Hotel Aqua Citta Naha by WBF

  • Room Type : Standard Double Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

"Hotel Aqua Chit Tanaha by WBF" is located along Route 58 and has good access to Naha Airport of about 15 minutes. It is also within walking distance to Kokusai Street. The hotel is characterized by a see-through pool on the roof and breakfast inspired by the morning market of the Mediterranean. A convenient hotel for both sightseeing and for business.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel had glass windows on the first floor facing the main street.

Hotel appearance

As the hotel name is written on the wall of the hotel, it was easy to find it.

I arrived here after dark, so I could see the inside well and it looked like a bright and beautiful building.

The entrance is not large, but it looks clean. The automatic door seemed to be opened and closed with the card key after midnight.

The front lobby was not large and it was like a typical business hotel. There is a big electronic sign behind the front desk and beautiful images were flowing, and I had the impression of saying that it is a new and beautiful hotel, but I imagined what it would be like when the lobby is crowded and only having one sofa.  

Front floor elevator

There was a sofa in front of the elevator.

Elevator floor number button panel

Floor guidance

Room floor elevator

There was a phone in front of the elevator.

The front of the elevator was a blowout space.

Guest room floor corridor

What is the Standard Double Room like?

Guest room entrance door

There was an open closet and a bathroom on the right side of the room.

Evacuation route map on the entrance door.

There was a card key slot on the right.

I think it was clean overall, but it was narrow. There are beds, sofas, small tables, and there is almost no wasted space outside the aisles, so I wondered where to open my suitcase. I found it inconvenient to work or do anything in the room.

The bed is hard and I can not sink at all even if I put my weight on it. The comforter is thin and it was neither comfortable nor uncomfortable. Room clothes were also provided, and the comfort was not bad with different soft fabrics at the top and bottom.

The bedside table had a tissue and an alarm. There was also a light switch. There were a lot of outlets, but it was a little inconvenient that it was only on one side of the twin beds side by side and it was not in the bathroom.

There was a wall-mounted TV opposite the bed.

There was a sofa by the window.

Outside light came in from the window and it was bright and the atmosphere in the whole room was good.


Bathroom door

The bathroom was a unit bath where the bathtub and toilet washroom were together.

Toilet and sink

The toilet was a washlet function toilet.

The water pressure in the shower was quite strong and I was able to adjust it properly. The temperature was constant and I could adjust it without any problems. The interior is simple, but the mirror is large, the design seemed like a luxury hotel, and it looks like a clean and new hotel. I wanted to use the dryer while looking at the mirror, so it was inconvenient that there was no outlet in the bathroom.

The bathroom was also equipped with POLA shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand & facial & shaving soap. The smell was not too strong, and the feeling of use of the shampoo and conditioner was good, and I had soft hair after using it.

The size of the bath and the entire space were not narrow, so it was enough to be used alone.

Towels were also prepared.

The amenities included a toothbrush set, a cotton swab, cotton, a hair rubber, a hair brush, a razor, a nylon towel for washing the body, and so on for each person staying.

There was also a hair dryer on the shelf in the cafe corner.

Closet and safe

There was an open closet on the right after entering the room. There was a deodorant spray for clothing in a small space for about one person.

There were also disposable slippers.

Mini bar cafe

There was a cafe corner on the back shelf of the room.

On this shelf there was a smartphone that I could be used freely during my stay.

Mineral water for the number of people were also prepared.

Inside the cabinet there was also an electric kettle, a cup, a glass and a fridge. There was only tea bag of Sencha in the room, but coffee and herb water were all-you-can-drink in lounge on the first floor.

Nothing was in the refrigerator.

Restaurant in the hotel

We ate at the restaurant on the first floor for breakfast which was a buffet style.

There were several types of free drinks outside of breakfast time.

It seems to be free space available depending on the time.

The breakfast buffet is referred to as the Mediterranean morning market and seems to have 100 varieties.

Mainly there were bread, pizza, pasta, risotto and other Japanese foods, mainly from a wide variety of vegetables.

There were also dried fruits and some types of sugar.

Pizza and pita sandwich

There were several kinds of drinks including sangria and wine.

Dessert was also abundant.

State in the restaurant

The taste was good.

There was a "Mixology Bar" on the top floor.

The Mixology Bar is adjacent to the pool.

It has just been reopened on April 1, 2019.

You can enjoy a drink in the evening while watching the beautiful sunset and the night view of the city.

Facilities in the hotel

The swimming pool on the roof was the highlight of the hotel. Because the wall of the pool is covered with glass and is transparent, I think it would be interesting to see the view from the water.

I did not swim in the pool, but there was not particularly high building in the outskirts and as hotel of the opposite side was the same height, we could overlook the cityscape from the pool.

There was also a Jacuzzi in addition to the pool, but it was full of children. There was a small locker with a beach chair, towel and key, but there was no place to change. It was a swimming pool that would look good in a photo.

Environment around the hotel

The hotel was a building facing the main street. There were many other hotels, convenience stores and restaurants along the main street, and I had the impression that it is a lively place in the central part of the city. Yui Rail Station seems to be the nearest station, and it was within walking distance to tourist attractions, Kokusai Street. As it is near the airport, movement is convenient, and it is an environment that is suitable for sightseeing in Naha neighborhood and to spend time eating, drinking and playing. The nearby restaurants were open until late, and it was crowded.

Streets around the hotel

Staff & customer base

I think that correspondence was polite. However, I was a little troubled because there were no staffs at the front desk, and there was no doorbell. Even though there was a rooftop pool, I felt a bit unfriendly because there was no explanation in the hotel. The service seems to be minimal.

I had the impression that there were more Chinese and Korean foreigners. I felt that there were more families and groups, but there were also couples as well. Overall, the age range is not high, and it seemed like there were more young tourists from oversees staying.  


I rented a rental car from Naha Airport and arrived in 10 minutes by car. The access was good. It is also not far from the monorail station. As it was located in a busy place in the city, and there were many convenience stores and restaurants around that were within walking distance.

Streets around the hotel


Overall, I had a good impression of this hotel. I arrived in Okinawa late and felt like it was moving day, so the hotel was convenient from the airport to the city. Although it is charged, there is also a parking lot and it is good to be able to drive from the hotel. The convenience store is located directly opposite, but there is also a vending machine, and it is also a good point that there were plenty of free drinks on the ground floor space. The room itself was small, and it was an impression like a slightly beautiful business hotel, but the hall seems to be new, and the impression is good as it is clean and the atmosphere is good as a whole. The breakfast buffet is open until 11 o’clock, and it is an Italian-centric so it is not a conventional menu, but it is satisfying because there were many varieties and it was delicious.