Aston Waikiki Sunset

  • Room Type : Condominium (20th Floor)
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people

I was looking for rooms that easy to use with a small child then I found "Aston Waikiki Sunset". This hotel is condominium type, so there are kitchen, sink, fridge, table, sofa bed. We thought we could use like home. It is good for us to don't have to go out to restaurant with baby. So I decided on this hotel. It is a bit far from the beach, but it can be accessed within 10 minutes on foot and the use of the trolley is around 5 minutes and there is a boarding place so it was easy to use. Let's see what we have stayed.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

The exterior of the hotel has a relatively beautiful impression.

Near the entrance

The entrance is also quiet and it seems to be calm and there are guards are guarding the entrance 24 hours a day, so there is a feeling that it might be safe.

Correspondence of reception is good, but it is the minimum necessary response.

State of the lobby

There is a concierge desk.

Elevator hall

Corridor to the room

Condominium room

The first impression of the room is beautiful and wide. There are dining area, living area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Window is big and heigh, so there is feeling of release so much that you can see the scenery clearly and beautifully.

The kitchen is big and a little high, but it is a good to cook. Besides, we can get local newspaper every morning, coffee in the kitchen, tea etc. I think that is fairly substantial. There are two desks and two chairs in the balcony, I think that it is a good size to relax without being narrow.

There is a closet in the bedroom, also an iron and an ironing board are in the closet. There is safety box too. It is enough height and width so there is space more than necessary.

Bathroom and amenities

There are a washbasin, a bathtub with a shower and a toilet all in the bathroom. There is enough space. Because the shower is a type that can be removed, the ease of use is also nice. However, adjusting the temperature is inconvenient as it relates to water pressure. Because there is no bathtub depth, it is shallow feeling when putting a hot water.

The amenities are shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body soap, hand soap, on the washstand. The smells of shampoo like coconut oil get Hawaiian feeling. Towels etc. are also enough amount, bath towel, face towel, hand towel and so on are enriched.

The view from the room

The terrace is attached to the room and you can see the scenery. There are a table and a chair, space to relax is nice. The rooms used were mountain side, but at night, the street lamps on the road climbing the mountain and the night view of the other buildings were beautifully seen.

It is a terrace with a sense of freedom as there are other buildings located far away. It is also attractive that you can see the night view clearly from the room by darkening the room and opening the curtain. If you stay the room on the sea side, You might see the sea from the clearance of the building during the day.

Outdoor pool and facilities of the hotel

Pool opening time is from 9 o'clock to 21 o'clock and there is a long time can use and I saw some people using at night. I think whether poolside etc. are also easy to use widely. Because the hotel is relatively close to the beach, so many people going to the beach during the day, there are few people using the pool when i saw but in the evening, it is the impression that people increased.

It is a part of the shade of the building during the day, so it may be cold as I think that the temperature of the pool will drop too as the temperature lowers a little.

There is a tennis court.

Shop in the hotel

There is something like a small convenience store. I think that it is a nice shop that you can buy without having to go to other place because things that are necessary for accommodation are available, things that are likely to be a little souvenir, towels, hats, etc. are placed.

Hotel surroundings

There is no store or beach in front of the hotel, but there is any shops in the vicinity. There is a convenience store when walking a little from the hotel, a pizza shops and few restaurants are lined up so you can buy what you want even if you go out. There are people who come back from the beach around 9 o'clock in the morning because the beach is also a short walking distance.

Access to the hotel from airport

It is around 20 minutes by car from the airport. There are streets where restaurants are lined up if you walk a little. The hotel is also gathering, so it is an impression that is crowded with tourists. There are places where many types of trolleys stop near the hotel. Duty free shops and shopping centers can be easily reached by using a trolley, and it seems that it is fairly easy to use because there are places where the trolley stops also pinpoint the sightseeing spots.

About staff

Roomkeeper is coming everyday. But I thought they don't move the bed for cleaning the room. However, it seems if you use shampoo, conditioner, body soap you placed a new thing every day. All staff was good and polite.

Customer base

I have an impression that I often saw families with various countries and regions. I also thought that there were many group guests, such as women’s school trip and groups of women. I think that it is the factor that the part that the room is widely in condominium as well is chosen.

Summary of Aston Waikiki Sunset

How was Aston Waikiki Sunset? I think that it was good in total because I stayed at this hotel with my family. The room is large, I think the view is beautiful and satisfactory enough. There are also places where the bedrooms and living room are divided. The sofa was able to became bed, so the child can lay down. There were places where it seemed a bit inconvenient that the bathtub was shallow. The lighting contact of the room was bad, or dimming was impossible. Considering that cost is good, including them, I thought it was a good hotel.

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