Hokuriku Awara Onsen Matsuya Sensen

  • Room Type : Japanese-Style Room 12 Tatami
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 3 adults and 2 children

I was looking for a place to eat crabs and get in a hot spring in the Hokuriku region, and I decided that "Matsuya Sensen" was good because the word-of-mouth of the public bath was particularly good. In addition, because we intended to use JR, it was also a point that the movement distance from the nearest station is relatively close. It was also a big decision that the planned accommodation date was the lowest price of the season. It was also nice to have the benefit of having the check-in time 1 hour earlier and the check-out time late when booking through JTB.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The appearance was a very large inn. In addition, snow hangings were attached to the tree in the hall like the winter of Hokuriku. There was a fairly large parking lot in front of the inn.

There was a pick-up bus at the inn in front of the entrance, and it seemed to go between the station and the inn.

Entrance view from inside the hotel.

The lobby is spacious and there are many sofas to sit on.

The front desk at the time of check-in was supported by 3 to 4 staffs. After check-in, the person in charge of us carried our luggage to the room.

There was a robot called Pepper next to the front desk, and he gave us a guide to the inn.

Front floor elevator hall.

State in the elevator.

Guest room elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Japanese-Style Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

We stayed at the sixth floor of Sensenkan, the room was 12 tatami, and it was clean and wide. There were beautiful flowers on the floor. A sofa set was also put by the window and it was comfortable. As there were 2 bowls in the wash basin, it was good without crowding even if it was used by 4 people. The water around the bathroom, wash basin, and toilet was old-fashioned, but it was kept clean, so I didn't feel disgusted. The entrance of the room was very spacious and it was easy to take off our shoes.

State of guest room seen from the window side.

The comfort of the futon was good. The comforter was fine, but it was not cold because the air conditioning was on. I felt better because the futon was covering my sheets well.


The windows of the room were supposed to be open, but the balcony was paved with ornamental or gravel, so I could not go outside.

The view from the room was a rice field. The lower part of the view was an apartment and a parking lot, and the higher part was a mountain and a residential area. The view was not particularly good. In the story of Mr. Nakai, the room I stayed in was on the west side, so I could see the sunset, but on this day it was covered with clouds and I could not see it.


The toilet was separated from the bathroom.

Bathroom was a washing type and was atmosphere like bath of an apartment. The shape of the shower was old-fashioned, and I switched to use the shower and the faucet. The water pressure for the shower was normal. The bathtub seemed a bit narrow. It was an old type bathroom but it was clean and well maintained, so it didn't feel bad. In addition, I think that the bath in the room is no problem at this level because the large public baths of the inn are so fulfilling.

Shower and mirror.

Vanity top.

The bathroom amenities were only toothbrushes and hand soaps.

A plate was written with a statement stating that the others are prepared at the public bath.

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared next to the bath. The amenities for the women's public bath were provided with lotion, milk, cleansing and hair treatment. In addition, cotton swabs, hair rubber, and hair caps were also placed for free use. Shampoo, conditioner and soap were prepared in the bathroom.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

The closet was of the type with bran, and 12 hangers were prepared inside.

The safe was stored under the TV stand. There are five boxes and each had keys.

Inside of the safe.

Mini bar and cafe

Glass and teacups were prepared in the cupboard. As for the drinks, green tea was in the tea cylinder, and after being guided to the room, Mr. Nakai poured some tea for us.

In addition to pots filled with boiling water, pots filled with cold water were also placed at night.

The refrigerator in the room was an old type, and the refrigerator was full of drinks. There was a pocket on the door that could hold some drinks.

Refrigerator price list.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

The dinner was a room meal, and it was a crab banquet. (Sashimi, grilled oysters, tempura, steamed rice bowl, 1 cup of boiled rice, crab pot, risotto for 1 person, and dessert)

Breakfast was at the restaurant. It was a very new and beautiful restaurant.


State of the whole restaurant.

Breakfast was delicious.

Club "Kimatsuya."

Bar lounge "Kimi Matsuya"

Souvenir shop in the building had Fukui specialty sweets, soba, seafood, as well as a folk art corner. There was also a corner for toys that children would enjoy. As there is a dinosaur museum in Fukui, there were dinosaur goods as well.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a corner on the first floor where you can make hot spring eggs in the hot spring. Raw eggs were put in hot water and after 20 to 30 minutes hot spring eggs were ready.

Public bath.

There is a tea room next to the public bath, and I received green tea and tea sweets there.

Ping pong table.

Hotel environment and access

It was about 10 minutes by car from Shobara Onsen Station JR. The nearest station, Awara Yunomachi Station, took about 10 minutes to get there on foot. It seems that the pick-up bus of the inn transfers to the station. There were almost no shops in the area around the inn, and it was a lonesome atmosphere.

The surrounding area of the hotel was discreet. In addition to rice fields and residential areas, there were a number of small hotels standing, but there were closed hotels and I felt a bit lonely. There were no restaurants or supermarkets around.

Near Awara Yunomachi Station, which is about a 10-minute walk, was a free-use "Sayuyu" footbath facility. There were several bathtubs with different temperatures, which were full of tourists. Foot towel was sold for a fee.

Yukemuri Yokocho.

Staff & customer base

At check-in, we were able to upgrade from the “Yu Yukan” originally reserved to “Sensenkan.” In addition, Mr. Nakai seemed to remember the child’s name in advance, so I was impressed by calling her by name from the beginning. The staffs treated us well, and they also sent us off after check-out which was very nice.


It seems that there were a large number of families with young children, probably because it was during spring break. In addition, there were many people who came in three generations with grandparents. Also, I often saw senior women's groups and student women's groups.


“Matsuya Sensen” was very good just like the reviews said. After all it is the best point that the public bath was very fulfilling. It was fun to be able to take various kinds of baths in a spacious bath. Maybe because it was a weekday, it was good that there were few customers and I could bathe slowly. The children who can not always have a long bath were also happy to take longs baths. It was a pity that there wasn’t a lot of places to go sightseeing around the inn, but there was a large public bath and there was a tea room in the inn, there was a corner where hot spring eggs could be made, so I think it was good to be able to enjoy yourself in the inn. If I decided to stay at Yusuhara Onsen again in the future, I think I will choose “Matsuya Sensen” again.