Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room with King size bed
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

The criteria to choose the hotel is three points for Cleanliness, Location and Safety. I wouldn't like to go back if the room is not clean. Closer is better from BTS station which is important line of Bangkok city walk. And I think more expat area should be safe even the restaurant price is slightly high compare to local area. The place fulfilled these three conditions was Marriott Hotel, so we decided to stay here. The area called Thonglor is an area where many Japanese expat are staying. It seemed to be safe and convenient as many restaurant are around the hotel. 【Official website】 Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit Also on sale! Absolutely not to fail 【Bangkok hotel selection】 Recommended of popular hotel ranking!

Let's check the exterior of the hotel, entrance and reception.

Since entire building is so tall, I expect the view from high floor must be nice!

A doorman opened the door and allowed me to enter. He was beautifully smiling.

The design of lobby is modern and sophisticated.

The staffs at reception desk looked so friendly.

Deluxe Room with King size bed

The elevator

Room floor lobby

When I entered the room with the room key, the interior with cleanliness and dignity was waiting. If you think there is a part covered with wallpaper that imagines an old-fashioned temple in Thailand, because modern interior is also arranged, I felt that the place that was well collaborated is a nice space. Wi - Fi which is necessary when using PC etc, also moved smoothly without problems.

After all it is a fluffy king size bed. Thick beds invited sleep and made it possible to get a deep sleep. I felt comfortable and comfortable.

Before the eyes of Bette was a full-sided washbasin, the large mirror was very helpful for preparing make-ups such as make-up.

Telephone and watch and music player

Television and desk and chair

Air Conditioning Control Monitor

There was no terrace in the room. The landscape is located in the city on the location. So, the staff told me it was a city view from any angle room.

I felt the night view at night was particularly wonderful than during the day. After doing a little personal computer work at night, when I saw the window suddenly, a nice scene spread and my mind calmed down. I turned off the lights in my room, put on my favorite music and entered a relaxing mode while drinking wine.


The bathroom is a glass-enclosed space all over the wall, with views of the outside. Furthermore, it was a fashionable round bathtub so I felt better. There was a momentum of water in the bathtub faucet, so I made a bubble bath with a bath gel I brought. Working in an unfamiliar environment different from usual is more exhausting than usual. The bathtub that I soaked while watching the wonderful night view of the tiredness of the day was the best. Regarding water pressure, I went out and I was able to take a good pleasure.


There is also a hair dryer.

Amenity is appointed Thai skin care company thing called THANN. In addition to shampoo and body soap, all the necessary minimum items such as mouthwash, toothpaste, razor and shower cap are prepared, so unless there is nothing to say unless it is yourself's nothing, prepare nothing I felt that I do not have to do it. Moreover, I felt the atmosphere of Thailand, I healed it because it is a good scent. Because it is a fragrance for everyone, I thought that anyone can use it without resistance.

Closet and safety box

The closet was perfect because there was space enough to put the clothes I brought.

Safety boxes were used to manage passports and unavoidable money, credit cards, business documents, etc. that are really troublesome if they are stolen, but as a person who is going on business trips, it is still safe to say that the size of the PC can fit I also felt that it will increase.

There are also room shoes.

Mini bar / cafe

As a welcome drink in the room, wine of the extent that it was offered was offered.

Besides, because 2 bottles of water of PET bottle are placed, it is an environment where it is impossible to drink tap water like in Japan, so it was greatly saved.

Paid drinks were various lineups from juice to alcoholic beverages.

You can also order meals etc. by room service.

Restaurants in the hotel

The district grill room The restaurant is located on the second floor floor, and it is said to be one of the famous restaurants in Bangkok, which has a gorgeous atmosphere when entering.

The interior of the quiet restaurant has made a difference in luxury. Especially the steak is juicy and recommended. Overall the amount of cooking is also large, so you may share it and eat it.

There is also a roof top bar called Octave.

Pool inside the hotel

The pool is not that wide, but since it is outdoors, it was possible to sunburn well at sunshine. Because the pool for children is also set up, it seems to be enjoyable even when staying with family.

The bench was also designed for lying down and I was able to really spend it slowly.

Pool shower and toilet

It is also possible to purchase liquor at the poolside bar counter, lying on the side bench and enjoying the atmosphere by asking for drinks.

A seat in the bar space. There was a good view and well-open feeling.

I do not go to the night pool, but I think that you can enjoy the night view because the view is good. It seems that you can see a beautiful sunset if you are lucky, so if you are in the pool area just before sunset, you can see the atmosphere during the day, the sunset, the night view, it is two birds with one stone. Because it is a city view, you can see the night view beautifully with the light of the building. As it is a night swimming pool, it can also enter with a cooler climate than during the day, so it is also recommended for those who do not want sunburn.

Hotel surroundings environment

The environment around the Marriott Hotel was an area with many Japanese representatives and so there was security and peace of mind. It is conveniently located as far as BTS Thonglor station of the nearest station arrives in about 2 minutes on foot. When I left the hotel, there was a Seven Eleven in the convenience store, and if I wanted to go to a supermarket or a mall, I could go to a shopping center called GATEWAY in about 15 minutes on foot. In addition, because it is prosperous in places, we were able to finish shopping, go shopping, shopping and massage all around the hotel. Just because the price of food is a little expensive, it may be difficult for people who wants to finish meals cheaply choosing a shop.

Staff & Customers

First of all, it is Bellman who will welcome you. Every time I entered the lobby, I opened the door with a smile and greeted me. People at the front desk will carefully deal with anyone so you can be entrusted with procedures such as peace of mind. If you were sitting in the lobby lounge, you came to ask if there were drinks etc. There was fine service.

First of all, it is Bellman who will welcome you. Every time I entered the lobby, I opened the door with a smile and greeted me. People at the front desk will carefully deal with anyone so you can be entrusted with procedures such as peace of mind. If you were sitting in the lobby lounge, you came to ask if there were drinks etc. There was fine service. I have never encountered Japanese-speaking staff this time, but it seems possible to have Japanese staff handle it. Basically, I was able to communicate in simple English, so I was not particularly concerned and I could spend comfortably without thinking inconveniently. As a customer base, I often saw people in their 40s or older who are coming by sightseeing. There were also some pairs of families. Some Japanese people were also interested and I saw several people who seemed to be working. There were more Asian tourists than Westerners.


The easiest way is to take a taxi from the airport. It will arrive in about 40 minutes, but if you are not sure if you are getting ripped off, we recommend going by using the application “Grab Taxi”. If you go cheaply, you can easily reach the method of going from Don Muang Airport to Mokhitto Station by A1 bus and then going to Thonglor Station of BTS Skytrain.


How was Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit? There are three reasons why I actually stayed and thought that I was happy to stay. The first is that the service is sophisticated. It was because I was able to spend pleasantly delicious service and care by the staff until I left the hotel after checking in. The second one is comfortable. The bed was fluffy and comfortable and it was because I was able to stay in the room and calm down. The third one is the location. Although it was an enrichment environment that it could be fulfilling without going out of the hotel, the Thong Lo area had so many stylish cafes and restaurants that I was at a loss as to where I should go to eat. I wanted to massage as I came to Thailand, but as I was walking outside I could find many cases easily, so I thought about doing a massage ladder. I also want to use this hotel if I have the opportunity to stay in Bangkok.

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