ACEA Subic Bay

  • Room Type : Deluxe Sea View Room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

I stayed at "ACEA Subic Bay" because it is the best place to spend with children with affordable price. There are many famous islands such as Cebu Island in the Philippines, but there are many other beautiful beaches you can go by car or taxi (without using airplane) from the Luzon Island where the capital Manila is located. This time, I went to the place called "Subic" located 140 kilometers northwest of the center of Manila, about 2 hours 45 minutes by car, where it was originally a naval port, surrounded by the sea and the mountains. It was on the beach and the accommodation cost was affordable because it was affordable price with $350 for 2 nights and 3 days(2 adults and 1 child, including breakfast), so we decided to stay this hotel.

Exterior, entrance ,and reception of the hotel

Sign in front of the entrance

There are about 4 buildings in the premises, but all are 2 stories by the beach. Front and restaurant are in the same building, and overall it looks like a small village.

Hotel exterior

The way to the hotel's front desk.

There was a fountain in the roundabout in front of the entrance.

Main entrance

The main entrance seen from inside the hotel

The inside of the hotel seen from the main entrance. There is a restaurant when you pass the lobby, and you can see the beach beyond. When entering the entrance, the scenery seen through the glass was nice and it felt open.

I entered the main entrance and there was a front desk on the right hand side.

In the lobby, there was also water server for guests to drink freely.


accommodation buildings

Accommodation building corridor

Deluxe Seaview Room Rooms

Room entrance door

The room and furniture was a bit old and broken (where the faucet was rattled loose or disappeared) and it was a little disappointing, however, you can see the beach in front of the room, and it was convenient coming back to room for changing clothes or having lunch (no necessary to use elevators).

The bed was very spacious and comfortable. There were two beds and we could put them together, so even though we had children it was enough space.

There was a TV, a desk (dresser) and a chair in front of the bed.

Beaches and swimming pools in front of me, mountains and big boats on the other side of the beach, it was a very nice view. Not only from the room but also from the hotel restaurant you can enjoy a similar view, and I thought this beautiful scenery covers any negative parts of the facilities. As there is an airport just beside, it was exciting that you can see the powerful scenery of a plane taking off / landing just there once in a few hours.

There were only beaches and mountains in front of us, there were no buildings or buildings to block the sunset, and we could see a wonderful sunset everyday. Apart from restaurants, rooms and poolside have seats so that you can enjoy sunset while relaxing.


There was no bathtub in bathroom, it was only shower room, but usability was good with reasonable size. The equipment was also antique and fashionable, but somewhat old or maintenance is not perfect. The screws were loose or dislocated (I was able to fix it soon though). There was a bathroom, a shower room on the left, a wash basin in the front and a toilet on the right.

Shower room

There is a chair made of stone in the shower room and it is very convenient when entering the bath with a small child because you can sit on it.

The water pressure of the shower was not too weak , it was just right pressure. The hot water was also warm and comfortable. However, there were incompleteness such as the shower holder is loose, not being fixed when hooked.

wash basin

Amenity was prepared on the sink. There were toothbrush, tissue, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and only body soap was soap. If you get used to traveling, there may be no problem even if some amenities are missing, but in the case of your first overseas trip, you may feel it's not enough.

Towels did not have hand towels and face towels, only bath towels were prepared.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was a closet on the right after entering the room.

When opening the door of the closet the electricity turns on, and it was easy to use. In the closet, there was a hanger, a bathrobe and a safety deposit box.

There was a storage shelf under the safety box.

Safety box is a type that sets 4 to 6 pin security codes and I could use without problems.

Inside the safety box

Mini bar / In-room coffee

There was a coffee set next to the desk. There were an electric kettle, cups, glasses, instant coffee and tea bags. In addition, we were able to have free water for everyone in the morning.

There was a refrigerator under the cafe corner.

There was nothing in the refrigerator, it was convenient to cool fruits and drinks that we brought. Since snacks such as drinks and snacks are not prepared, it is necessary to bring in before checking in.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

Because there is only one restaurant, all meals can be enjoyed at this restaurant.

There are plenty of seats in the restaurant.

Besides the sofa seats, there is also terrace seats.

All meals were buffet style.

Guests can enjoy international cuisine. For example, Philippine cuisine for lunch, and Italian and Mongolian dishes for dinner.

Because you can order à la carte menu, it was a restaurant where people who do not need much amount of food can also enjoy.

Inside the store

Meals at the Morning Buffet

Philippine cuisine pinakubet (vegetable stewed dish)

Philippine cuisine chicken adobos

Scenery from the restaurant

On the poolside, there is a store that sells simple meals and drinks. They were also renting towels for free. Because the shop in the hotel is only here and no shops in the area around the hotel within walking distance, I thought that it would be good if the shops had more items. It may be better to bring necessary items from home in advance.

Facilities in the hotel

There was pools in the hotel, with different depths that can be enjoyed for both adults and children. The watchdog is also resident and they are paying attention to those who are in danger of doing anything even a little, and it was a swimming pool that we can swim with peace of mind.

The pool was an infinity pool, there were plenty of people taking pictures at an angle together with the beach that spreads beyond the pool, and it was a very nice landscape pool.

There was also a playground equipped, and kids in any age group can play for a long time.

In the evening, the pool was lighted up and many people were swimming in the pool until around 7-8 PM. No loud music was played, so I was able to spend time quietly in the evening.

The beach was spreading in front of the hotel. It is not a surprisingly transparent ocean because of the sea close to the industrial area, but it was a beach that transparent 2 meters below, without garbage, and less waves.

The sandy beach is white with crabs, coral, and stone, so for small children have various discoveries. It was a beach that kids can play without getting bored. Also, because Subic has a US Naval Base, tankers standing in front of the eyes and tankers anchored on the other side have created interesting scenery.

There was a gym in hotel, too.

There was also a spacious playroom where children can play.

Air conditioning was working in play room. It was blessing to have facilities to let children play other than the pool and the beach.

There was also a trampoline in the playroom.

Hotel surroundings environment

When entering the resort area, you will be able to spend peacefully because you enter the inspection by the security guard man. It was a good environment because it is not a place where local jeepneys and random people can enters. When you go by a short drive, you will find places to enjoy at nearby leisure facilities called Inflatable Island (14 kilometers from the hotel by car, around 30 minutes) and I think that it is a place where you can enjoy extraordinary life compared to the noisy city.

Inflatable Island

Staff & Customers

The staff was nice, smart, and felt good. However, I got the impression that the operation did not go so well. The room cleaning staff didn’t come soon when I asked, the phone call to the front desk didn’t work, the key card didn’t work and I was locked out of the room, the drink I ordered didn’t come…there are many staff for sure but somehow these kind of thing didn’t work very smoothly.

There were few couples, most of the guest are families with children from 3 years old to about elementary school students. Rich Filipino people and Western family are there, not so many Asians from China, South Korea, and Japan. The triathlon race was held on the beach here from the next day I stayed, so there was some young athlete participating in the competition.


It is approximately three hours by car from Manila to Subic. There are not many shops because there are airport and military facilities around the hotel, but it is a perfect place to spend quietly and relaxingly. There was a mall and a shop in a distance of about 10 minutes if there was a car. Since there are no shops nearby, it is necessary to purchase necessary items before entering the resort if you need. Unfortunately there are no shops within walking distance of shopping, so it is a bit inconvenient but Subic is where you enjoy the beach rather than enjoying shoppings.


Overall, there were several parts where various kinds of management were not fully adequate, but there was a superb view spreading from the room and the restaurant. The location of the beach and the pool was good, the resort area not so crowded, the personality of the staff was good. Especially for children, even though I did not do anything else on the day, it was a place we could enjoy enough with the beach, pool, play facilities etc. Also, with a short drive from this hotel, Dinosaur Land (the dinosaur theme park) is also available, which is also recommended as a place to enjoy North Manila. If you are in Manila but no plan to going to Cebu or Boracay Island but still want to go to some resort, I would definitely want you to experience the wonder of the Philippine Sea here in Subic at this hotel.

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