Advanaya Residence

  • Room Type : City View Queen Suite Twin Room
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

I chose "Advohaya Residence" because it has a pool, a round-trip transfer from the airport, etc. and that the rooms are not too narrow. It was a tropical southern country journey, so I first looked for a place with a pool. In that case, it was not too big, it was not too small, we prioritized the sense of size that we thought comfortable. Next, because it was a trip with elderly parents, it was also a point that there was a roundtrip from the airport and regular mobility services so that it would not be impossible for the heat and unfamiliar land. Finally, since it was a three person journey, the space of the room surprisingly becomes a neck when 3 beds are reached. Even if there are three beds, we found that there is room in space and chose this hotel.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

The street in front of the hotel. There seems to be an area in the middle of development. The road in the center of the city is asphalt paved, but the street the hotel is facing was still a road of the earth. However, I have no impression of being scary. On the same street there were several petit hotels with a similar atmosphere.

Hotel exterior. It was a dry season when I visited, but I do not feel like a sand, I feel impressed with the care. Early in the morning, I was wash the car for the pickup.


Lobby, front desk appearance

State of the lobby

Ceiling fans were also installed in the lobby.

There were games such as Othello and Genga on the table in the lobby.

front desk

I got a welcome drink, too.

There were two personal computers installed in the lobby. In addition, a tank of mineral water was prepared for replenishment, it was able to use properly as cold water and hot water.

There was a staircase in the back of the front desk. There is no elevator in the building, so there are stairs up and down to the pool and breakfast venue.

Stairs to the room

When going up to the guest room on the stairs, tables and chairs were set up in the hallway.

Room guide sign

City View Queen Suite Twin Room

Room entrance door

When entering the room, there was a card key slot immediately on the right hand side.

Rooms, bathrooms and toilets were all spacious. Bed linen and towels are clean every day and are comfortable. However, usability is a bit inconvenient. For example, it is the impression that it is more comfortable if there is no clock, the ringing sound of the installed phone is surprisingly surprised, and there are improvements in details. The air conditioner was fitted with Daikin 's one.

The bed was two double size beds and one single size single bed. The comfort was good. Two soft pillows and one cushion were prepared.

There was a telephone, a memo set, and a television program guide on the bedside table. However, the TV program guide was not counted on.

There was a table and two chairs at the foot of the bed.

There was a TV set opposite the bed. There was a desk and a chair under the television, and there was a closet beside it.

There was a cafe corner on the desk.

A view of the room seen from the window side

Room windows

View from the room

There is no veranda etc in the guest room, but when leaving the room, tables and chairs were prepared in the common part of the landing. From here you can see the pool and the terrace of the breakfast venue. You can see crowdedness in advance. I think that it was good to be able to check the congestion situation beforehand. It seems to be able to smoke cigarettes. Strong sunlight is inserted during the day, but in the night the wind is out of the space, it was comfortable.


There was a bathtub and shower space on the right side of the sink and a toilet on the left side.

There is a bathtub large enough to hold your feet firmly. However, there is considerable height from the floor, so caution is necessary when entering and leaving. There was no slip mat. The temperature control is also comfortable, and the water pressure of Curran is perfect. However, switching to the shower feels weakness.

There was a fixed rain shower in front of the bathtub. Even with plenty of hot water, it was comfortable without having to run out of hot water. Even if three people continued to use it, hot water continued to run without problems.

A shampoo and a body soap were prepared on the shelf in the shower space. Basically, I used what I brought, but the shower gel has a sweet scent of southern country style.

There was also a hair dryer.

The toilet is washed with water. In the restaurant in the city, there was also a place that throws paper in the garbage box next to it because it causes causes.

Vanity top

Soap was prepared on the sink.

Amenity was also on the washbasin. Amenity had toothbrush with toothpaste, cotton swab, shower cap, comb.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was a closet beside the desk.

In the closet there was a bathrobe, slippers and a safety deposit box. Half the shelves, there was enough storage space. The other half was able to store things with a length, so I was able to backpack as well.

Safety boxes were of a common type that sets the PIN.

The staff explained to us to use the safety box from the time we were first introduced to the room.

Mini bar / cafe

There was also a cafe corner. At the cafe corner, there were an electric kettle, two coffee cups and two glasses, instant coffee and tea bags. Electric kettle is very hot on the side, so you need to be careful when using it. A large PET bottle is charged for water, but a small PET bottle prepared for the number of people is free. There was explanation to replenish from the water server at the front, if not to use. In addition, there were also nuts etc for a fee.

A small refrigerator was also installed.

In the refrigerator, beer, carbonated drinks and mineral water were provided for a fee.

Minibar price list

Restaurants in the hotel

On the 2nd floor (1st floor in the field), there is a restaurant "Advaya Café".

Guest room Restaurant seen from the front corridor (2nd floor part)

We had breakfast here, but we can use it for lunch and dinner as well. When it is troublesome to get out of town, it is very useful. We had Khmer dish recommended by the staff, but it was delicious. Western cuisine was also prepared.

Pan corner

Fruit corner

Drink corner

Although it is a buffet type, you can order a warm cuisine by checking this form. You can choose from two egg dishes, noodles, rice porridge, pancake and so on.


Egg dish



Facilities and services in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool about 3 m by 5 m in size. It can be used from morning till 10 pm. Eating and drinking prohibition, no trapping. Depending on the location, depth is different, so you need attention. The deep part seems to be over 2 meters.

There was a sunshade and a deck chair on the poolside. Bath towels were also available.

As I lay down I looked at the sky and enjoyed the way clouds flowed. The swimming pool also has a toilet and shower facilities.

Because there is a pool to be surrounded by the building of the guest room, we can not see the sunset. Temperatures are high during the day, sunshine is strong, so the pool at night is the best in the body tired from walks. I feel refreshed. As I looked up, there was a slightly starry sky. Whether there were many guests going out in the evening, we were able to use the pool all the time in a state reserved for a long time. It was in November that it was not yet busy. The pool's jet bus seems to stop unless there are customers. When I used the pool, I immediately switched on and I was able to feel a detailed response.

There were two Mac desktops in the lobby, and also printed.

You can receive a spa menu of the massage shop tied up with the hotel in the room.

You can also apply for various ruins tours at the hotel.

There was also a bicycle lending service at the hotel. There is also a laundry service in addition to 3 dollars per kilometer. It was convenient to put together the casual clothes in a bag and put it in the bag, how to put it out.

Hotel surroundings environment

I saw a state of development in progress. The road is not asphalt paved. There was a building in the middle of building just next door, and the sound of construction sounded in the morning. There is no problem during the day, but attention is needed at night. Because there are no street lights and no traffic lights, we recommend traveling by car or tuk-tuk. There are no eateries in the vicinity. There is a facility teaching yoga seriously across the street. Tourists who brought a mattress from early morning were participating.

Street in front of hotel

Siem Reap River

Staff & Customers

Overall it is a nice staff. Everyone, I am smiling. There is nothing to be squeezed, and honest correspondence can be likable. When I saw the morning sun of Angkor Wat, I left the accommodation at 4:30. The staff was waiting at the reception and made me have breakfast. I interacted in English so I do not know if there are staff members who can communicate in Japanese. However, because I speak slowly, I do not think I will not make a bad face even if asking patiently.

I asked in the dry season of November, but there are many elderly couples in the customer base. There seems to be about 20 rooms in the whole hotel, so it was never noisy. There are also many elderly people, but it is a relaxing atmosphere. I often saw scenes chatting happily with the staff. I was told that there are many Japanese guests, but there was not anything to see during my stay.


It took about 20 minutes by car from Siem Reap Airport, it took about 30 minutes by tuk tuk. There are no restaurants in the surroundings, but there was a small shop in front of us and there were snacks and cup noodles. There are daily necessities and tobacco, too, and usability was good. If you use tuk-tuk for movement, I think security is not a problem, but I am worried about walking at night. There is no street light, there is no traffic light. If you go to pub streets where souvenir shops and restaurants are lining up, it seems that it is a rough guide of about 5 minutes by tuk tuk and 2 daily one way. I think that it took 20 to 30 minutes by car to Angkor Wat. It was about 50 dollars at the sightseeing course called the small turning route which asked the hotel.

A shop located across the hotel

Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles (IKTT: Khmer Traditional Textile Research Institute)


It was good to stay at this hotel. The meal was also delicious. Apart from salads and fruits prepared in a buffet style, we prepare hot dishes separately every time. You can choose from two egg dishes, noodles, rice porridge, pancake and so on. Although we had breakfast opportunity 3 times during my stay, the seasoning was delicately different every time. Probably, I think that it depends on the person in charge of cooking. Well, that place is lovely …. In the tour of the ruins, I walked a long distance. Although I was thinking of going to a massage in the city, I dispatched a staff from a massage shop where the hotel is affiliated, and I was able to receive the treatment of the whole family at the same time in my own room. It was comfortable not to move. WiFi could be used without stress. On the television it was also possible to see the NHK world.

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