Ambassador Hotel Waikiki

  • Room Type : City view (single 3 beds)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

Because I looked for a hotel to stay in business, There are high quality rooms and a lot of facilities in the hotel was not important. "Ambassador Hotel Waikiki" was not expensive to stay and there is a minimum necessary facilities then we decided to stay here. The hotel was easy to access from the main street and was planned to use car rental, so there is a parking lot for guests. also if there is something necessary, there is a good location that 10 minutes distance to a big shopping center by car.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

It is located in a clearly visible position from the main street, and it is located in places where it is easy to access by car or on foot.

Entrance is spacious with sidewalk side, parking side and main entrance in three directions.

The reception desk can be seen from the entrance. After checking-in at the reception and looking back, you can see the elevator and it is very easy to understand to room entrance.

You need the room card key to use the elevator, so you can be relieved in terms of security.

The corridor to the room is outside.

The city view room

At first sight it is like a refurbished condominium from the corridor and the door of the room, but as bed, television, table, shower, toilet and the necessary minimum are all available, so It is enough room. Also, there is no worry because the door of the room has security by the card key.

There is a TV and a small table and 3 chairs.

Bathroom and amenities

Enter the entrance, there is a toilet and a shower room on the left side. In the interior the toilet and shower room are separated by walls and curtains, there is no bathtub but only a shower. The shower room can be used without thinking that it is narrow by the use of one adult. The shower is fixed on wall, but I never think that the water pressure is weak.

Basically there are only bath towels and hand towels. Guests are required to bring in the necessary bath amenities.

Closet and safety box

Refrigerator, microwave, pot, iron and ironing board are in the closet. Because there is a refrigerator, there are only space that can be use half of the closet, but I think no problem because We don't use coat in Hawaii.

The view from the room

The view from the terrace. Because the hotel is built near the sea, it may be able to see the sea from among the buildings depending on the room.

The opposite side is the mountain side and there are other hotels and buildings nearby. The terrace itself is not narrow and it is large enough to hit the night wind. Depends on the room, but there are no table and chairs in the terrace.

Outdoor pool in the hotel

The pool faces the avenue side and is sunny, it is in a very good place to reset your mood. There is also a bench on the poolside and you can relax. The opening time is only during the day, it can not be used after it get dark, but it is beautifully lighted up at night. Cleaning was also done before the opening hours, so I was able to feel who the hotel make a good condition of the pool.

Othe facilities in the hotel

There is a fitness gym.

There is a business center.

There is a self laundry room and an ice machine.

Around the hotel

Out the hotel entrance and you will find a coffee shop. You can walk to the beach and the sea by walking from there. Although it closes at midnight around 12 o'clock, there is convenience store and there is park if we cross signal of the street. You can easily go to the beach.

There is bicycle rental at the hotel, so if you use bicycle you can easily go to parks, beaches, shopping, etc. I think that security is a good way as it is a tourist destination.

Access between the hotels

It is approximately 20 minutes by car from the airport. You can easily check-in by renting a car at the airport. It seems that there are a lot of one-way streets around the hotel, but it is not a complicated road so you can arrive soon. It is about 10 minutes by car to the Ala Moana Shopping Center, and it is said that parking lots are free for Ala Moana Beach and Ala Moana Shopping Center, so I think that it is quite easy to use people who use car rental.

About the staff

I had chance to contact only at the reception desk with the staff of the hotel, but it responded with no particular problem. If I have something worry about, they will answer firmly. They dare not dedicate any special service, but they were staff who can greet with a smile.

Customer base

I saw a lot of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and like tourists and couples of university students and those who are coming by business trips. I feel that there are many twenties in the older age group. It is the impression that people of type who do not want to spend too much accommodation fee stay.

Summary of Ambassador Hotel Waikiki

We were happy to have stayed here this time. This hotel is for people who want to keep down accommodation fee or people who are for work and not important to have luxury in room. so it fitted our requirements. Basically we were not in the hotel and we did not have much time to use the facilities in the hotel. that’s why, It is nice to be able to save the accommodation fee accordingly. However, if you have spare time, of course you can refreshing at fitness gym or swimming pool, explore the surroundings by bicycle or work in the business center. There is a Wi – Fi in the hotel, so it is a good hotel with the necessary minimum. When you return to the hotel you can go to the nearby convenience store. if your porpose is same like these, I recommend you this hotel.

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