Amara Bangkok Hotel

  • Room Type : Executive Room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Amara Bangkok Hotel" as expected its facilities are still new and clean since it opened in 2015. Although it is a four-star, the price is within my budget. The nearest station is Chong Nonsi BTS which is 600 meters away from the hotel. In terms of the safety, the building on the main road would be better than along small street. I thought a taxi driver wouldn't make a detour if the hotel is on a main road. Also posted here! Absolutely not to fail 【Bangkok hotel selection】 Recommended of popular hotel ranking!

Let's check the exterior of the hotel, entrance and reception.

There was no other building as tall as this hotel around. It is easy to find. And it is good to come back safely as the entrance is on the main road side.

They seemed to be used to welcome Japanese guests.

There was a charging counter other than the sofa seat in the lobby. I could use the PC there during waiting time. It is truly a new hotel, isn't it?

The entrance

Elevator hall.

The elevator door.

The hallway was wide.

Executive room

Executive room seems big compared to other rooms. TV is bigger and it has bathtub. Normally the free drink in the refrigerator is only water for the other rooms, but the executive room included one free beer and three juices in addition to two bottles of water. I stayed in consecutive nights, so it was good to choose executive room.

Because it is a corner room, I like that the room door is not close to the other room door. You can request the corner room when you book and if it is available.

Although I saw some review that the bed is too small but it was enough for me. The mattress is also good for sleeping.

Because the sofa is solo seat, I wish I could laying down and watch TV if the sofa is bigger. I could enjoy the night view of outside sitting on the sofa.

Bathroom is behind the bed.

The TV for the executive room is bigger than for the standard room.

A large desk was convenient to do some work.

There was a Wi-Fi router in each room.

Because it is inside the city, you will see many buildings and little green. The night view is more beautiful than the daytime. Especially the view of this hotel is totally unblocked so you can enjoy night scenery while staying in the room. The inside of the room was very quiet as I didn't hear any noisy sound form outside.


It was a big bathtub that was able to stretch my legs. There are toilet and bathtub next to each other, ans shower room is separated. There was nothing to worry about water pressure and it is enough strong.

A washroom. The water amount and water pressure has no problem.

There is an independent shower booth next to the sink.

I could hold the shower head and use it freely. Some hotels has fixed shower which cannot be remove.

It is a four star hotel, but the paper cannot be thrown into the toilet so it should be discarded in the dustbin beside. You need to be careful not to flush it by mistake.

There were shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body cream, cotton swab, shower cap and solid soap.

The staff told me that the brand of the amenities in the executive room are different from other standard rooms. As there is not much opportunity to compared both service, it is good to hear that the price is reflect on the quality of the executive room.

Closet and Safety Box

There were bathrobes, iron, ironing board, safety box, hangers and dryer inside of closet. It was great to hang my clothes without keeping them packed in suite case.

Safety box is required to set up the number.

Mini bar / cafe

It was nice that all drinks in the refrigerator were free. Executive rooms have more free drinks than standard rooms.

There is complementary water in the fridge.

There are some coffee and tea prepared in the room.   I could enjoy more drink in a club lounge at the same floor.

Restaurant and club lounge

The restaurant is at the basement. The seats are no so many. They serve Western food, Thai cuisine and surprisingly some Japanese food such as sushi. outside of restaurant is courtyard and small table seats are prepared as a smoking space.

Courtyard and smoking space are behind the basement restaurant. Even though it is in the basement but it is open space with no roof so that the sky is visible. I thought it has feeling of relaxing for smokers.

Club Lounge. Club room guests can use it free of charge.

Menu of club lounge. It is easy to check what kind of dishes they have because it is with pictures.

Outdoor space of the club lounge.

Drink corner of the club lounge. It was so comfortable that I could take a break having some cookies and freshen up.

In the club lounge, they served Japanese food such as sushi for dinner time.

Cake corner.

Facilities in hotel, swimming pool

There was a mini mart behind the front desk at the first floor. They have soft drinks, alcohols and snacks for  souvenir. Payment can be settled at checkout. I didn't shop here because there is Seven Eleven in the next building.

There are a mini mart and a bar in the lobby.

A bar on the first floor.

Gym has only space for machine and side way. All the machines looked still new.

Water server and hand towel prepared in the gym.

Since the rooftop pool is facing west, the reflection of sunset on the water surface is very beautiful and instagrammable. Seeing the view from the infinity pool, it seems like I am floating in the city!  

The swimming pool will be closed at night, but there can be used as a rooftop bar and they have happy hour. It was good to enjoy happy hour from 7 pm to 9 pm which I could make it even after meals.

As there is no roof and beach parasol on the poolside. It should be careful about sunburn. That's why I went there in the evening.

Hotel surroundings environment

Patpong Street and Taniya street, both are famous for the night market, are 800 meters away from the hotel. Around the hotel is very quiet and the street is so lively. I walked back to the hotel after looking for some souvenir, I didn’t feel scary since I saw lots of people were there.

Somboon restaurant is very famous for Phu Pepong Curry. It is located diagonally to the right of the hotel. Jim Thompson boutique is on the opposite which is famous brand of Thai silk.

There is a 7-Eleven in the next building. The mini-mart on the first floor is also selling some drink.

Staff & Customers

Every Thai staff seemed to have a good training. Every time I entered the club lounge, they greet me and took orders as much as possible with smiling.

As they seems to have many Japanese guests, they spoke to me in English mixed a few of Japanese words to let us understand easily.  

Mainly I saw some Western couples and Asian small group. I didn't see family guests.


Their website said it is 30 minutes by taxi from Suvarnabhumi Airport, but it is better to expect to actually take over 1 hour because of congestion of the road.


As I expected, the facilities are all new so that I enjoyed exercise with clean fitness equipment. Since there is a WiFi router in each room, the speed of Internet connection was fast enough to use my PC at work. The location was a bit far from the station but there is no need to worry because it is a single road, so it is convenient to pick a train or a taxi either because taxis follow each other as the hotel is on the main road.

It was good I found a 7-Eleven at the first floor of the next building upon checking in so that I could buy small things there.  I felt it's secured from some points like elevator is activated with card key and only one elevator can go up to the rooftop bar. I would recommend this hotel for singe female guest.

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