Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit By Compass Hospitality

  • Room Type : Superior Studio
  • Stay Nights : 10 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

"Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit By Compass Hospitality" was chosen because it is a serviced apartment hotel (with washing machine etc) and that we can stay at the corporate rate. I have been staying at a hotel so far since this year and stayed at a hotel until now but in the course of a business trip for 2 weeks to 3 weeks I am staying in Thailand, I felt very inconvenient. When I asked a member who is going on a business trip earlier than me, I decided on this lodging because Adelphi here is a serviced apartment hotel, I signed a contract as a company and was able to stay at the corporate rate .

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

Hotel exterior. The hotel is located a bit back from the main street, and it is slightly bad access to a convenience store a little. Although it is a single road from the main street, I feel a bit dark at night.

There was parking lot inside hotel premises.


It looks like I saw the lobby from outside the hotel. The lobby is large, very clean and has a calm atmosphere. If you have time, you can spend your time watching TV in the lobby.

Correspondence of front desk staff was good, if there was any troubles, it was saved because we heard properly in poor English.

Front Floor Elevator Hall

There was a sofa and a table in front of the elevator.

Elevator Inner floor button panel

Room of Superior Studio?

The rooms were very spacious and clean. However, although it tends to be in overseas hotels, even if all the electricity is turned on, I feel dark at night. Thailand is hardly cloudy and sunny during the day, so it is bright enough without electricity, but inside the room is very hot when the curtain is fully opened. The air conditioner works well, but it is a bit too effective, so turn it on until you go to bed and turn it off when you go to bed is just right.

The bed was as big as a queen size, and it was a bit too wide impression for sleeping alone. Bed is stiff and comfortable is not bad. It was a bit disappointing that there was almost no power supply around the bed.

There was a desk and a chair at the opposite side of the bed and window. There was a baggage rack next to it.

There was a sofa and a table next to the bed.

The view from the room is not very good, as there are several similarly sized buildings nearby. As it is a hotel close to business trips, I think that it is a very easy-to-use hotel if people who do not care about view etc. are used.

Depending on the location of the room, there was another hotel (condominium?) Right next door, so I think that there are people who have resistance to open the curtains open.

I saw the pool of the hotel when looking down.


There was bathtub in bathroom, too. There was a washbasin and a toilet from the front left of the bathroom and there was a bathtub in the back. They do cleaning everyday and, of course, replaced the towels.

The bathtub was large enough. The water pressure was not good on the 12th floor where my room is located, which is the characteristic of the hotel. However, according to the Japanese who stayed on the floor below the 10th floor the water pressure seemed to be good. Shower had convenient shower and two types of shower from directly above and was convenient.

There was amenity on the sink. Amenity was shampoo, rinse, body soap, soap (solid), shaving suite, toothbrush set, shower cap, disposable earpick. Body soap, bubble location is bad, so it may be better to bring it. Shaving and toothbrush are comparable to those of Japan, but earpick was made very soft.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was a closet on the left just into the room. The door of the closet is a mirror.

The top of the closet was also a storage space.

The closet was not very big. In the closet there was also a bathrobe, slippers and a safety deposit box. Because only 4 hangers (2 of which are bathrobes hanging up), it felt like less.

There was a storage shelf in the lower part of the closet.

I did not use a safety box, but it was a common type of setting a 4 digit PIN.

Inside the safety box


In the room there was a kitchenette with IH cooking heater (2 mouth), sink and so on. Electric kettle, instant coffee etc. were also prepared. Although I was staying at work, the best thing was that the washing machine was on. I felt it was a very nice hotel for a business traveler with drum type washing machine.

A microwave oven and a refrigerator were also installed. Beer and juice sold in Japan, juice, water etc were there as minibar, but it is cheaper to buy by myself.

Restaurants in the hotel

On the fourth floor there was a restaurant called "Cafe Grande".

There were seats for about 50 people and sofa seats.

There were outdoor seats in the restaurant. Indoor smoking is prohibited, but smoking was possible in outdoor seating.

I used it at breakfast. Breakfast is buffet style.

Various dishes line up, but fried eggs at the request, omelets etc. are made on the spot.

The restaurant staff was very helpful.

salad bar

White rice, Japanese miso soup, natto, seaweed rolls, etc. for Japanese were also available, so even those who can not eat Thai food seemed to be OK.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a pool on the 4th floor. Although it is not used, it was very wide and there was no ceiling so it was an open atmosphere. There is lending of towels, so it is saved. It was lit up until 9 o'clock in the evening, but I did not see anyone using the pool at night.

On the poolside, parasols and deck chairs are available. Also, since I can read books (there are many Japanese) freely, I thought that it was good to use it when I wanted to relax.

There was fitness center on 4th floor.

In the hotel lobby there was a computer that guests could use and there was a business center.

There seems to be a conference room in the hotel.

Hotel surroundings environment

From the hotel to the main street is about a few minutes on foot, but there is also a tuk tuk service to the main street. It will take about 5 to 7 minutes to Phrom Phong station, but the access is good and there is no hesitation. There are many duty free shops and restaurants in the place of Em Quiti directly connected with Phrom Phong Station, and the facilities are also substantial enough to spend the day there. Also, from Phrom Phong station you can access weekend market without changing trains. Regarding meals, besides M. quotie, there are many Japanese restaurants and Thai restaurants for Japanese, so it seems to be a very easy environment for Japanese people.

Staff & Customers

The hotel staff was nice and did not do things like getting a tip. Even so, I got a firm cleaning and I am thankful very much (Of course I handed the tip). I felt that the correspondence of the front was also firm and I felt it was kind to the Japanese partner, so I think that it can be used without problems. I can hardly communicate with Japanese, but I can communicate in English. Even if English is not fluent it will hear properly, so there was no inconvenience caused by not being able to speak Japanese.

The customer base is an impression that there were a lot of business travelers and older people. Because it is not for tourists for the location, I think that it will probably be the person who came mostly at work. Foreigners did not look like a business trip, but foreign guests had little impression. I think that it is almost Japanese.


From the airport it will take about 40 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes by car. In the evening, traffic jams become severe and it takes time. If you are a car dispatch service, you can specify the location by pinpoint so you can carry it without saying anything to the hotel entrance. Taxis to be booked at the airport can also be understood by saying the place. There is a shopping mall called Em Quortier in Phrom Phong which is convenient. It is like an aeon mall in Japan, not only expensive brands, but also food area, so it is possible to cover all with Em Quiti alone. Because it is about 10 minutes on foot from hotel, access is good. M – quotier can also duty free, so you can also buy a duty – free item.


It was nice to stay at this hotel. Although I came by business trip, washing which becomes the most troubles, washing troubled never because washing machine was equipped. Since meals (breakfast) and Japanese were okay seasoned, there is no stress on meals. Because the inside of the hotel and the guest room are equipped with WiFi, it is convenient because it is possible to investigate the plan of how to spend sightseeing destination and Saturdays and Sundays on the internet. Also, it was a good hotel to want to stay at this hotel on my next business trip.

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