amba Taipei Zhongshan Hotel

  • Room Type : Twin room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people

I chose "amba Taipei Zhongshan Hotel" because I mainly wanted to do shopping and eating, so I was looking for a hotel in downtown area. I found out that this hotel is comparatively close access from the downtown area of ​​Taipei "Zhongshan". And the hotel is new, so facilities are clean and it is inexpensive, so we decided to stay this hotel. I saw many positive reviews online, so I believed that there won't be any problem.

Exterior, entrance, and reception

The hotel itself is not big with 9 stories. The building also renovated the old building but it's an ordinary square shaped building.

The building seems like a regular office building but, cool pop art is written on the outer wall, so it is quite conspicuous. There are many green around the building and it is a calm environment in the city.

There is no extra decoration on the entrance and front, it is simple. We use warm color system lights on dark colored walls, giving out a fashionable atmosphere.

The view of the entrance from the hotel

front desk

In the elevator

Elevator hall on the guest room's floor

Room floor's meeting place in front of the elevator hall


Twin room

Room entrance door

Door from inside of the room

The room is never big. Like the entrance and the front, there are few unnecessary decorations and things, so it's quite simple. The room feels very blight as it uses white for furniture and interior. Cleaning was perfect and I felt it very comfortable.

A TV on the opposite the bed

There is a desk and a chair next to the TV.

A view of the room seen from the window side bed

It is not a famous brand bed and mattress like in a high class hotel, but very comfortable was good.

Because the hotel is in the downtown, the view is never good. I saw office buildings, road trees, apartments from there.

Because the neighboring buildings are shorter than the hotel, you can see the rooftops and some garbage but that is ok.

Some of the rooms will face the main street and in that case, you can see the cityscape. However, since it is a hotel of 9 floors, the view will not be so good even you stay on the top floor.


There was not bathtub, it was just a shower room. The water pressure of the shower is strong enough. As soon as you twist the faucet, hot water will come out and it has been used for a relatively long time, but hot water kept running. Drainage and ventilation were also working fine, so it did not smell like mold which was very comfortable.


Wash basin

Amenity included shampoo, rinse, body soap, toothbrush set, shavings, rubber for hair clasp and so on. For this price range of hotel, having these line up for amenities seemed very good.

amba's original beach sandals are there as amenity. You can bring them back home and it seemed very popular.

The room also has a hair dryer.

Closet and safety deposit box

The closet was open (there was no door), but the space was big and there was no problem. There was space to put bags and stuffs.

Safety box was regular type and you won't have problem using it.

Inside of the safety box

In-room coffee

There was coffee maker, coffee, and oolong tea. The tea "Jing Sheng Yuis" from Taiwan local. I think that the tea is popular because it was sold also at the hotel lobby.

coffee maker

The room has refrigerator.

Inside of the refrigerator

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

Because of the trip schedule, we did not use the hotel restaurant (Buittermilk), but when I passed by, it was crowded with people. The breakfast is buffet style and seems many guests eat there. I went a bar in the basement floor, but it was a good place to enjoy a little bit of drinks in a relaxing atmosphere.

This is not a shop but tea and mugs were on sale next to the hotel lobby. It is similar to what was in the room. The tea is called "Jing Sheng Yu", Taiwan's local oolong tea brand which has a lot of branches in commercial facilities.

Facilities in the hotel

In addition to a free laundry, there was a bar in the basement. In addition, there was some spaces you can relax in the corridor of the hotel where magazines were placed.

Hotel surroundings

There were many restaurants and offices around the hotel. There are markets that are open for 24 hours if you walk a little. You can access to night market easily , so you do not have to worry about purchasing souvenirs. Also, there are many massage places so it is good to take care of your body. There is a big hospital nearby, so it will be useful even if something unexpected happen. It seemed some motels are behind the building but I didn't feel the area was dangerous at all. There were also many parks and many residents exercised on Sunday morning.

Taiwan's sightseeing spot "National CKS memorial hall" is within 3km

Staff & Customers

We asked them to keep our luggage and add some amenities, but they immediately responded to it and there was no inconvenience at all. When I passed the cleaning people, they gave me warm greeting and I felt very comfortable.

Couple in their 20s, a solo traveler, single elderly people...many kind of people were staying there.


It is approximately 50 minutes from the airport to the hotel by transferring MRT. It will take some time if you take a taxi. Many shops are around the hotel so it was good. I didn’t feel the area dangerous.

There is a short distance from the station, but it is ok to walk. Because it is in a city center, there is no need to use a train for shopping. A lot of taxis are passing, and Uber also comes immediately, so it was very convenient. You can also take MRT to the airport.


I stayed at this hotel and it was very good. First of all, facilities are new as it opens in 2015. I never felt something dirty and uncomfortable. The friendly atmosphere of the front desk and staff was very good, and they responded pleasantly even if we ask anything. Also, as it’s not a resort place, the hotel won’t expect you to stay at hotel all the day. So it was good that the facilities of the room the price were both minimum. Moreover, because the hotel is located in the city, you can access to wherever you want to go. Although I mainly took Uber, it usually takes less than 5 minutes until a car arrives. Location, price and facilities were all satisfying. I would like to stay this hotel again from now on.

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