Ace Hotel Portland

  • Room Type : Standard back
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

"Ace Hotel Portland" is a hotel which refurbished the historic Clyde Hotel built in 1912. Portland is the home base for ACE HOTEL which is deployed in several places (Originally Seattle) I was interested and wanted to stay someday. Portland is a small town and public transportation is also well established in the US, so it's easy to go sightseeing. This hotel is located in the center of downtown and there are plenty of places to walk around and the location is pretty good. In addition, we were able to stay this time because the price was more reasonable then expected. Let me show you what it was like staying here.

Exterior of hotel and atmosphere in hotel

The appearance is similar to the cityscape and it is not particularly noticeable, so it was a bit difficult to find it when passing by it by car.

The entrance lobby is a stylish interior that is often featured in magazines and internet articles, and tI got excited the moment I saw it.

It is crowded with people reading newspaper with coffee from the morning and those who are doing personal computers. The front desk is small, but the staff was very kind and gave me a cozy feeling. At the reception, the amenities for the guest rooms were sold.

There is a bicycle that can be rented in front of the elevator.

Wall art is drawn everywhere in the hotel and it is cute.

Corridor heading to the room


This is the door to the guest room.

When I checked in and entered the room, I noticed that a freshly made welcome sweets was made by a local shop was placed. It was very delicious.

Interior was casual feeling and ACE HOTEL seems to be a hotel with a warm atmosphere with a handmade feeling. Cleaning was also thorough and I could spend comfortably because I was not bothered with the surrounding sounds. It is wonderful to see that they gave attention to every small item they put in the room.

Portrait Ottoman characters and deer motifs were pretty and I was excited to see the character of a dear. Bedding seems to be committed, and it was quite comfortable. The day I stayed was very cold, but the blanket was fluffy so I could sleep warmly.

There is a picture post card of ACE HOTEL Portland and I took it home with me as a souvenir.  

There was a magazine rack with local character of PDX written on it. There was a closet, with several hangers and a towel rack. A small safety box was also placed there.


The room that we stayed in was the type with only a shower room. There was no problem with the water pressure and the temperature. The room was with pure white with clean tiles.

The shower and the toilet was not separated by walls and curtains, but the floor of the shower part was a little low and I was able to feel ingenuity without leaking to the outside.

The fragrance of shampoo which is put in amenity was good. All can be purchased in the lobby. In addition to the small shampoo, rinse, soap, cotton, swab, and earplug were in the glass jar! It seems that ingenuity has been made so that people who care about sounds can rest during their relaxing time. Towels were also different in size and small sixes were available. It is very fashionable to have jars and towels on a movable table. Also, there was a comfortable bathrobe as well.

Rooms Cafe bar

There was instant coffee and electric kettle. There were alcohols, snacks, spicy ramen etc in the paid rack. Because there are times when you want to eat ramen noodles at overseas travel destination, this was a very good selection.

There are also a lot of drinks in the refrigerator.

Workspace in hotel

There was a working space on the 2nd floor.

There is a rack with magazines arranged.

Breakfast at the café adjacent to the hotel

There is a famous coffee shop in Portland called "Stamptown Coffee" which is a cafe adjacent to the hotel.

The coffee was very tasty. The inside of the shop is small but you can take it out and drink it slowly in the lobby or in the guest room.

The bagels, danish and muffins look delicious.

They also sell simple snacks, so it seems like more people get breakfast here.

Around the hotel

In the surroundings of the hotel, there is a CVS, a Starbucks,  restaurants, cafés and fashionable select shops, so everything nearby so you don't have to spend too much time walking.

The famous stamptown coffee is adjacent, and the famous bookstore POWELL'S BOOKS is also a short walk away. Especially since there are plenty of cute shops with interior goods and accessories, I think that you can enjoy yourself only by walking around the hotel. The town seemed safe since it is the center of the city, but there were also many people who seemed a little different. If you keep in mind that you are in the United States and stay alert at all times, it seems pretty safe even for a woman to walk alone in the streets.  


We rented a car so we went by car. I think Portland can be reached by train, etc. because public transportation is well developed, but from the airport I think that it is easier to go by taxi or Uber. It is approximately 30 minutes by car. The hotel is located in the center of downtown and it is in a good location so you can access the spots you want to shop and go for anything. It might be a good idea to take a bicycle available at the hotel.

Staff & Customers

The staff of the hotel was kind, bright and friendly to everyone. It is safe that you can feel free to ask if there is any question. 1 to 2 people corresponded to the front desk at all times. I felt that there were many guests who were staying with one or two people. I did not see many families.


I am glad that I was able to stay at theACE HOTEL. This hotel is a rather unusual type of hotel, so if you are looking for perfect service or a luxurious atmosphere, this hotel is not for you. However, I felt that it was a very creative and warm hotel with a solid rooted in that area. The hotel was not made perfectly with corridor being squeaky, windows draft winds blocked with homemade weights, etc. The feeling that is friendly and handcrafted is interesting. There were lots of new discoveries that I made, and there were various gadgets in the hotel that excited me.

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