is no bad place, and also the price was not expensive either.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Exterior view of the hotel · Entrance · Lobby situation?

The appearance was repainted and it was beautiful.

The entrance was locked and only those who had a card key or a person who entered with the front desks help could enter, so security was good.

The lobby was clean every morning and it was clean, but sometimes the floor was slippery.

People at the front desk were all women.

There was a relaxing sofa in the lobby, and I felt at home.

There was a coffee maker here and you can have coffee at any time.

There were no shops in the hotel, but there was a sightseeing guide stand, discount tickets and guides for sightseeing spots and restaurants.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Room

It was an apartment type room with a kitchen.

When entering the room it was good that there was a front door lobby of 4 tatami mats and a stroller and a suitcase. There were five doors from there, bedroom, living room with kitchen, bathroom, toilet and door of storeroom.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Bedroom

The bedroom had a double bed, a TV, a heater and a fan.

The bed was comfortable with a solid spring. Since it was about 70 cm in height, it was necessary to put a sofa cushion on the floor for when the child fell. The cushion to become a pillow was too soft and did not work well.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Living Room

Next to the bedroom is a living room

The TV was in a slightly high position.

There was a large sofa.

This sofa becomes a single bed. The bed mat was a bit uncomfortable but it was not a problem to sleep in it.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Kitchen and Dining

There is a kitchen in the living room.

Sink, detergent and sponge.

Electric cooktop


Cookware and dishes were placed on the upper cupboard.

Cookware was clean as new. The tableware was also beautiful.

A small refrigerator under the stove. The inside was empty.

Dishwasher. No need to wash the dishes with your hands.

In the drawer were knives, spoons and forks. There was also a detergent of chopping board and dishwasher. It was quite perfect.

There was no instant coffee or tea pack and a pot for coffee drip. Necessary things need to go to a supermarket nearby to buy.

There was also an electric kettle pot.

Dining table. There were two other folded pipe chairs.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Bathroom

There was a shelf where a bathtub with a shower, a sink and a towel was placed.

Since the bathtub was half the glass instead of the shower curtain, I was careful not to splash water. The water pressure of the shower was not that strong, and I felt it would take time to wash off the soap. Also, it was suddenly turned to cold water so the water was unstable.

Amenity was included in the washbasin and a hairdryer was included in the drawer.

Towel amenity for the number of people on the shelf.

There was a conditioner, a solid soap and a body cream on the sink. Conditioner was watery, so it was not easy to use. There was no toothbrush set. I was able to wash my face and body with a solid soap. Body cream was good.

There was shampoo for whole body on the wall of the bathtub.

There was a toilet in a place that was separated from the bathroom.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Closet · Safe · Safe

There were two closets in the bedroom and the living room.

There was a safety box in the shelf only when opening it with a sliding door.

Pressing the 4 digit number pressed LOCK locked, it was a simple thing to release by pressing LOCK after pressing the same 4 digits, but it was useful for keeping valuables when going out.

Living room closet. The door was heavy.

In the entrance lobby there was an iron, ironing board and a cleaning brush.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels View from the room

There was no veranda or terrace in the guest room, but because it was room with a garden view, we could see the courtyard.

There was nobody outside because it was rainy.

I saw dogs being released occasionally. I was able to spend quietly time because I did not face outside. Because there are rooms in the opposite building, it was necessary to always keep the lace curtain closed so that they can not see inside.

There was this courtyard in the center of the building of three hotel.

This area with pebbles was a place for dog walking and for smokers.

You can smoke here.

Breakfast at Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Hotel

There was no restaurant in the hotel, but there was a buffet style breakfast service. The lobby in the morning smelled delicious. It did not get too crowded even at 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock, so I felt that I could sit down calmly.

I think that it is a light breakfast rather than a full breakfast.

You can also choose breads.


Boiled egg

Sausage and ham

Also grinding coffee. It was 14 euros per meal.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Hotel surroundings Environment and shopping

Sometimes called an apartment hotel, it was saved when there was a supermarket where you can do shopping. Several shops were lined up to surround Sainte-Catherine square in front of the hotel.

There was a supermarket of organic specialty shop called Farm so I was able to purchase breakfast there.

Bakery, dairy products, vegetables were all organic.

Because there is a DELI corner, you can also choose ham, cheese, quiche and sandwiches.

There are several other restaurants, and you can also eat at a restaurant near the hotel after sightseeing. There were also a homeless people who were going through garbage in the plaza, but there were also guards, but there were local people walking with their children, some tourists pulled suitcases, so if you are careful, the town is not bad.

Citadines Saint Catherine How to get to and from the airport to Brussels Airport?

There is no hotel shuttle so taxis are convenient from the airport. Public transportation is troublesome as I need to change tram and metro. Because we went by car we needed parking lot.

The hotel has its own parking lot. However, we could not use it at this time. I used a parking lot called Q-PARK nearby. Access to sightseeing spot, I think whether walking will be the main. It is less than 10 minutes on foot from the hotel to the Grand Place which is the center, and from there it was easy to go to the shopping mall and each sightseeing spot. Of course buses and trams were running, but I did not use it because it was at a distance that I could walk around.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Staff

The reception staff, the people who passed each other gave a greeting properly, and the elevator was a polite response to give priority to the guests. I was spoken to in French, but I spoke in English.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Guests' guest base

I felt that there are many Chinese in general, but I also saw white people. Most seem to be families with small children. There were businessmen and elderly couple who stayed for a long time, so we felt that the customer base was various. There didn’t seem to be many couples staying.

Citadines Saint Catherine Brussels Summary

It was a nice hotel. Apartment type hotel with kitchen to travel in small city of Brussels was very convenient. For small children, it was nice to be able to wash dishes in the kitchen. We purchased food at organic supermarket, we had a light breakfast and went to sightseeing, and we also enjoyed shopping for other organic products.

Because there is a Metro station in Sainte-Catherine square in front of the hotel, we can take the metro to the Royal Palace of Brussels which is the most distant tourist attraction at 3 stations. Also, it will be very lively because Christmas market is held in this square every year during Christmas season. Because the inside of the hotel was clean, it was a satisfying journey. It was a pity that the parking lot could not be used. I recommend this hotel if you are only staying for sightseeing during the day and to rest at night.

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