Ala Moana Hotel

  • Room Type : Waikiki Tower - Partial Ocean View
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Ala Moana Hotel" because they have good access to the airport and Waikiki, that Ala Moana Shopping Center and Ala Moana Beach are close, there is a sense of security in a well-known hotel, and the number of rooms is too short Even though it was easier to make a reservation. In addition, the facilities in the hotel are substantial, as well as restaurants, as well as gyms, bars, shops and so on, we made reservations considering overall convenience.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

Hotel exterior

It is a large building with a number of windows where you can not imagine how many rooms there are exterior of the hotel, like a high-rise apartment.

The entrance was an automatic door.

A view of the entrance seen from inside the hotel

For the lobby of the hotel, I got a slightly narrow impression.

There were starbucks and shops in the lobby, so people were lively as well.

A view of the lobby from the front desk side

As the check-in time approached, the number of people increased in the lobby, and at the front desk was a big line with check-in guests.

Because the front desk corresponded with a few staff, it took a while to check in.

There was also an activity desk and a tour reception desk.

Front Floor Elevator Hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator Inner floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Waikiki Tower · Partial · Ocean View Room?

Room entrance door

There was a bathroom on the right side of the room and a closet on the left side.

The rooms are large enough for two people to stay but it may seem narrow for those who desire to stay at the hotel slowly. It is an impression such as a room for sleeping. Because it is warm out of the year, it does not have heating function or heating or cooling, so it was chilly for me.

It was very warm because it makes close contacts between the quilt and the body without creating unnecessary gaps. Because the pillow is not hard and soft, there is no point that the neck hurts.

There was a desk on the opposite side of the bed, and a television was set on it.

Desk and chair

There was a table and 2 chairs beside the desk.

I saw the interior from the veranda side

There was a veranda in the guest room.

There is a round table and 2 chairs in the veranda, and you can relax slowly while sucking the air of Hawaii. Because the table and the chair are very light regardless of appearance, it is possible to move easily. You can store it once in the room, lay yoga mat on the balcony, try yoga, try extending the body a bit.

I think that it depends on the location of the room, but I could see the ocean from my room, and when I looked down, I could see the hotel pool and I was able to spend a very elegant moment.

Because I could see the ocean, it was a room where I felt that I came to Hawaii very much.


There was bathtub in bathroom. There was a bathtub on the right side after entering the bathroom, there was a toilet in the front and a sink wash on the left side.

The shower was fixed type. Water pressure is not strong, but it was enough for me. However, it seems that temperature adjustment is impossible, the temperature was too hot. Also, when we try to weaken the water pressure, the water temperature also decreases at the same time.

Because we had to take a shower in the bathtub, because the bathtub was also pretty clean, it did not feel like wanting to sprinkle hot water.


Vanity top

Amenity there was shampoo, stone bamboo, body milk, shower cap, shoe polish. There were no toothbrushes, cotton buds, cotton, slippers and so on. Toothbrush and toothpaste will bring you by phone at the front desk, but because there is no slippers, we need to bring it. Shampoo is good foam but hair does not have moisturizing effect After use hair stuffed with pasa. Because there is no conditioner, I think that it is better for women to bring a bus goods. Also, it is necessary to bring a room wear because there is no room wearing which may be placed in the hotel.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was a closet on the left side of the room.

There were six hangers in the closet, iron and ironing board, baggage rack, there was enough space.

There was also a safety box in the closet. There are two kinds of methods: locking by entering a password and scanning by credit card. The way to lock it is easy to understand because there is explanation in Japanese.

Because there is a partition in the box, you can not put too big things.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a cafe corner next to the closet. Here, a drip-type coffee maker (boiling hot water), ice pale, coffee cup, paper drip coffee, tea bag, etc. were prepared. Ice pale is large and you can get a lot of ice at once. There was microwave, too and it was very convenient.

There was a storage shelf above the cafe corner.

There was a refrigerator under the cafe corner.

There was nothing in the refrigerator, there was no mini bar.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

On the lobby level there is a "Plantation Cafe" and breakfast is served.

A buffet breakfast is served from 6.30 am to 10 am every morning.

"Plantation · Cafe" inside the store

"Signature prime steak & seafood" is on the 36th floor and it is open from 4.30 pm to 10 pm. It was a mechanism that can not push the elevator number button unless business hours have been reached.

The inside of the restaurant is big glassed and it is in a high position despite being a little away from Waikiki, so you can see the diamond head.

Night view is also very beautiful.

There is "Starbucks · Coffee" on the lobby floor. WiFi can be used for free, and it seems that alcohol is offered from 9 o'clock in the morning (open from 5.30 am in the morning).

There was a shop where you can buy food and souvenirs on the lobby floor.

There were various things such as food items, daily necessities and clothes.

There was a shop where you can buy Hawaiian goods and clothes on the lobby floor.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool on the 3rd floor of the hotel. The pool side deck is very large, so you can relax as there are many chairs. There were many users during the day (locals).

Because there is a place to see when looking down from the balcony of the room, there is someone watching even if you think that there is nobody at the poolside, so do not let your guard down.

The swimming pool can be used from 8 am until sunset. After sunset the pool glows blue and fantastic and beautiful, but the ropes are stretched and can not enter during including the use of the chair.

There was fitness center on the 3rd floor of the hotel. It seems to be available from 5 am to 12 pm.

There was sauna in fitness center.

There was also a steam room.

There was a coin laundry facility on the 13th floor. There were several units, so I was able to wash them immediately. Even if there is no cash you can pay with credit card.

There was business center which can use 24 hours.

Not only the space that PC can use but also the long table that can charge, so I thought it was good when I wanted to do a little work.

There was also ATM in hotel.

It seems that there are facilities and facilities that can be used for events and meetings.

Hotel surroundings environment

Although it is only around Japanese in the area around Waikiki, I felt that the surroundings around Ala Moana are more local, so I could feel the feeling that I came overseas rather than staying at Waikiki. Also, since there are large shopping malls adjacent to the hotel and there are many local restaurants around the hotel, I think that I can feel Hawaii more. Because it faces the main street, although there is a lot of traffic volume, there is no feeling that the air is bad, and there is nothing that feels inconvenience in the surroundings of the hotel.

Staff & Customers

Although it is a hotel where Japanese people stay a lot, there was no staff who can speak Japanese. The desk person who booked the tour next to the reception desk was very polite and told that he would like to reserve a restaurant, and he called the restaurant and did not make a bad face and took the reservation. I can not communicate in Japanese, but because I can speak English, I never felt inconvenience. Because there was an announcement of Japanese voice after English in the in-house broadcasting, I think that there are some staff who can speak Japanese though it is not on the table.

In addition to Japanese tourists, Chinese tourists, there are also many local people, and the impression that more people in the area are staying than the hotel in Waikiki. Other airline staff seemed to be staying, there were CAs and pilots wearing uniforms in the lobby.


It was around 20 minutes by car from the airport. It seems that there are many times that the road is crowded and it may take more time. There were Korean food and Vietnamese food shops around the hotel. Because Don Quijote is also within walking distance, it is recommended because you can purchase souvenirs at very affordable prices. Public security is also a good impression because it faces the main street. Ala Moana Shopping Center is adjacent and very convenient. Also, access to Waikiki can be reached by taxi at around 8 dollars, and also from the shopping center there are also pink trolley buses (free on JCB card presentation) and a trolley bus operated by a travel agency, so it is hard work Convenient.


It was nice to stay at this hotel. More than anything, because the large shopping mall is adjacent, it was very convenient to go shopping again after placing luggage and returning to the hotel even if there were a lot of shopping and lots of baggage. Also, the selection of shops in the hotel was substantial, the food of the restaurant was delicious, and I was able to see even more nice night view so I was satisfied with it. However, for those who value emphasis on cleanliness of the room rather than convenience or those who wish to spend more slowly, it may not be good in the room I selected this time. However, except for that, the beach is close by, access to the airport and Waikiki is also good, so it seems that you can see the fireworks of the Hilton Hotel to be held on Friday night as well as from the restaurant on the top floor, so it is very convenient I think that it is hotel.

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