1969 Blue Sky Hotel

  • Room Type : Twin room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

The reason I picked this hotel is because it is in the center of the Old Town and within walking distance from the station, but I was also interested in the wall of the old trunks of this hotel which is being said instagrammy, as it always comes out on the first page when you search "Taichung" on the internet. The hotel is also close to another instagrammy spot "Miyahara Ophthalmology", historic sites such as the old city hall and the performance hall, beautiful Taichung Park, night market. The bus which go to Taiwan Museum of Art and Taiwan State Opera House are frequently going from the bus stops nearby, so that is also why I decided to stay here.

Exterior, entrance, and reception of the hotel

This hotel was opened in 1969, but as a result of being renovated in 2016 for “Taichung of Art” Taichung movement, it is attracting a lot of attentions on Instagram. When opening the heavy door, it felt like a time travel for a moment, with the walls with classic trunks stacked and old-fashioned chandeliers and a retro elevator. Each trunk was tagged with the owner 's name tagged one by one. The hotel which makes you to take pictures before checking in, it is Blue Sky Hotel.

Hotel exterior

The surrounding buildings are almost same height as this hotel.

Hotel entrance. The door was heavy.

A famous trunk wall you will see on the right side when you enter the hotel.

Is there something like a control board behind the front desk?

Twin room

The ceiling is made of rough concrete, the saddle of the old bicycle is attached on the mirror, the trash box is made of tin, the interior light is also old-fashioned, classic phone was on the bed side table in between the semi-double bed. At first I was surprised at the those design, but it was surprisingly cozy. The bed was not too hard and I was able to get a comfortable sleep. I am grateful that I could relax in a romantic retro room.

I check-in at the front desk and headed to the room. An old-fashioned elevator.

The corridor is also calm.

The entrance of the room.

It is the door of the room. The left is a bathroom. The grid pattern is beautiful.

Room with twin beds

There is a nostalgic push-type phone on the table between the beds.

A saddle of a bicycle was for some reason on the mirror.

The interior light is also old-fashioned.

As I saw the plants in the back of the wooden window behind the room, I thought "Is there a terrace?", But that was the landing area of ​​the emergency staircase. I could see the cityscape a little from the emergency staircase. Probably I think that the opposite room is Street View. This is the only shame part of the hotel, but since it is a hotel in the city, there is no terrace, I think that I can not help it. However, it is certain that they try to entertain customers by putting the houseplant in the landing area of ​​the emergency staircase.


There was not bathtub, but there was stylish shower room covered with glass. The size of the shower room was adequate, and there was a relaxing feeling and enough space for washing your body. Also, since the shower room was made tightly closed space, there was no water leakage to the toilet after showering. The water pressure of the shower was strong enough. There was enough room between the toilet and the washbasin, and I could move around without problem.

shower room

A glass-covered shower room (with beautiful floor pattern) next to toilet bowl with washlet function.

Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, soap, comb, razor, hair cap, hair band, cotton swab, hair dryer etc were there which were all necessary. Among them, the comb, the razor, the swab, the hair cap, and the hair band were in a fancy box. When I took towels close to my face, it smelled very nice. It is normal to have two bath towels and two face towels, but there were two foot matting mats at this hotel.

A stylish box with shower cap and razor etc included.

Closet and safety deposit box

Although I could use the safety deposit box without problems, it was disappointing because there was no closet. It seems to be difficult to arrange closets from the size of the room. Perhaps there is a closet in twin rooms or larger rooms.

In-room coffee

There was bottles of water, instant coffee and tea bags. I boiled hot water with the kettle. There is no special impression regarding the taste as it was instant one, but I thought it would be great if they had oolong tea as well.

Restaurants in the hotel

The restaurant was on the third floor only opens for breakfast. There are wide variety of dishes from fruits, salads, vegetable, meat, egg, fried noodles, rice porridge, Chinese buns, soup. and so on. Everything was delicious and you could enjoy it in a calm atmosphere.

Breakfast-only restaurant


Soup and porridge

Juice, coffee, tea

Salads and fruits

Hotel surroundings

The hotel is located in the old city area of ​​Taichung, so banks and office buildings line up in the surroundings, but no skyscraper. In addition to fancy cafés and restaurants, there are also small shops and souvenirs that have been open since a long time, and it was somewhat calming atmosphere.

The Yanagawa waterway, Green River and Taichung Park are also within walking distance, and they are beautiful with illumination deco in the evening. Sightseeing spots such as Old Taichun Station which is going to be open as a railway museum, Old City Hall, Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center and Taichung Literature Museum are within walking distance. Also, if you go a bit farther, you can also get to Yi Zhong street night market and Zhongxiao night market. The bus going to the Taiwan Museum of Art, State Opera House, and Calligraphy Greenway are also frequently go from the bus stop nearby.

Staff & Customers

I did not feel any problem with communicating with the staff. They were polite and kind. When I asked them about the road, they responded sincerely with a sightseeing map. The explanation about the breakfast and the restaurant were also smooth.

People staying at this hotel seem to be mostly Taiwanese businessmen and middle aged Taiwanese tourists, along with Japanese tourists. As it was a weekday, I did not see family group with children.


It is about 10 minutes on foot from Taichung Station. You can walk to there if it’s not too hot. If you want to take a taxi, we can get there with the minimum charge. In terms of public security of the area, you don’t need to worry about it. You can walk to the hotel from the station even if you arrive at night. If you arrive at Taichung by high-speed railway, please take a regular train from Xinwuri station, Taiwan railway. You will arrive at Taichung Station in 10 minutes.


Overall, the stay at this hotel was good. There are so many positive parts to list up ; a romantic room with retro design, sleeping in a comfortable bed, tasty breakfast rich in variety, heartwarming staff, the access from the station to the hotel was easy and convenient, the location close to the sightseeing spots in the old city area, easy access to the new urban area by bus, beautiful illumination deco in Yanagawa and Green River, and so on.

I’d like to visit Taichun, the city of art, and I want to stay at Blue Sky Hotel again. When it happens, I would like to visit the Rainbow village and Gaomei Wetlands in the suburbs.

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