Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawong

  • Room Type : Apartment / city view
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse" because it is the newest hotel in Bangkok among the Marriott group. It was opened in April 2018. The location is a bit far from downtown but it it still easily accessible by taking a taxi and safe to stay for a single woman. One of the most attractive point is that they have an infinity pool! Although there was no review from those who stayed there before since it is still new hotel, I decided to try. Also posted here! Absolutely not to fail 【Bangkok hotel selection】 Recommended of popular hotel ranking!

Let's check the exterior of the hotel, entrance and reception.

The exterior is modern design.

The latest hotel of the Marriott group of Bangkok opened in April 2018. A large glass door was impressive at the entrance.

A large flower are decorated in the center of the lobby and large sofas were around.  Since the ceiling is high, I didn't feel noisy even a small group of people were gathered around the lobby.  I felt it is rather quiet as I didn't see any big group guests.

The reception desk

Ground floor elevator hall

The color of the carpet matched with the wall color. It looks so calm.

Apartment / city view room

As it is an apartment type, it is kitchen area just after entering the door. The living room is back, I felt the room is quite spacious.

Living room.

The sofa in the living room was quite large to lay down. Because the room is still spacious, it is not oppressive.

The TV is attached on the wall. It looks neat and simple because TV itself is also thin screen type.

You can go to the bedroom from the door to the right.

Because the height of the bed was about the same as mine at home, I relaxed very much. The mattress is nicely firm.

There is also a large TV on the opposite side of the bed

You can see far away from the room because there is no higher building around. I could see Mahanakon Building which has impressive design like playing with block. You will see the Chao Phraya River from the rooftop bar, but it was invisible on the 22nd floor where I stayed. The night view is enough beautiful and I enjoyed it even I couldn't see the Chao Phraya River.

Fully equipped kitchen

There is a kitchen in front of the door.

There was a large fridge which is 160 centimeters with 2 doors. I did not notice it is the fridge at first! Because it is built-in and looked totally flat as same as the wall.

The sink is not quite big for cooking. The size is enough for washing small dishes.

Microwave and dishwasher

The grill oven.

Pot and bowls.

The tableware are prepared.


I could enjoy bath time as same as when I am in Japan. The cleanness is perfect since it is still new hotel, temperature adjustment works properly. The bathtub is large enough to stretch my legs.

It was a nice that toilet and bathtub is not close to each other.

There were 3 bath towels and 4 face towels under the sink. It was really helpful for me because I took a shower several times since got sweat under hot and humid weather. It was also good that the vanity top was spacious to open cosmetics pouch. I wish it had make-up mirror.


Toothbrush, body lotion, hand cream, shower cap, hair band, shave kit, nail file, comb, sanitary bag, shampoo, conditioner and body soap are provided as amenities. This THANN brand items have beautiful scent and are very popular for souvenir so luckily I could try it before purchase. It would be good if there were 2 sets of shampoo if possible because this size is not enough for long hair.


THANN is famous as Thai natural skin care brand.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet is an open type, it has no door. Many hangers inside that I could afford even if I took all the clothes I brought. There are a safety box, bathrobes, hangers, laundry bags and slippers. It still have space for baggage.

Safety box in closet

Mini bar / cafe

All items are not complementary. There were potato chips, dried fruits, various kinds of nuts, cookies, cup noodles, snacks and seaweed beside the kitchen.

Sparkling water, Evian, Mango juice, Orange juice, Coconut milk, Pepsi, Seven Up and Red Bull  in the refrigerator. Alcohol was 2 bottles of wine, 2 each bottles of Thai Charn beer and Japanese Asahi beer.

Asahi Beer was prepared as many Japanese guests stay.

Two bottles of water are complementary.

Restaurant and club lounge

They have a Thai cuisine buffet restaurant "Parea kitchen", Chinese restaurants Yao restaurant and rooftop bar. I only visit the club lounge instead of restaurant.

The name of the Club Lounge is M Club.

I recommend you to seat the window table. Because it is unique to the club lounge that can enjoy the night view while the dinner.

Night view from the club lounge

Light snack corner

Noodle corner. They make it upon your order.

Cake corner

There was also Thai food

There is a bar in the back

There were quite a lot of kinds of liquor to make various of cocktails.

The sofa area looks so nice.

Facilities and swimming pool

Pool and spa entrance

After entering the pool entrance, you will see the area which has high ceiling and relaxed sofa seats. I was so excited to see the space designed with deep blue color.

Infinity pool and night view of Bangkok. It makes me feel to spend more time without going out.

The pool side space is and the large sofa is so relaxing. I wish I could lie down here forever.

The high ceiling has a feeling of opening. There were only few people at any timing. They were enjoying to take a photos with night view.

It is easy to find a chair to sit because there are a few guests. Towels are prepared at the shelf behind a pillar on the poolside. It was a thick and soft bath towel.

I loved to stay at the poolside especially in night time. During daytime, we can of course see a great city view. But  the night is superb! The lights of building reflected the water which is fantastic atmosphere that can not be compared with the day. I thought that it suites for the family during the daytime and for the couple at night. Because you can enjoy a night view of Bangkok and drinking cocktails at the relaxing poolside.

The water surface of the pool integrated with the surrounding night scenery and I saw very fantastic moment.

There was spa at the same floor as pool and gym.

The spa in the hotel

Gym with various machines

Hotel surroundings environment

A supermarket "Mini Big C" is just in front of the hotel. And one of night market is 1 kilometer away. It was convenient to come back from the night market because the road is one-way street in front of the hotel. The area is quiet because it is far from downtown. I saw many Thai local people rather than tourist.

On the same street there is a famous Thai cuisine restaurant Somboon. It is always listed on guide book.

Somboon is famous for Pooh Patpong Curry.

Staff & Customers

The staff greeted me with smile upon entering the hotel. I liked that they are always taking care of coming guests. Moreover, they tried to speak easy Japanese words once they see me. The staff talked to me in easy English when I didn’t understand what they say. I really respect their hospitality.


The guests are mainly Korean and Western. I saw some of Japanese couple. Although they have a kids room, I did not see any family guest. It seems to be designated hotel of an airline company, and I saw Air crew were gathered at the lobby.


The hotel located in very heavy traffic area, it is better to expect the travelling for more than 1 hour from the airport. As there are also the other Marriott hotels in Bangkok, do not forget to tell the driver the hotel is “Surawongse”.

Both the metro and BTS station are far from the hotel, so it is better to take a taxi if it is your first time to Bangkok.  The hotel is along a main street "Surawongse", you will easily catch a taxi at the street.


It was very satisfying stay! Entering the hotel,  you can tell the scent is “Marriott” if you have ever stayed.

The room and all the facilities were still new, shiny and clean which help my mood excited. Since the elevator is designated for the upper and the lower floor, I didn’t have to wait so long. Sometime waiting time could be much stress, I could stay here without any such stress.

Only the closet in the room was open type which is not luxury hotel like, all other thing were comfortable for me. It is really glad for me that all sofa size was for 3 people so that I could lying down anytime.