Alize Hotel Sukhumvit

  • Room Type : Suite Room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Alize Hotel Sukhumvit" because it is located in Sukhumvit area, able to watch Japanese program on room TV and all room has bathtub and big refrigerator. The most important point is convenience of transportation for shopping. It is close to the station and easy to reach center of Sukhumvit. The hotel equipped simple kitchen and tableware so that we could bring back some food and have it in the room. Also it seemed to be a lot of Japanese customers, so it felt relief.

Let's check the exterior of the hotel, entrance and reception

The entrance looked like the one in a business hotel.

The entrance from inside the hotel. A doorman is standing there, they opened the door for us every time.

The lightning is very weak and the lobby was so dark.

The staff of front desk asked me to show my passport many times during check in procedure, but another staff was smoothly dealing with it. I think it depends on the staff how smooth their operation.

Front floor elevator hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator floor button panel

The floor button panel was also on the side.

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Suite room

Room door

Room door from the inside

Entering the room, a thin card has already inserted into card slot to turn on the air conditioner. As I can keep the room key with myself wherever I go out.

The kitchen space is in front.

Living space with sofa and table is at the window side.

The bed was a double bed, so it was large and very good. Two pillows and two cushions are too much for me as I was staying alone.

TV set are opposite the bed and the window. It can be adjust their facing.

A desk and a chair were next to the bed.

Since there is no balcony, it cannot be hang outside something need to be dry. The room is very bright by the sunshine from two big windows. But the window cannot be opened since there is outdoor unit behind if the window. I saw a big construction site next to the hotel.

I could see BTS station over the construction site. The construction seemed working through whole day, so it may not be suitable for those who want to take a break at the hotel quietly. I think it depends on the room facing direction. The view was not bad than I expected.


There was bathtub in bathroom. The ventilator in the bathroom was abnormally noisy.

Bathtub is large enough but hot water decreases rapidly as the drain  stopper is loose.

The water pressure of the shower is good but it was inconvenient because I can not adjust the direction. It was easily soaked in water to bathmat during taking shower unless you use the shower carefully.


An arm mirror was also installed at the sink.

Amenity was shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body shampoo, razor, soap, toothbrush, shampoo hat and cotton swab. It is better to bring your own because toothbrush head is quite big if you don't like it. Shampoo and conditioner as well. It was also difficult to make foam from the body shampoo.

Hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Box

A full-length mirror attached on the side of the closet.

In the closet, there are hangers, bathrobes, slippers, safety boxes and ironing boards. However, Iron was not found.

Safety box is very simple to use, just setting 4 digit number.

Inside of safety box


There was a small kitchen in the room.

In the cafe corner there were electric kettle, 2 bottles of 500 ml mineral water, 2 glasses, 2 coffee cups, instant coffee, tea bags and sugar. It was too strong to put whole package of instant coffee into the cup. It was convenient that you could easily boil water by electric kettle.

Eating dishes were also equipped.

There was refrigerator / freezer in kitchen.

Inside the refrigerator

A table and 2 chairs are in the kitchen space.

A washing machine is places next to the refrigerator. I thought it was very convenient for the guest who staying for long time.

Restaurant and shops in hotel.

"Evolution Restaurant & Bar" is on the right side of the lobby.

The front side of the restaurant is a bar. I saw someone enjoy the drinks at night.

This is also a breakfast venue. I do not use it, so I do not know about the menu and taste.

The restaurant has big space in the back. Staff was not standing in the entrance part.

There was a cafe next to the restaurant. It looks more casual and easier to enter from the main street. I often saw people took away the food from there.

Cake and bread were lined in the showcase. Smoothies and espresso drinks are on the menu. Fresh juice is only orange and pineapple but it is using fruits syrup instead of fresh juice.

Facilities in the hotel

The door next to the elevator hall leads to the pool. We didn't see anybody using there because it is not so spacious and hard to see sunshine. There are many better hotels in Bangkok if you focus on pool facilities. The water in the pool looked clear and the cleaning seemed perfect.

Fitness center.

Hotel surroundings environment

There is Seven Eleven opposite side of the road. We saw several Japanese restaurants on the way to the station. Passing through the back street, you will see lots of ladies working at pub. If you don’t like that, you may walk in the main street.

There are lots of cafes and hotels are lining up on the opposite side of the station. There is a shopping mall called K Village in about 5 minutes by motorbike taxi.

Seven Eleven in front the hotel

Japanese restaurant "Nagasaki Ringer Hut"

Thailand's cotton satin product brand "NaRaYa"

A department store "EmQuartier" opened in 2015

Thai restaurant

Staff & Customers

Their response and service are just normal. The staff at check-in counter was doing their work without smile but it was smooth. The doorman didn’t help to carry our luggage unless we ask him but could help us to call taxi very smoothly There was no Japanese speaking staff but all the staff can communicate in English properly. Totally, there is nothing inconvenience to stay a few nights.

I saw lots of business man at the check-in counter but less female. Surprisingly there were many Chinese tourists. It was a bit noisy when they were checking in.


You can access to the hotel in less than an hour from the airport by taking train.

There is a convenience store in front of the hotel, and there are many cafes and Japanese restaurants in the neighborhood. Because there were many passengers and cars, I did not feel that security was particularly bad.

It is 2 minutes away from Phrom Phong BTS station. It was good access to go anywhere.  You can ask the door man to call a taxi when you need the car.On the main street, buses, taxis, tuk-tuks and bike taxis are also running, so it's also attractive to choose the best transport for each destination by myself.


The good point is the distance to the BTS station anyway. During my short stay, it was quite easy and convenient to make round trip after shopping with lots of stuffs. The second point is to be able to keep the air conditioning on with alternative card. It make it comfortable to leave and come back the room without considering the air conditioner.

The bad things are that the room key doesn’t work properly,  the ventilator was noisy, the shower was not adjustable, the dryer stopped every 20 seconds and the drainage of the sink looked stucked.