Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park

  • Room Type : Executive Floor King Bed Room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I booked "Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park" urgently although I had been staying at another hotel. Because the security of its hotel seemed not good and I felt unsecured. I was supposed to have many appointments in the Phrom Phong area and there was not so many choice of hotels. The easiest choice is Marriott which I have gold membership so that I can definitely stay comfortable. Despite the reasonable price, I could stay at the newest Marriott in Bangkok and gorgeous appearance hotel. [Posted also here! 】 Do not absolutely fail 【Bangkok hotel selection】 Recommended Hotels of ranking!

Let's check the exterior of the hotel, entrance and reception

As it has 1360 rooms, the exterior is a huge building.

The front side is facing soi 22 is looked like a modern city hotel.

The entrance along soi 22.

Sign of the hotel on the Bensharin Park side

The entrance on the Bensharin Park side was like a resort hotel.

Entering the door from the front, you will see a huge lobby where lots of big chandeliers hanged from the ceiling.

Lots of the guest were spending their own time at the lobby.

There was a grand piano in the lobby.

When you pass through the lobby, you will see a front desk. It was a very sophisticated space.

There were several small counters at reception area. They will check-in individually.

Front floor elevator hall

Front floor elevator door

Elevator floor button

Inside the elevator

Room floor elevator hall

There was another hall space after passing the elevator hall.

A sofa was also placed.

Room floor corridor

Our room will be there soon.

Executive Floor King Room

Room entrance door

Card key.

The moment I entered the room, I was surprised by the size and brightness of the room. I went to the window first and saw the scenery outside. It was really wide since there are beds, sofas and desks and plenty of exposed spaces where nothing was placed. It was a truly open-minded and pleasant space. The carpet on the floor was also very clean and fluffy so I decided to spend without shoes nor slipper in the room.

Remote control of air conditioner.

Bed is also the best ever. I wanted to sleep by being wrapped in the super soft comforter making the air conditioner stronger and chilling the room.

There was an alarm clock on the bedside table.

Phones and memo sets are also placed.

There was a TV set opposite the bed.

TV program list is placed on the shelf where the refrigerator is stored inside.

There were a sofa and a table.

There was a desk and a chair next to the TV.

The window in the guest room is quite large enough to get the brightness from outside. However, since it is visible from the outside, it should be careful when you stand at the window.

My room was not facing Sukhumvit soi 22. If you prefer quiet room, I recommend the Bensharin Park side which I stayed. You will see lovely scenery with lots of the green of the park.

After sunset, the lights of buildings such as EmQuartier and Emporium around BTS Phrom Phong Station were looked beautiful.


There was no bathtub in the bathroom, only shower space.

I took a shower without considering how much water splashing since the shower room was very spacious and water pressure is strong enough. The housekeeping perfectly cleaned bathroom without leaving at least one drop of water. One disappointing thing is that the door of the shower room did not close completely and the water was leaking from the shower room.

Of course water pressure is enough. The nozzle of the shower was also clean.

In the shower room, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel were prepared.


Bathroom door from inside

Vanity top

Besides shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in the shower room amenities, there were hand soap, solid soap, shaver, shower cap, body lotion, mouthwash and toothbrush. Every amenity were supplied every day and they came to check if anything is needed at evening. Additional requests are also available on the smartphone application. All amenity was very high quality, no strong smell and good to use.

Towels were placed under the sink.

Hair dryer was also under the sink.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet was so stylish that it isn't looked like a closet.

There was a sufficient amount of hangers, bathrobe and slippers in the closet.

There were an iron, ironing board, safety box are storage shelf here. Inside has still enough space, we were able to organize all the clothes.

Sewing sets and laundry bags are in one of the drawers.

There is nothing in the other drawers.

Safety box looks new. Its operation is easy.

The inside of the safety box was also clean.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a cafe corner and a mini bar in the room. All were prepared in this storage shelf.

There were wine glasses and coffee cups in the top drawer.

In the second drawer, glasses, bottle opener, spoon, instant coffee and tea were also prepared.

There was an electric kettle in the bottom drawer.

The refrigerator was stored.

Not only water but juice, beer and wine were in. I guess that it was replaced regularly since the label of packages was also beautiful. The staff comes to check for mini bar supply in the evening so that you can order if you need something more.

Restaurant and shop in hotel

There was Thai cuisine restaurant "Siam Tea Room". Their bakery seemed so popular.

"Goji Kitchen & Bar" on the lobby level seems to offer variety of dishes.

You will see various of menu there at the buffet style.

There was "Soba Factory" which offers Japanese food.

It was on the lobby level. It seems that you can eat real buckwheat noodles made by Japanese chefs.

There was Chinese food "Pagoda Chinese Restaurant".

There was "ABar" on the top floor. The 37th floor is an indoor bar and a rooftop bar is on 38th floor. You can enjoy the lovely scenery while drinking.

The lobby lounge at ground floor.

There was a small shop which is selling souvenirs on the lobby floor. I got a drink from the lounge as I was eligible to enter the Executive Lounge.

Executive Lounge

I think that executive lounge is most attractive points of this hotel anyway.

The Executive Lounge seems to be at each South and North Tower.

This lounge is very spacious compared with other Marriott.

Guest table

They have outside table where is allowed to smoke.

Bread corner of breakfast

Bread corner of breakfast

Serial & Fruit Corner

salad bar

There was English breakfast such as baked beans and sausage.

Egg dishes are cooked on the spot.

There were also a lot of warm dishes.

The menu changes for the lunch buffet.

I chose salmon.

Desserts were also available.

At cocktail time starting from 17:30, you can also have liquor.



Spirits such as whiskey and bourbon.

Cocktail time dishes were also rich as well as restaurant buffet.

Spring roll

Small shrimp cocktail salad.

Olives, cheese and ham.

They cooked at live station for dinner buffet.

Facilities in the hotel

They have 2 pools, one small pool is in the South Tower and another big pool is in the North Tower.

The small pool of South Tower.

It was like a pond rather than swimming pool because it is very simple.

There is a spacious deck chair on the poolside so it looks good to take a break during swimming.

The big pool at the North Tower was a sunny, open and very pleasant pool despite being between the two towers.

There were bar space selling alcohol and soft drinks. Towel corner was also there, it is like a resort pool.

The pool in the North Tower

Poolside chairs are not so many. So it should be crowded during peak time.

A view of the whole pool in the North Tower

Fitness center

They have a meeting and event hall.

Meeting room

Hotel surroundings environment

Along Sukhumvit soi 22, you can find everything including massage shops, bars and restaurants. However, the sidewalks are narrow and it is better to be careful at night for safety.

Since there are many greenery on the back door side, you can quickly access a peaceful park ans enjoy leisurely walk or jog. It is good environment for families with kids and couples.

Hotel seen from Bensharin Park

Staff & Customers

All staff of the hotel was so great as Marriott group brand. When I arrived at the hotel, they helped my baggage immediately and guided me to the front desk. Check-in was smooth and the baggage delivered to room quickly once I got to the room.

The housekeeper responds promptly when I asked for replenishment of amenity and cleaning of the room via call and apps.  It was possible to order cleaning during even having breakfast. Pool staff was also very kind since they offer me  bath towel and chair when I stepped into pool side.

Although I can speak English a little, I still feel a little of inconvenient because it is communication between non-native people. But they are very friendly and gentle.

I saw various nationality's guest were staying as the number of rooms is 1360. Most numerous are Chinese people  and second are Indian and Middle Easterners. People in Europe and the United States stayed too, and Japanese tourists also came. It seemed that there were various people staying for business or sightseeing.


It is convenient to reach the hotel by train or taxi from the airport.  You need to transit Airport Link to BTS line to go to Phrom Phong station. It seems that there was a shuttle bus from Emporium to the hotel next to Phrom Phong Station.

I think taxi is the safest way.It takes about 1 hour with the cost of 400 Baht. In the morning and evening when it has traffic jam, it takes more.

Emporium and EmQuartier around the Phrom Phong station are convenient for shopping. You can use the shuttle bus to the Emporium from the hotel.  By passing through the back door of the hotel and crossing the park, you can get to Phrom Phong station soon.


It was a very satisfying stay. The best reason is luxury atmosphere. The gorgeousness that you feel first should be surprising to everyone.  And once enter to lobby, you can pass through check-in very smoothly and enter the room. Of course because it is a new hotel, I thought that cleaning was pervasive everywhere, such as elevators, corridors, every corner of the room and even public toilets. It is because I could use Executive room and lounge, it is one of the reasons why I recommend this hotel. As this lounge is wonderful than other Marriott hotels I have stayed ever.

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