Bandos Island Resort

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights 5 days
  • Stay Num : 2

When I was looking for a resort where the reputation was good in the Maldives and could stay cheaply, Bandos went up as a candidate. As a result of searching for hotels, I heard that the bands have snorkeling spots, the island is wide, and there are other information that there are various other facilities, so I decided to stay here. 【Official site】 Bandos Island Resort Maldives Recommended Hotels 17 Selection here »

Bandos Island Resort exterior · entrance · reception

The entrance (the road from the boat descending to the front) was the sea down, and there was also fish there, so I did not get tired.

The entrance, the sofa in the front desk, the floor etc were also clean and there was a feeling of cleanliness.

We had a cold and sweet tea as a welcome drink at the reception, which was very delicious. When receiving an explanation at the reception, there was confirmation that "Are you OK in the Deluxe Room?" Since I booked the tour of the standard room, when I showed the document and informed me of that, after having confirmed the employee, "I can do a free upgrade this time," so I asked for it. I did not know whether the hotel was a mistake or because it happened to be free because it was vacant, but I was lucky to be able to stay in a deluxe room with a bathtub.

The luggage was carried to the room by the car, and upon arrival we got them on another car as well. There were a lot of people who swept leaves in the daytime belt, and the impression was that the landscape was always kept beautiful.

Room in the Bandos Island Resort Deluxe Room?

Anyway it was spacious and comfortable. Because the living room and the bedroom are separate, we were able to spend very relaxedly as they were too large for two people. The effectiveness of the cooler was good, and it was good that the room became cool immediately. After cleaning, we set the air conditioner at 22 ° C every time, and it was able to cool immediately after walking back in the hot weather.

Because the outside clothes rack was full, we let dry things dry quickly.

Facilities such as refrigerator, large TV, hairdryer were satisfactory. When going out, the electricity disappeared even if the card key was pulled out, the cooler and the refrigerator did not disappear.

The next room was a family with children, but because it was soundproofed, I was able to spend comfortably without noise.

The canopy bed was very luxurious but only the bed comfort was not good. Although I am spacious with a double bed, I got up several times in the middle of the night. There were two pillows, but I think that both were too expensive. Only it was disappointing there.

The closet was large and I put all my clothes on. There were five to six installed hangers that I could not remove, but it was enough because I brought about 10 from Japan.

As there were only employees and guests at the hotel on the island, I was relieved in terms of security, so I did not use the safety box, but the instructions were written in Japanese as well.

The view from the window of the hotel did not see the scenery from the window because the sea was hidden by the tree and it did not look. However, since it is a minute or two to the beach, I went to the sea every day and I was able to spend my time reading and taking a nap while lying on a beach bed or a hammock on the beach around the island. Depending on the location of the room you can see the sea from the terrace, so there were people who eat there and watch the sea.

Bandos Island Resort Bathroom

Although the washroom, bathtub and shower were in the same room, it was very spacious and comfortable. There were several windows shaped like blinds and there was no dampness of moisture. Whether it is the nature of the floor, the drainage of the shower was also good and dried quickly.

However, because there is no way to prevent ants from entering through the gaps in the windows above, there are always two or three ants.

Bath mat is entrance, shower room, bath tub, ※ one by one to the toilet. (Because Islam washes the butt in the shower next to the toilet bowl)

Although the shower room's shower was fixed, the strength was ◎, the bathtub shower did not have any problems in strength or temperature. I was able to relieve fatigue because I put hot water in the bathtub everyday. The standard room I had originally reserved was a shower only facility, so I was really lucky.

There was a shower cap, sanitary box, soap and body lotion in the toilet. There was a rinse in shampoo and a body soap in the shower room. I think that it was still better if you also had bathrobes, cotton swabs, slippers, etc as what I felt was missing. As we brought daily shampoo and treatments etc, we did not use anything other than soap for washing hands as hotel equipped amenity.

Bandos Island Resort mini bar · Built-in cafe

The refrigerator was equipped with alcohol such as beer and whiskey, snack confectionery such as water (EVIAN) and potato chips. There was a built pot, and I was able to drink powder tea etc. There was not a microwave, but there were no particular complaints. Every day the water was a one liter bottle, so I thought that it was still better as it can be carried if it is a plastic bottle.

Bandos Island Resort Pool inside hotel

The pool has a higher water temperature than the ocean, and it has been able to be contained long without cooling the body. In addition, there is a bar in the pool and you can drink or drink juice while entering the pool. There are also shallow areas for children, many families with small children who can not enter the sea, and those who are used after sunset.

Because the trees were growing a lot around the sun, the sun was not strong and I was able to spend comfortably.

Shower, changing place, bed, lending bath towel are also substantial.

Bandos Island Resort hotel beach

You can turn around the island in about 30 minutes, but the blue and beautiful sea spreads wherever you go. When I look at the beautiful ocean, I feel that every day stress is funny. Although Japan is also an island country, I could not help feeling why this is also different.

Many fish crowded around the shallow coral, and I was able to meet fish without participating in the snorkeling tour. I also encountered a small shark near the beach. I think the ocean in the morning has the highest transparency of the ocean.

Bandos Island Resort hotel restaurant

We had breakfast and dinner at the restaurant buffet right next to the reception.

We had breakfast and dinner at the restaurant buffet right next to the reception. There was never getting tired because the menu was subtlely changed every time. As Islam is meat is cow, chicken and sheep.

There are services that bake omelets, pancakes and waffles in front of you.


I had lunch at the restaurant called SeeBreese and HUVAN, but I got pasta and pizza delicious. It cost about 40 dollars to 50 dollars for two people for lunch because 10% service charge and 12% TGST are attached. Although it is not cheap at all, the service was very good as it puts what I left in the box.


I spent sunset watching every day in HUVAN. I did not think about anything while getting something to drink at the restaurant, but the time to slowly slowly looking at the sky like pink and light blue was the best time. I think that there were many visitors during the sunset time zone.

Booking Optional Tours at Bandos Island Resort Hotel

Although I visited the facility where I can book an optional tour called RIYA several times, I was not very good at speaking English, and I was very pleased that you could speak slowly without having a bad face. There were various unusual island tours that can be arranged at the hotel, dolphin cruise, diving, snorkeling, surfing, banana boating, etc. There were various in the different days of the week, but this time I want to make a journey that will not be bound by time, leisurely in the ocean and pool I did not even think about it. I took part in VELTRA’s “Male half day sightseeing tour” using the time to the return plane. Mr. Shine told us, but he was very professional, proficient in Japanese, and taught us a lot about the history of the Maldives. Because it was Friday, which is a Maldives holiday, not all markets, supermarkets, museums etc. are open (closed until 14 o’clock), only one small souvenir shop and only Western style cafe was in. It was disappointing that we could not eat local cuisine of Maldives. It was impressive that Ms. Shine took a lot of pictures and that he was waving his hands all the time until he came on the ferry, and when he came to visit this place I wanted it.

Facilities such as gym and activities in Bandos Island Resort hotel

The use of the sports facilities’ TV game, billiards and table tennis was free, so I went to the vacant time every day.

There was a mosque.

There was a clinic.

There is also a spa.

Bandos Island Resort neighborhood facilities

Because the band is a small island which is 30 minutes a week, I can go to the place I want to go inside the island soon. However, it seems that we can not come and go to other islands. Just to be sure, when I asked the receptionist for the price of the ticket to the capital Mare, it was said that one person was 89 dollars. Also, regarding shopping, we got all the souvenirs in Bandos at Mare airport, so we did not have to buy it at Bandos. All meals and shopping on the island are collected at the time of checkout as cash or credit – clearing with cards, so it was easy to spend without using cash other than chips to put on the bedside.

In the area around the hotel, this area's distinctive lower tree grows lively, making shade well and I was able to prevent direct sunlight. There are many crabs and gecko (living creatures like lizards) around. Flowers are light yellow hibiscuses are beautiful. Public security is very good as there are only employees and guests on the island. It is a little scary because there are few lights at night, but a lot of stars were seen. However, there are a lot of tourists' passports at night, so it will certainly pass with someone, so safety is high.

Bandos Island Resort access

It is a one minute walk from the airport to the boat station, board a boat there and it takes about 15 minutes to Bandos. Unlike other islands that had to switch from the airport to the domestic flight, the access was the best. The return boat was equipped with a sofa for cooling and had the water of PET bottle served.

Bandos Island Resort Staff

The reception of the hotel can not be communicated. In diving and restaurants, simple Japanese (“number of experiences diving” and “one, two” etc) has been communicated, but I think that it is said that you can hardly communicate. Just because everybody speaks slowly, I do not have any troubles with language because everywhere facilities can communicate in English and nationalities. Every employee was feeling good. I do not know whether it is educated or national, but greeted me as if I passed the cleaning. I am very satisfied with the hospitality filled customer service. Even chefs at restaurants and diving shops were happy to talk to them with Japanese words that they understood, and that kind of communication was delightful.

Diving shop

Bandos Island Resort customer base

It was half of the Chinese half white, but I think it was very families. I think whether there is a free nursery called KOKKO CLUB. There were few elderly people and many couples. The bands had very few Japanese customers.

Bandos Island Resort Summary

I think that I was really good overall. I was very fortunate to have stayed in a deluxe room with a bathtub, without changing the price. I was wondering if it was the first time that I had never experienced such an unpleasant feeling while traveling about the fact that the spirit of hospitality strongly greeted tourists warmly. I also thought that all the manner of guests was good. All the money used at the resort was very good and it was very difficult to liquidate at checkout. Meals at the restaurant were also suitable for Japanese people. If I say luxury, I wish I could have gone back to other islands. I definitely want to visit again. Next time I would like to stay in a two-story Jacuzzi villa.

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